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    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    I went and I bought my comics today. I was 2 weeks behind. My Gravel HC wasn't there though, they needed a down payment apparently and so I did that today, Wednesday I should have it hopefully as they said they'd order it Monday, waiting for my James Stokoe Wonton Soup book still too.

    I finally got my haircut as well. My mohawk, just needs to be dyed now and then I can go get my head tattoo. Had it long in the back, realized it made me look as though I had a mullet, just got done hacking it off in the bathroom, looks much better now.

    Worked 6 days and then the bastards tried to call me in today, greedy fuckers they are.

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    My new job requires me to get out of bed at 3am for half of my work week (5am for the other half). This is not my idea of fun.
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    [Edit: Upon further thought, deleted a lot of whining. It's the human condition, baby]

    My name changed this week. I'm certain I should feel something. I registered, but I'm not sure what to do with it yet. I'm waiting for the miracle.

    Here I am without my glasses. You will only ever see me this way in person if you are in bed or in the shower with me.

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    @zoem: That self portrait is very lovely and soft. I wish I could tell you that it is going to get better.
    • CommentAuthorredben
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    I've not long got back in from work but I'm wide awake so it doesn't look like I'll see sleep before sunrise. The silver lining is I might actually get a chance to do a fair chunk of reading before I sleep, something I rarely find the time to do these days. University work just seems to keep piling up from nowhere, no sooner do I clear one mountain than another one appears.

    Is it possible to institute a system of time credits sorta like carbon credits. Where I can buy time off people who don't need all of theirs?

    Naming contest. Can anyone think of a cool name for an anthology comic?
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    @Trini - Exactly why this should be done on Saturdays. People are generally WAY more honest when being whiny and cranky. At least I am, so I'll generalize for everyone.
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    Tell me what and who is pissing you off this week. Explain to me why the world is shit. Confess your sins. Get something off your chest. Tell me a plan. Tell me what's in your head. I want to know. On Saturday nights I am your ear and your confessor and your audience.

    My girlfriend skipped town three days ago in the middle of the night without telling anyone to Missouri of all fucking places and still has my guitar and a bunch of my art. But I'm part pissed and part relieved because I leave for Iraq in April. But it's still shitty and I've been abusing every substance available for the past 7 hours. But I went to this awesome of this local band that was awesome and went to a beer tasting festival that was awesome before going bar hopping.

    I am also drinking and locked in a small room with you.

    I Have Mace

    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful. Tell me of new things, or old secrets. Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me, creatures of the night.

    My best friend just got out of prison on 2-5 got out after 3 with good behavior; so I'm driving down to Georgia and going fishing with him next week. Also I discovered beer is fucking awesome.

    Remember, pictures are good, for I am senile and don't always remember all 4000 of you freakbabies
    To drunk to operate a camera.

    Speak to me now. I am Internet Jesus, your personal Invisible Space Daddy, and I love you all.

    Yes. In that way.

    Do I need an adult?
    • CommentAuthorsilvercat
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    I'm not sure why I'm even responding. I never post here because, well, it doesn't fit me very well.

    I finally read Crooked Little Vein and I'm rescinding my offer that I never actually made of you being able to stay at my place. However, I still love you.

    My job is going to end. Soon. I know it will, even if my boss is in denial. He keeps throwing money at the business and he's running out of money. I don't know why he didn't close it down two years ago. So. I was looking at internships at Warner Bros or Disney or something so I can finally get a graphics job that isn't grunt work. I'd prefer Warner Bros so if they ever start doing something with Thundercats I could get in on it. I'm dreaming, I know, but it would improve my chances anyway.

    I've gotten nothing done today. Well, I patched a few nail holes in the walls and bought groceries, but that's it. I was supposed to vacuum and work on my computer and stuff. Aw well, I still have tomorrow. But I need to update my resume and work on my portfolio.

    Now that I've finally started dating (at 26, how sad is that? Never mind, I don't want you opinion on it.) I'm seeing actually seeing all the movies I wanted to. Kung Fu Panda was awesome. Hellboy II was good, but not as awesome. Wall-E was beautiful and I loved the end credits (yes, I'm a graphics geek...). I've still never kissed a guy, although I have been kissed (and then I froze up and I still need to make it up to him... Poor Chain.)

    You may have actually met Chain - aka Fang, aka, well he has a dozen nicknames. Short guy, often has fake fangs and red contacts. He's actually a giant teddy bear. He goes to cons and gets signatures.

    Tell you something filthy? My MOM thinks I'm like Spider Jerusalem. I've never shot someone nor do I smoke, drink, swear heavily, threaten random people, or dream of killing everyone else in the world. Much.

    Something strange and wonderful? My real name is Lydia, although I'm working on changing it to Lydean. My parents don't like that, but screw them.

    I think I'm going to work on finishing off the bottle of cider that's been sitting in the fridge for two weeks. Yes, I drink that slowly. Ah, it's finally gone flat. Great (I don't like carbonation.) I'm getting dressed for you, you lucky bastard. (I've been in a nightgown and that's it since, like, two.)

    … How the fuck do I do timer pictures on this thing?

    Yes, I’m the crazy kimono girl. I have no idea why I decided to do full regalia, but I felt like it. Anyone who knows kimono is cringing right now, but I won’t bore you with the things I did wrong because I’m sure you don’t give a fuck. (Actually it was bad enough that I had to fix some stuff and take new photos. It’s still pretty bad.)


    Okay, I’m roasting so I’m going to get naked again. (Fall kimono in the middle of summer in an apartment with no AC. While drinking, which makes me warm anyway. Brilliant.)
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    I think I need a day job.
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    Things are good. Everything is quiet and still and I'm learning to really like it that way.

    This week I discovered that draining a varicose vein with a sewing needle is not the brightest thing I've ever done. Now there's a large unpleasant looking hole in my leg that hurts when I even think about it too much.

    I'm planning on moving to a new apartment soon. There's one downtown on the third floor above the Thai/sushi place that I'm going to go look at. I don't know why, but I've always wanted to live downtown. Not that Bangor has much of a downtown anymore, but still...

    The American Folk Festival is in town this weekend and if I go out my back door all I can hear is toodle toodle toodle. The streets are packed with out of state hippies. I swear I can smell the patchouli and weed from here.

    As always, thanks for asking.

    Rev. Joe
    My hair is now long enough to tie back. Been growing it out for a year and a half after keeping it buzzed off for 12 years.
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    i'm home again, but i don't know where i am

    and i love it.
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    No photo tonight, Internet Jesus. I'm not in the mood. And my camera's crap and not hooked up to my dying laptop. I think I saw it in my room a week ago. Amazing how things vanish in it. I'm tired. I smell like the dishtank from work. It's a horrid combination of grease and cleansers and burrito.

    Mom and I argued today. Or rather, she railroaded me and belittled me, which might as well be the same thing, without the actual arguing part. It still makes me feel like something horribly, horribly worthless. I guess it's part of why I was shell-shocked at the convention. I may've been vapid and dazed from travel and out of my element, but I never got the smile-and-nod feeling I get whenever I talk to my mom. Sure she listens, and can parrot back what I say... but it's not really listening. That's what breaks my heart. And there's no way to get through to her about it... She can't even let me tell her "I enjoy ____ coffee" without trying to turn it into some argument. She thinks we have these wonderful long-winded discussions. But they're just in her head. The internet knows me better than she does.

    We're going through stuff with my grandmother's will, and the family is behaving like a pack of rabid hyenas, trying to tear itself apart and pretty much succeeding because of money, as far as I've been able to tell. I can't escape hearing about it, and I'm sick of it. I can't change the will, I have no part in it, and I'm sick of the fighting, the bad feelings and utter bullshit insanity all around.

    And an online friend just said he, yaknow, LIKES-likes me.
    I have no idea why anyone would ever consider me datable material.
    I'm baffled.

    edited to add: let the boy-o down.
    Still baffled by people.
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    For not the first time, I realize I am worth a hell of a lot more dead than alive. Hence, a reason to keep on going, just to fuck with people.

    Even though I haven't been working, I have been writing a hell of a lot. Screenplays will be done soon. I feel it. The writing is going well. Which scares the shit out of me.

    But, I need to go to work. I got a bunch of production info today; but at the same time I got told a movie I could have probably had a job with is probably folding. But then again, I also found a project I would like to work on almost as much as Treme. Either would be nice though. Be nice to work on something that felt like it wasn't utter crap for the masses to digest and shit out when they are done.

    I still don't understand why we are not back to work yet. People have been saying all month that projects are ready to go, and everything is in place. But no one has gotten that go call. Sucks. Bank account is low, and my wife is stressed and mad at me. Ugh, I could understand if this is was something I did; but it is something beyond my control.

    So I write. I write because it is the only way I feel I have control and the way out from this grind, and into the other grind which I will gladly accept.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008 edited
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Wow Mr. Sparky. That's kind of horrible. If I felt comfortable going on about a stalker in my own town it would probably be the subject of some venting here tonight but I am just not thinking straight at all. What is pissing me off more in general then are a plague of liars taking down all the good people.

    My friend Joe was fired from a pretty important job at a local college over some statements which were blatantly fabricated. I had an acquaintance become an insane Jesus-freak and refuse to leave my apartment at 3 in the morning resulting in a police visit to finally make him go away. There have been a rash of heroin overdoses all around Portland the last several days because of some awful new variant which is even worse for you than the normal stuff. Everyone good is far away. I will not be going to Burning Man afterall. I have to file various charges against some people including someone I used to love dearly. I have to disrupt the significant workings of a major University until a pile of people are fired. I lost a pile of insignificant graphics files but still it's kind of annoying, my own laptop is still toast and I'm borrowing someone else's and I never know what kind of schedule I'm going to have with it and there's no way to cultivate any finished work or readership or anything else in this state. I almost had to start using a cane but the leg got better somehow. I can't pay attention to shit and I can't find online copies of a bunch of text I really need for something.

    I've been trying to keep myself from being angry, getting angry, writing angry, but then now I kind of have to because of all the viciousness going around. It's hard to maintain the amazing under these circumstances, yet it still goes on whether people understand it or not. That Cuban Taekwondo athlete kicked some guy in the balls during the Olympics and it was hilarious. Then he kicked that ref in the face and I laughed for hours. I'm not supposed to like that stuff but today it was perfect. More authority figures need to be kicked in the face if they actually think they're qualified to be around such destructive forces as that. Polite combat is such a bizarre concept.

    So many of my contributions to the world are destructive, though they are significant contributions, and I am proud of them somewhat, or a lot actually. I just wish I could put my name on something I like rather than smile in secret at something which made thousands of people cringe in terror.

    I work with nothing, so I'm happy about the little things. I got a free television the other day, it's nice. It's the first television I've personally owned since 1994, since then it's always been other people's equipment or a computer instead, but now I own a television. I would like to not see myself as a news story on it just yet unless it's about how the world has suddenly apologized.

    I still can't think straight, so I'm going to eat some vitamins and verbally abuse something now.

    I am neither of these people:

    <img src="">
    • CommentAuthorRobson
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    11:26pm in San Francisco.

    Took yesterday off for no reason. Spent it at the movies specifically at the 4Star Theatre. If you're going in for a marathon of films at a plex I strongly suggest seeing the worst-looking movie first - am really glad I started with Sion Sono's EXTE: HAIR EXTENSIONS. I was mildly curious about it (and was happy to see any Japanese horror film projected on film the way God intended) and pleased to support such a screening but capping off seven hours of film with it would have been excruciating. As it was, it was a nice palate cleanser for BRIDESHEAD REVISITED (a solid film, but clearly a condensation of a much-vaster story than could be told in two hours) and THE EDGE OF HEAVEN (another marvelous film from Fatih Akin).

    Left the theatre around 9pm, hearing Radiohead's concert in Golden Gate Park as ghostly emanations. Enjoyed "Pyramid Song" and "You and Whose Army?" in this manner before beginning a loooooong walk home.

    The world's pissing me off for a number of reasons. I'm positive that if Obama gets elected it'll be less than a year before some right-wing fuck-nut conspiracy will try and assassinate him. The cost of fuel is going down, but the prices that have skyrocketed (from food to air travel) aren't easing down in response (unsurprised, yes, but still pissed). The people who run the theatre I'm trying to book for MOMMY are dicking me around over bookings, and won't have their shit together until sometime after Burning Man. But I remain cautiously optimistic about things in general.

    Having lunch with my friend Aaron (whom I have seen scantly since MEN WITH MICROPHONES closed) then over to Berkeley to see Manoel de Oliveira's four-hour-plus opus DOOMED LOVE. And so more fun to come.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    Confess your sins. Get something off your chest.
    Tell me what's in your head. I want to know. On Saturday nights I am your ear and your confessor and your audience.
    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful. Tell me of new things, or old secrets.

    I am depressed but I'm ok for now. My head is full of whirling, swirling, swarming thoughts of pain and bad things. Freakangels keeps them at bay. As does Guitar Hero 2, the numerous other comics I read, Doctor Who, The Middleman, and my cat.

    A little sunlight leaks in through the blankets on the windows but I only really see the sun during the ten minute walk to work. I don't really miss it but I think it might be a contributing to my depression.

    Remember, pictures are good, for I am senile and don't always remember all 4000 of you freakbabies.

    Me on 8-24-08

    Speak to me now. I am Internet Jesus, your personal Invisible Space Daddy, and I love you all.

    And we wuv u too!!
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008
    Tell me what and who is pissing you off this week.

    Heartburn. Acid reflux, actually. This ain't fair - I'm only twenty years old and I already have to take four Tums before I go to sleep, or I'll wake up choking on my own stomach acid. Ew.

    I haven't had a memorable conversation with my girlfriend in two weeks. We talk every day, tell each other how our day went, and all that, but we haven't talk about anything really big. We haven't debated, shared brain juices. It's hard not being able to actually walk over and see her. Still have to wait four months to see her again.

    I'm getting really sick of my job. I've only got three days of it left before I quit for autumn classes, though. So, really, that's a good thing.

    I tried to explain the difference between a meteor and an asteroid to a kid only a year younger than me, and he seemed incapable of following anything I said. As a result of the discussion, he asked me why I kept saying mass instead of weight. I then tried to explain that to him. This also failed. I weep for the youth of this nation.

    Explain to me why the world is shit.

    On the whole, I don't think it is. But if I were to come up with a reason, it would be because of greed and carelessness. Which might be more closely related than it would seem at first glance.

    Confess your sins. Get something off your chest.

    I am still in love with her, and I don't even want to stop anymore. It makes me feel too alive.

    Tell me a plan. Tell me what's in your head.

    When I grow up (ha) I'm going to have an underground house in the New Mexico desert. It will have an above-ground garage, and a single door which leads down into the kitchen, reading room, and guest bedroom. There will be a skylight, or perhaps a series of them. There will also be a small tree growing in a plot of free dirt somewhere in the reading room. The walls will be reinforced earth, Mars red-brown. I will hang framed concept art from my favorite movies on the walls for this level, as well as covers of my favorite novels.

    A spiral staircase will lead down into the entertainment center, writing room, and master bedroom. The walls here will be decorated with prints of Edward Hopper paintings. The lights will be blue. Only close friends will be allowed down here. This will also be where I keep my collection of soda from around the world.

    In the garage will be a Jeep Cherokee or its descendant, as well as an indigo Cadillac convertible.

    In the backyard I will grow cactus, and I will also have a Zen garden, which I will videotape over the course of a day to see how the desert winds affect whatever pattern I may have set up. I will play these videos, time-lapsed, in a loop, as the screensaver for my television in the entertainment center.

    I will share this house with a female Newfoundland named Molly Millions. She will be the bane of coyotes for miles around.

    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful. Tell me of new things, or old secrets. Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me, creatures of the night.

    I never really got the Rockey Horror Picture Show. That probably makes me a chud, but all well.

    Lesse. Something strange and wonderful. Alright. I had a realization about the nature of time three weeks ago, and as soon as I had the eureka moment, and stood up in my chair, a swarm of Monarch butterflies melted past the window of my guard shack. It was a moment of profound, intense beauty...and I can't seem to be able to recall the exact feeling. The more I try, the emptier the memory seems to be.

    Remember, pictures are good, for I am senile and don't always remember all 4000 of you freakbabies.

    Are there really that many of us now? Damn...

    It's a bit of a story
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    Tell me what and who is pissing you off this week.
    Schedule change for my Friday lab has me fuming. Proffesor is notorious for not letting you leave early, let alone miss the class. I'm faced with the option of driving to Arlington for WWTX instead of flying because I won't make the plane in time. Friday traffic is not a nice thing to be in, especially trying to reach the airport. In the end, it will come down to time versus money. I can drive there and back on two tanks of gas, which is less than half the price of a plane ticket. Downside, it will take me four times longer to get there. Class starts Wednesday, but I'm not holding my breath on skipping the class, or getting to leave early.

    Explain to me why the world is shit.
    There are humans in it. Granted, we do lovely things on occasion, but mostly we just seem to fuck up, even when genuinely trying to be good. Never mind that "good" is a relative term anyway.

    Confess your sins.
    What is this "sin" you speak of? I know it not.

    Get something off your chest.
    Brought the husband to the kick off party of the new semester. He's not a social creature, and I basically threatened him if he didn't go (he'd put off three other invitations) because I needed his truck to bring a load of wood to a neighbor (and I know someone will ask, I don't drive his truck, he doesn't drive my car, except for emergencies.)

    Tell me a plan.
    I'm making back-up plans to my back-up plan of housing the horse. He's close to ton, huge, and not just any place can take him in. I feel safer with three potentials on my list.

    Tell me what's in your head.
    Dirty thoughts and endless dreams. No one needs to speak, they only need to do. A night that never ends, and all the cocoa I can drink. Plus marshmallows.

    I want to know.
    You like the brain punishments, don't you? I like that. :)

    On Saturday nights I am your ear and your confessor and your audience.
    That you are, Space Daddy.

    I am also drinking and locked in a small room with you.
    And I have the key. Toss the drink and come here.......NOW.

    Tell me something filthy, strange and wonderful.
    Made you look. You are so in my power.

    Tell me of new things, or old secrets.
    My father was an Olympic athlete. No surprise that I have his leg muscles.

    Remember, pictures are good, for I am senile and don't always remember all 4000 of you freakbabies.

    Tonight, at the party, via cellphone.

    Speak to me now. I am Internet Jesus, your personal Invisible Space Daddy, and I love you all.
    Yes. In that way.

    Uh huh. You wish.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2008 edited

    I am really tired and about to fall into bed, but I'm really loving the hell out of my new city.
    I am enormously busy, but finding it delightful instead of stressful.

    My new lab is the awesomest. Sometime tomorrow or Monday I will post the first of many little snippets/links to things my labmates are working on. You will be able to find these updates nestled in amongst the photos and stuff over here:

    I am having dinner with Svetlana tomorrow! Yay!

    Kay, I sleep now.
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    Thrill me, chill me, fulfil me, creatures of the night.
    ... I got nothin', really. The last week or so has been pretty uneventful. Other than drinking and/or painting, I haven't done much.

    Midnight on a Saturday and I'm fucking around with my webcam. Pretty sad.

    Aug 22 YIP