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    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008 edited
    As an addition to my previous post, here is an audio file. It is roughly in the vein of "show me something" It's mostly a recording from my back porch. Different places sound different, which is valuable knowledge to me. It might be boring enough to you that your already dried paint is more fascinating, however, voice is important as far as I'm concerned.
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    Hmm. Might do a series of small paintings based on some of these:

    Aug 23 YIP
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    Watching Project Runway - Drag Edition again. Saturday is Pizza n' Teevee night.

    I've been putting off comic creatin' for several hours now. I feel tired all day.

    You want a secret?

    I saw Mama Mia! earlier this week. Did a double-bill with Stepbrothers. Stepbrothers made me laugh so hard liquid came out of holes in my body.

    Mama Mia! made me want to scoop out my own brains and eat them with the popcorn. WHAT a singular irredeemable piece of shit. The play made 2 billion pounds. The film seemed to have been made on a tiny fraction of that. Cheap, nasty, badly made.

    Outside Lands this weekend. Heard Radiohead live while I sat in my living room and ate dinner.

    Oh, and I had Billy Bragg email me this week.

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    I'd like to see that series when you get done painting them. Thanks!
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    I'd like to see that series when you get done painting them. Thanks!
    Yeah, I think the idea's got some possibility- maybe even just as pen-and-ink drawings. Numbers 3,4,8 and 9 are the best candidates, from what I can see.
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    got called into work on my one day off yesterday, so i'm not quite all there... here? it's also 2 am now. 9 days in a row of work. everyone's jumping ship, as a new branch of our store opens next month (on my birthday, no less) a few fucking miles down the street. i'll be all alone at the store i hate with more people who won't talk to me.

    i'm just kinda in a "am-i-really-going-to-have-to-wash-dishes-the-rest-of-my-life-sweet-fucking-jesus-i'd-rather-die" state now. reading through this thread... fuck, just being on whitechapel bums me out. i always feel like i'm doing absolutely nothing with my life. granted, i'm not even 21 yet. but all the artists, and writers, and musicians, and science-y folk, and people who don't fucking live in tennessee... i feel like a nobody. i just can't afford to do anything but work. fuck, i can't even afford to eat. i wanted to get into the music industry, fully knowing that i have to fight an entire fucking city just to even get an internship. i don't want to be rich, i just wish i had more than a couple of dollars at the end of the week.

    boyfriend and i watched "from dusk til dawn" an hour ago. this brings me comfort.

    cameraphone isn't working again, so this is the best you get.

    it's better than i'll ever look in real life.
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    @stoto - aye but as I am down on official paper as a full time postgrad student (although all my lectures finished months ago and I'm ABD), I can't sign on and I don't qualify for anything helpful. Thus, I can not avoid this constant merry-go-round of job hunting. Baaah. But cheers.
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    This morning when we came home at 6 o'clock, there was this huge fire somewhere on the hill next to ours. A house was burning. You could perceive what must be flames or was it the firemen lights? it was too far to guess really and the cloud of smoke was huge, bending over Monet's cathedral like a giant wary ghost. The firemen were there, and there was nothing we could do (and certainly not go there and watch) but we got that strange feeling that we were still enjoying the massive fun of our night whilst some people were probably living a nightmare. I can't sleep it off. Now it's 10 AM, the cloud of smoke is ridiculously faint, as if folding back to its hidden chamber; but yet I can't help watching, craefully, from the top of my hill now and again, sipping my piping mug of coffee, as if some good news could reach me. I just hope those people are safe.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    @heil_britannica - hang in there. i felt like that when i began my 20's. Things kick in by 22. At least that's my experience.
    Just decided a minute ago that since I haven't had a day off this week and am now broke, I am gonna experiment with a double life. working teh day-jawb, drawing/working on my silly comics at night.
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    Money's tight until late next week, as I'm paid once per month. This includes a reimbursement check for traveling engagements for my job. Environmental geology has its perks, not the least of which are getting to work around big, expensive machinery to drill holes and inject them with volatile chemicals to neutralize industrial solvents that have managed to get into the groundwater table... but back to the expenses. Earlier this month I threw the alignment out on my car in order to avoid slamming into a woman who crossed into my lane - she never stopped - and a week later I was slapped with a $750 veterinary bill for my cat. Combine that with usual costs of living, and I feel a bit more like a small boy staring into a deep, dark pit full of sharp-mandibled things than I normally like. It doesn't help that the old dream about my "visual filament" burning out came back for the first time since last year...

    On the plus side, an album I ordered came in after three weeks in the void, and Infraction Records threw in two others as a "hey, sorry" bonus. My wife keeps me from descending into a dad-style depressive funk, and the new computer I slapped together from (mostly) spare parts is running like a dream.

    Task list for tomorrow: Car oil change, programming in C, grad school pondering, calling a local record store, reading more of Richard Matheson's Seven Steps to Midnight.

    Should I be perplexed by the fact that I don't hate Windows Vista? Is this intellectually reconcilable with my long-term use and enjoyment of Slackware Linux?
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    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    I'm at work, waiting for the rising sun to sear my cornea. This last week has just been one long, messed up roller coaster ride, sprinkled liberally with gin. I lost a friend, who turned out to be more of a parasite, and still have to see her every day. I've dealt with it, walled it away, and moved on. There are more pressing matters. Like my roommate who's in mourning, and the bustle of new semester prep.

    Akward as it may be, I've been considering a return to organised religion. I'm not sure if it's due to these tumultuous times or simply stemming from nostalgia. Either way, I figure obscure quotes from the Old Testament will start to come in handy at work. Simply cussing people out is starting to get a bit tawdry.
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    Quick version: Vancouver->Seattle bus hit by semi. Result: a five hour border wait and a nasty knock to the head. (Of course I was the only person injured. Sheesh). Missed NZ David, was rescued By Adam. Okay now. At the Merc with Joseph, who is a darling.

    Now to get back to dancing until I drop from smoke inhalation. My lips have already begun to tingle.
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    I walk out of the studio; all sweating from writing and performance onto the busy Saturday night city street and everything I am is alive and focused in this urgent moment.
    My head is on fire from the dark, beautiful, new music, my feet chew up pavement like a hungry animal as I pass the people dressed in mundane, poorly chosen clothing and I look right into their glassy, sedate cow eyes. These are the people who cannot be bothered to keep an eye on their elected officials. This is when I realize; I may be the only one alive in sight. I also feel very alone.
    I absently wonder how many of them have committed themselves to a course of action in their lives that was not dictated to them by someone else and actually completed it.
    I think of lil’ drooling idiot Gee Dubbya and how he is poking the bear, and I doubt if any of these people are paying attention. Do any of them remember the Russian prime minister’s warning? I know there are approximately 305,000,000 people in the wild; Wild West and approximately 40% of those households are armed. I “see” brilliant light ripping through their flesh, fixing their shadow on the building next to them and it occurs to me that perhaps the game played by our world leaders is one with the desired outcome being the loss of civilian life.
    Just a theory mind you. Power corrupts and drives people mad.
    Then I think of the road I have traveled and how hard it has been, for years.
    I am grateful to be able to stand on stage with talented people who I know are as tough as me because we have shared a burden for a long time.
    I could have traded my freedom for comfort and security, just as most of my friends have.
    Instead, I came home from my shit job and worked on my art and music because it is what I love. I turned down a very high paying animation gig because it would have meant leaving behind what I want to do as an artist and musician. What I love has become exceptional and rarely beautiful because I have never bent my integrity with it.
    I have always chosen it over all else.
    I just never imagined it would take me this long to get where I am now. Today, I do not want a job drawing comics; I am engaged in creating great comic book stories.
    Nor do I want a recording contract; I am busy making great records.
    I am sure some of the extended, freely chosen struggles I have endured would drive many people bug-fuck crazy and I wonder if I am.
    Then I remember, real crazy people believe they are sane.
    I know how to survive and do mostly what I please.
    I know myself and what I came here to do with art and music.
    I only hope for more time with which to do it before the idiots blow us all to kingdom come.
    I am tired and I lived today as if it was my last,
    Good night White Chapel and especially you Invisible Space Daddy.
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    just walked home from the bar and watching Highlander at the house of people just met. but mostly we talked about life, stories, religion, and random geekosity.

    so, a better night than most.

    now i'm about to eat a hot pocket before i die of alcohol poisoning.

    yay, America.
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    Ruminating on some reading I did on Biden. He's got a smart mouth for someone who's been in Washington for 20-odd years. "Biden was noted for his one-liners on the campaign trail, saying of Republican then-frontrunner Rudy Giuliani at the October 30, 2007, debate in Philadelphia, 'There's only three things he mentions in a sentence: a noun, and a verb and 9/11.'"

    Primum non nocere. Biden is Obama's VP because no one who was going to vote for Obama is now not going to vote for him, at least not in any large or coordinated fashion. Although the very idea that Obama has to be running a defensive campaign at this point is slightly worrying in-and-of itself, it's not really surprising: the country really does split down some easily-quantifiable lines, especially on social issues. Who knows how many Christians who agree with the Democratic platform on everything except abortion or gay marriage McCain gets to pick up free of charge.

    Zogby appears to think that the resurgent Democratic party in America is no fluke; his book predicts major shifts in American society toward internationalism and environmentalism, and away from conspicuous consumption, within the next 20 years. This is heartening if correct.

    One last though: the End-Times Christina Radicals have learned from the past. You won't hear Tim LeHaye giving concrete predictions for the date of the End of the World, at least not publicly. Instead, he and his ilk cast about their eyes, waiting for someone else to announce it. That way, they can come out in cautious support, but maintain credibility once the purported day comes and goes.

    There is one upshot to the Democratic National Convention coming to town: my college campus closes all week as a security precaution.