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    It's a webservice you can use to update all of your web things at once.
    Useful, if you only really like using one of them, and perhaps have a set of friends that don't utilise it.

    For example; I use facebook (for the most part) but there are silly people that use twitter, and myspace and suchlike. With ping I can update all three once, which is smart, or something like that. I think it also can has blog updates too.

    Oh, and it's only come to light because I can't do the social networking from work, and don't have a mobile phone. So it's nice that I can access this, and even if they barred it, you can email your updates.

    Thought I'd see what other people make of these things, I understand that there is another one called 'socialthing', or something.

    Oh, if you want to sign up for ping, use the code: vivalaping
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008 edited
    Not a bad idea. What would be really cool now is if they made a Mac widget for it.

    Edit: Already been discussed:
    There's a rough one linked to on there.
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    Got on to socialthing at the weekend, will start separate thread for it, will put up screenshots, even. Cos I'm nice.

    I've been using from various sources. It formats horribly if you use anything that involuntarily adds shit to your email. So short answer is not to ping from email. Your facebook or twitter updates come out like a horrible mash of shit.

    That said, I've sent loads of pings using the googletalk web applet (because I work at a backward institution that uses IE6 ONLY), which actually doesn't fuck with it much in the slightest.
    That's nice.

    So, can't access myspace/facebook etc from work?
    Ping seems like a good solution, socialthing doesn't work on IE.
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2008
    had an invite for this sitting in my inbox.. thanks for the prompt.. i see it's no longer private-beta now anyway..

    now to chain plurk, twitter and together for some selective broadcasting.. Twitter may have taken away my post-by-IM, but this will do nicely
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    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2008
    once this is done in a desktop app that pulls formating updates etc from a webservice, i'm in. as long as i have to pass (plaintext) credentials to a third party web service, these aggregate-post things are a no-go for me.

    not saying they are going to sell aggregated social network credentials to whoever wants them, but their database surely is a nice target for whoever has use for impersonating random ppl. and since the system is still beta/early stable, chances are its pretty much rapid-prototyping style code with a somewhat lacking security model.
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    I also wouldn't want my social networking site giving my password to anyone ... or my email provi....

    ah ... I see ...