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    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007 edited

    It's a super free form DIY internet radio station based in Seattle. We play just about anything from local Seattle bands to sounds from accross the world, sugary pop to blasts of noise. We also do interviews and have live performances both in studio and recorded at shows. Plus lots of found sound stuff, old Answering Machine tapes, weird dug up reel to reels, and we love to take calls about paranormal experiences and stories about your dreams!! Call in!!

    I am DJ Knuckle Supper and my show the Records Schmecords Radio Show Tuesdays from 3-5 pacific standard time.

    We are also always looking for awesome new music so if you or anyone you know has a band, we'd love to listen!
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    I was about to link to my list of internet radio stations, but they seem to have broken

    So I'll just link Futurepunk, because I don't listen to it enough, and Little Radio, for much the same reason.
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    I have been meaning to contact yall forever!

    I run Debacle out of Seattle, do you guys have an experimental show/DJ that i should be sending my stuff to?
    • CommentAuthorRoss
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    I mostly use for internet radio, what with it playing only music I like and music similar to what I like.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    I listen to Radio KOL a lot. It's the station associated with, which is an online game. I say associated because it's mostly good music, with a few in-game contests thrown in.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    Hey Sam, I've not heard of Debacle, but I'm checking out the myspace right now.
    There's not a scheduled experimental show that I'm aware of. But sometimes Garrett and Amber will sometimes randomly do great things like that. I'd like to see a weekly experimental show develop, maybe it's something I'll just have to do myself. Actually I think DJ Jenny does soundscapes and stuff, but I'm not completely clear if it's all her own stuff or not.

    Anyways. You should send it in anyways, it will find a home. You can put it Care Of me if you like.

    Hollow Earth Radio
    PO BOX 70147
    Seattle, WA 98127
    • CommentAuthorrobb
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    woxy : stalwart indie/alternative :
    wers : crazy emerson student radio :
    wmbr : crazy m.i.t. student radio :
    dublab : san francisco "future roots" :
    mush : label radio :
    rinse : dubstep/grime :
    dubstep : dubstep :
    vocalo : listener participation chicago public radio (robin) :
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    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
     (34.8) for me. Haven't used Pandora for ages....
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    Excellent! I needed some good internet radio. Hollow Earth seems great so far.

    Pandora doesn't work for me. I don't want to hear things similar to things I listen to. I want to find things completely different but also excellent.
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    i've been listening to taste the rainbow on hollow earth.
    found it through your heart breaks' myspace
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Oh yeah, I love Your Heart Breaks.
    I never get to listen to Taste The Rainbow though cos I'm usually at school when it airs.
      CommentAuthormuse hick
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    blogtalkradio has some decent content
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2007
    I listen to Warrior Radio a lot, but unless you're really into metal, you probably won't like it. On the other hand, if you live your life according to the idea that you're meant to break the chains of evil with the strength of your will and believe that all virtue is a shadow cast by a superluminary Kai Hansen, then you probably will like it.
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2007
    Oh man, I got visions of Man-O-War going through my mind now!

    ...and I don't like it :-p
    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2007
    Auralgasms. They have a good Sunday night show called Aural Bliss.
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2007 edited
    I have to say I have become quite enamoured of The 1920's Radio network which I encountered streaming on some Wastelands parcels.
    I also have a soft spot for the various stations on which is good for when I am musically indecisive, as they have a lot to choose from and are fairly 'mood' based.
    I'll second Radio KoL because it's got loads of DJ's playing different stuffs most with fairly different tastes, and I am one of them ;)
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2007
    I used to listen to Little Radio a lot since they tend to play some really nice music and have one hell of a talk radio line up.
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2007
    Excellent, this is an archive of entries I'll work through this week.

    My own streaming radio choices: Groove Salad and Secret Agent Radio to keep my head cool while working in the lab (laser alignment can get frustrating), and Plastic Age Radio for the higher BPM needed when working on theory.
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2007
    I'm on the East Coast of 'merica, so Seattle's KEXP's morning show, John in the Morning, starts right about when i get to work. John Richards is an un-freaking-believably great dj. Better than Nick Harcourt. There, I said it. to stream on the onlines (even through your internets phone) or itunes under Alternative.
    The John in the Morning show starts at 6am Pacific. god knows what that is GMT.
    dig it.
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2007
    It is awesome to see KEXP get the global attention that it has.
    That being said, I don't really listen to it that much anymore. Maybe if my car radio worked...