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    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2008 edited
    i stopped giving a shit a long time ago. i try to treat people like human beings as much as possible, but i've never been afraid to say what i think, either. i try to keep my contact info limited, to avoid random phone calls or visits, and that's about it. The only people who know my heart's dark secrets are my friends and family and the government agents who may or may not be tapping my phone and intercepting my data packets... and luckily, the first two can't do much to me.

    i liked this quote:
    "When you are INNOCENT, you can do ANYTHING that you want."
    -Hunter S. Thompson

    i always kinda figure since i don't do anything abhorrent, there's not really anyone who has anything on me.

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    I've maintained a seperate "web entity" for the duration of my access to internet and all its shennanigans. When I first got online, the first thing that struck me was
    A) How people behave.
    B) How careless they are.
    C)Careless talk costs anonymity.
    I aimed, as best I could, to stay out of reach of people, mainly, because I spent a lot of time upsetting them. My housemates and I had a Cabal whose purpose was to get drunk on Friday nights and be utter bastards to complete strangers. I grew out of that, but not the urge to hide myself, however, In the last year or so, I realised that I'd not been as careful as need be, and whilst not traceable, my habits could be identified. That perhaps the time to go about worrying that my posts on a Compuserve chatroom in 1996 were going to have a psychotic from from the far reaches of the earth turning up on my doorstep one day, should be put to an end. I buried my Web-self of 12 years last weekend, I feel confident enough to put myself behind my words and I daresay noone will even notice he/she/it/they have gone.
    • CommentAuthorWinther
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2008
    Those red letters, just above here - my last name. Same one I use pretty much everywhere on the internet. And my full name is in the profile, for all to see. I just plain don't give a shit about hiding my identity. I don't say anything here, or anywhere else online, that I wouldn't say to someone's face. Which is pretty much whatever I damn please.
    • CommentAuthorLachesis
    • CommentTimeSep 9th 2008
    I've been lucky enough that I've had the same job for years and they all know I'm a bit of a smartass and they take that in stride. The things I've said online that would really be damning to me at any other job wouldn't surprise them, but in an effort to remain somewhat "anonymous" in specific areas, my blogs and so forth are private. They would have to know me on a personal level to search for me to any greater length.