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    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008 edited
    Pinch's " Underwater Dancehall" is very popular too. A bit too jolly for me.

    I have been playing this frequently. Good background stuff.

    This week's listening...adjusting to 6.00 am awakenings by playing " Wonderful Rainbow " by Lightning Bolt
    at full volume. Joyful , messy and oddly soothing.

    My favourite Lightning bolt album

    Stereolab - Margerine Eclipse
    • CommentAuthorJo
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Prozack Turner--Death, Taxes and Prozack

    Lunasa--The Merry Sisters of Fate

    Animal Hospital--s/t
    • CommentAuthorzebaslam
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Right now? Listening to Story of the Year. Post-hardcore punk at its finest.

    And yes...I know how ridiculous THAT sounds.
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    Review copy of the imminent new Lustmord album, Other. If there's any ideal music for writing post-apocalyptic horror/sf, this stuff is it. Ambient meets nuclear winter and slumbering gods. Recommend.
    • CommentAuthormoominpapa
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Currently sweating:

    Black Mountain - In the Future. Heavy, trippy, myth-y, kind of ridiculous in the best possible way
    The Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride. Nasally voice, acoustic guitar, incredible storyteller. Has an awesome song about alienation and racism called "Lovecraft in Brooklyn" that I submit for your listening pleasure.
    Miley Cyrus - See You Again. Don't hate. That chorus fucking KILLS.
    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008 edited
    Here´s what I´ve been listening to last two weeks, very diverse stuff. Thanks to P.G. Raven, going to get the new Lustmord album.

    Mogwai - Batcat EP

    One of leading, we-do-not-fear-experiments-but-we-love-postrock bands, this is it´s new three song ep, ´devil rides´ sounds like slow, more poppy joy division, beautiful haunting tragedy of a song.

    The Bug - London ZOO

    Pure fucking dubstep meets angry political ragga vocalists and sounds experiments by the man who made his first album with DJ Vadim called ´Tapping the Conversation´ as unnoficial soundtrack for Scorseese´s ´The Conversation´ early masterpiece starring Gene Hackman.

    Venetian Snares - Huge Chrome Cylinder Unfolding

    Idm at it´s best, breakcore headbanger. Very refreshing, very short.

    Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers

    Beautiful, soft, melancholic and playful ambient heavily using looped samples. Very talented woman.

    Current 93 - Birth Canal Blues

    Apocalyptic folk. Scary and beautiful as the corpse Baudelaire fell into one morning. Listen enough and you´ll feel absinthe, dead children, lost love stories and total poverty bursting out of your eyes.

    Have not enough time to write all down,
    so the rest will come down quickly.

    The Flashbulb - Binedump EP (IDM, Breakcore)
    Face to Face - Best Of (Punk Rock, very poppy)
    Patrick Wolf - Lycantrophy (Very talented, highly reccomended - wolves, folk, heart, experimental, great songwriter)
    Antony and the Johnstons - I am a Bird Now (you probably know)
    M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us (listen to ´don´t save us from the flames´ and ´teenage angst´ on youtube. shoegaze at it´s best)
    Mochipet - Microphonepet (sick hiphop with very dubstep oriented feeling. highly entertaining and witty, straight from one of best breakcore/idm producers)

    The rest -

    So now, dear Warren, tell us what you´re listening to.
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    So now, dear Warren, tell us what you´re listening to.

    Right now, the new Slow Club EP, Titus Andronicus, The Art of the Koto Vol. 2, and the Fall's HEX ENDUCTION HOUR.

    Mix will change in around 2 hrs.
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    saw LEATHERMOUTH last night, pretty fun rock/hardcore. wanted to dance but felt it better i NOT hit middle school kids. MC CHRIS followed, and i like his music but it was soooo fuuucking boooring.

    the FALL pop up everywhere lately, weird.
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    Eels- Blinking Lights and Other Distractions

    Van Morrison- Common One (Underrated; "Summertime in England" is positively deranged)

    Edie Brickell- Volcano

    George Harrison- "George Harrison" (1979)

    Tim Buckley- Lorca (they must have though he was batshit insane when he dropped this in 1970)

    Taj Mahal- The Natch'l Blues (I was dying to hear "Aint That a Lot of Love", which he did better on the Stones' Rock and Roll Circus)

    John Coltrane- My Favorite Things

    Hendrix- First Rays of the New Rising Sun

    Dusty Springfield- Dusty in Memphis (RIP Jerry Wexler)

    Dr. John- Desitively Bonnaroo

    Electric Light Orchestra II

    Kid Creole and the Coconuts- Wise Guy (Better UK title- Tropical Gangsters)

    Martin Denny- Quiet Village (childhood favorite)

    Oh, and lest I forget, I've launched a new blog in which I will write about albums I find interesting for whatever reason; it's called Off the Record.
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    Love that Dax album...
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I love whitechapel because it makes me feel mainstream for listening to Blackalicious and DJ Shadow.
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    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    @Warren: Titus Andronicus! Just saw them recently. Was very pleased, would/will buy the CD and wear a sticker.

    @joe.distort: Which Leathermouth show? Austin? If so, a friend of mine was there and said one of the opening bands was really good (not Reggie and the Full Effect--War-something?--anyway: your opinion?).
    • CommentAuthorRob Diston
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Lots of Jesu, mainly because of the chunk of stuff that's just been released.
    Lots of Pelican as well, including the realisation that City of Echoes is really good.
    Sharks Keep Moving album.
    Oxbow - The Narcotic Story.
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    it was in phoenix- and we got there right after WARSHIP finished. i was kinda annoyed, but i chatted with two of them for a minute at the merch table and they seemed pretty cool.

    i missed titus andronicus recently-well, i shouldnt say missed as the only reason i knew who they even were was because my friend did the show.
    • CommentAuthorANIMLBOOGY
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I just watched The Decline of Western Civilization parts 1 and 3, so I've been digging back into some of that late 70's/early 80's punk while avoiding the few bands that pop up in part 3.

    Slightly, only slightly off-topic: Part 1 is a deserved classic, although not interviewing Fear -- or at least not including it in the final cut -- was a huge mistake. Their live performance is by far the most memorable: "Why do women have two holes so close to each other? So you can carry them like a six-pack!"

    Part 3 was somewhat disappointing. Penelope Spheeris was so enamored with the gutterpunk community, she hardly connects with the music side of the "scene" at all. No amount of clever editing could hide the fact that these kids had very little to do with any music scene, mostly sticking to candy-colored, glue-propped hairstyles for purely aesthetic reasons. She also could have given more time to the obvious problems between the wheelchair bound punk with an apartment, and the homeless gutterpunks who ham up their relationship with him for the camera. Only a single shot of the poor man's disgusted reaction belies what had to be a much more complex relationship than Spheeris felt inclined to depict in the editing room.

    To take it back on topic: I'm listening to Fear, Black Flag, and Negative Approach for the first time in awhile.
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    Negative Approach

    word! they are playing FUCK YEAH FEST in los angeles this weekend with like 20 other bands of varying genre and around 10 comedians...i want to go so badly. SEX/VID! BOB ODENKIRK! IN ONE PLACE!!!! dammit.
    • CommentAuthorJo
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    WARSHIP, that's it. Duh. Will check out, consult friend, and post if worthy. I don't think I'm going to be able to make it to any of the dates on this Leathermouth tour, which is a shame, as so far all my folks who have gone have said it's a solid good time. Young crowd, but consistently good music, and no more face-kicking than one would reasonably expect. The only bad/mediocre reviews in my social circle have been of MC Chris--looks like you confirm the data.
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    Ryan Bingham's Mescalito album is a wonderfully gritty collection of songs that fall into that Texas country/folk/blues aarena that spawned such talents as John Hiatt and the late Townes Van Zandt. Bingham's no Van Zandt - not yet - but this album suggests that he's not that far off.

    The thing about Bingham is that he's lived a hard life for real - that gives his songs a genuine truth that you don't find in a lot of "recording artists." His voice falls somewhere between middle period Dylan and Hiatt and his backup musicians are as kickass as they need to be. Chugging banjo, tasty peddle steel, the occasional snarly guitar cutting through and the wailing fiddle all complement Bingham's voice in ways that feel completely natural and right. And the rhythm section is as good as anything from Memphis or Nashville [or Motown, for that matter].

    I'm also really enjoying all things The Mars Volta [think a hybrid of Devo and Captain Beefheart, filtered through The Grateful Dead].
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    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    The Angels of Light - Entire Catalog I have been on a big Michael Gira kick the last several weeks. Lots of Swans and Angels. Been trying to find a copy of his book 'The Consumer" for under $50. Not having the best of luck...

    Insect Warfare - World Extermination Amazing grindcore from Texas. No bullshit trends just pure blasting noise.

    The Stooges - Fun House Do I really need to say anything about this album?
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    Insect Warfare - World Extermination Amazing grindcore from Texas. No bullshit trends just pure blasting noise.

    those guys have a bunch of awesome bands- 50/50, KNUCKLESCRAPER, HATRED SURGE (!!) and they used to be the MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS. if you like IW, you will probably like all of them...theres a whole gaggle of GxCxGxC (gulf coast grindcore) bands in their crew.