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    When I was 17 I decided that I was going to be a comic writer. I wrote a load of stuff and even managed to get an old neighbour of mine to draw a couple of pages of it (the great Rob Blackwell).
    Then real life got in the way and I have ended up drifting from job to job. The dream is still there flickering away in my mind but at the end of the day I still have to take that step. It's funny as this seems to come in waves. Just when I have decided that I could not make anything as good as what is already out there and accepted just being a consumer, I see or read something that just re-ignites the whole dream again.
    Is the universe sending me signals? Only time will tell.
    It's good to see lots of people out there who are actually doing something though, it does bode well for the uture of the medium
    • CommentAuthoredenbee
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    lairdofdarkness: Perhaps the universe is sending you Bad Signals.

    (Couldn't help myself.)
    • CommentAuthortomas
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I've working on getting the hang of doing short, sharp, twist in the tale things, 5 page future shocks.
    I've got one appearing in the next issue of a British sci-fi comic called Futurequake, and they've just told me another one has been accepted as well, so it's fired me up to try and do more.
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    I want to write more comics.
    I've had a couple for FutureQuake and one in an upcoming Zarjaz at some point.
    I've mostly been working on prose again these last months. But I do have a potential project set up with an artist, just waiting for some time to free up in his schedule so he can draw the first issue. Then I just need to write the other 5 I promised could fit together as a mini if we can't sell it as an ongoing.

    Still desperate to get a Future Shock past Tharg though
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    I do not fear for the medium itself, but I believe the days of being able to make a living at it are over. Why spend $20 on a graphic novel when you can torrent everything for free?

    This is certainly not a criticism. It is the evolution of our culture and how we share/appropriate media.

    I hate to confess a part of me still sighs deeply when confronted with the fact.
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    Me, Sir. I have a script ready about a cross country truck driver named Trucker Dave. The first arc is called "In the Lair of the Lot Lizards", and features our Vietnam Vet All-American taking down meth dealers and saving prostitutes. Future arcs would include Trucker Dave taking on unknown cargo for a large company, which turns out to be illegal immigrants. Dave evades police, arrives at the company HQ, and kicks down cubicle walls to get to the top before strangling the CEO with his own necktie. Now all I need is an artist, as my previous artist had no gumption.
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    I'd throw myself into the "aspiring" category at this point. I do stories here and there primarily for myself in between art projects and school work.
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    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    comparing webcomix to traditional comic books is like comparing cybersex to teenage hookers.
      CommentAuthorTim Bishop
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008 edited
    Yes, add me to the list, with the addendum that I will be writing comics sooner than later.

    Wait. This is a trick to draw us out into the open, isn't it?
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    Hey, count me as a YES. I want to be making comics. I put out my first graphic novel earlier this year and am now developing a webcomic... hmmm, wonder what may have inspired me to do such a thing...

    I'm a writer and really need to connect to more illustrators, so if you're on here, make sure and say hi to me. And thanks for for the link at the top of the post... I actually didn't know of it and will check it out.

    As for my labor of love
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    New here.

    I'm an aspiring artist/writer. My strengths are more in the art department. I'm working on a few personal projects, but the biggest one should be completed by next year. I hope to publish it to Image Comics or self publish.

    Here's a link to some of my art: link

    I'm still working on my personal site, so I'm using my Deviant Art and Myspace photo section to get me by temporarily.

    I'll add in the sequential art later.
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    I work on a couple things from time to time. Usually I post what I got right here and in other foruns around the net. You can see my stuff on my website, flickr account or blog.

    The flickr is the most active of those three and the most likely place to find out what I'm doing.

    Oh, I just remembered. There's also a ComicSpace page.
    • CommentAuthorClockwater
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Me. I want to. I can't draw worth a flying f$#% at the moon. But I can spin a damn fine yarn.
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    I guess I do, in the sense that most people who read comics must on some level want to make their own. I have no real plans to do so, though. I often get ideas, which I try to type down as best I can, but I lack the energy, focus, motivation, and training to flesh these ideas into full stories or scripts.
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    Would be great to write a comic book at some point. The only worry is if I CAN write a comic book!
    • CommentAuthorGlenn
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    @ KatherineIndovina: paying an artist is probably the safest way to see something completed. I found a "collaborator" in Florida, who was really enthusiastic about my script and couldn't wait to get started, etc. (He even made character designs) Then all of sudden he stopped answering my e-mails and that was that. (And he hadn't died, as I could see that he logged on to his myspace page every day).

    Anyway, I found out that I really didn't have the patience to search for artists that would draw 48 pages for free, so I decided to bring out my wallet. The artist I've hired now is from Brazil, and his page rate is 35 dollars, which I don't think is that steep. And yeah, he can really draw, too.
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    CommentAuthoredenbee CommentTime13 minutes ago (3416.62)
    lairdofdarkness: Perhaps the universe is sending you Bad Signals.

    (Couldn't help myself.)


    That did make me laugh
    Thanks Edenbee
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    Yar. Working on it. I can draw, but it takes too damn long to do everything myself. What I REALLY need is a competent artist who doesn't have the time/inclination to already be busy with their own stuff; someone to whom I can feel confident handing over ideas I don't have time to finish myself. Someone who can work from a script, some sketches, and a storyboard. The 'start a band' method appeals to me, and I have the , experience, and willpower to get such a thing on shelves, just don't have the goddamned TIME to be cranking this stuff out by myself on any sort of reasonable schedule.
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I'm trying to make comics.
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    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I had a webcomic a few years back, and I am currently looking to bring it back. I started re-writing it, redefining characters (even had to rename it when the "central" character become somewhat secondary) and themes and such, and soon I'll (hopefully) be on my way to scripting and drawing the damn thing.