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    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I want to, amongst other things. The only complete arc I've finished was a 15-page quasi-historical thing that I wrote & drew for a graphic novel class; otherwise I'm technically drawing for two different projects-in-progress, but when other people are doing the writing they tend to have (too) high expectations for my abilities in the complex anatomy and facial expression area.

    It's plausible that I'll eventually go over to writing only, but right now I'm enjoying the challenge of drawing stuff too.

    ...*goes back to hiding in the dark*
    • CommentAuthorLordFluffy
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Count me in.

    I did a webcomic called "Thirds" for about a year, publishing twice a week. I wrote and drew it, and even with it being B&W, it was a hectic pace.

    I'd like to do more webcomics. I've got a fantasy based one in mind that I've scripted out to about fifteen episodes. The arc I'm hoping would take about two years. I've also got a sequel to The Crow I've wanted to do for over a decade, just never known who to pitch it to. In addition, there's a series I'd like to do called The Witness about a minor super-hero with confidence issues.

    The problem is that now I want to write them, but I don't want to subject anyone else to my poor attempts at sketch art.

    • CommentAuthortitivil
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Hrmm, yeah. Been writing plays for years, but the "drawring" bug left me in high school.
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    Waving my hands.

    I want to. Im making some efforts in my country and keep sending my portfolio to US companies.
    • CommentAuthorGlenn
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008 edited
    @ Linn: Hey, nice pages! Not often I see a comic set in Norway during the war. My great grandfather was a propaganda officer in NS, heh... I also like the CHTHONIC samples. Good luck in completing that.
    • CommentAuthorLocke
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I want to write comics, but I've barely just started.

    I'm writing a lot these days, and waiting for something worth publishing before I seek an artist.
    • CommentAuthorjscoble
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Good lord there are a lot us, aren't there?

    Anyway, consider my hat also in the ring of those who want to write comics.

    Been kicking around Warren's "band" idea with a few folks (them who can draw), and we'll see how it goes.

    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008 edited
    I've got a couple of shorts setup for publication in a few anthologies over the next year. Currently working on other shorts and a few pitches to build up my resume. Plus I'm writing/drawing a 16 page mini comic each month for the next year, that's my back burner when I don't have another script I should be writing though. Oh and the art's about half done on my first graphic novel.

    I refuse to not have a career in comics.
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    I'm writing scripts for a weekly webcomic project that hasn't seen the light of day, so I guess I qualify.
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008 edited
    I think I've made mention of this before, but, er, yes. My biggest problem of course is my forgotten latent drawing abilities, and finding artists that stick around.

    Currently I'm working on putting together an anthology following that formula you recently reposted to Bad Signal, and it's going along pretty OK actually. One of the features will be my prison story The Grave, art by Michael Bramley. What I now call the "pilot episode" was posted to my LiveJournal back in March, and you can still take a look at it here. The form that will go into the as-yet-un-named anthology will be more or less this, although some changes will be made. Another feature I'm working on is a steampunk Weird Western, with an artist down in Gainesville, FL, and I've yet to decide on the third feature. All things considered, it's going pretty well so far.

    I'm signed up to PanelAndPixel, of course, and do read it when I remember that it's there. Honestly, the most luck I've had with gathering collaborators so far has actually been the Creative forum on the MillarWorld boards. Just goes to show, you never can tell.

    @jscoble -- Seeing as I'm doing much the same with the "band" idea, hope to see how yours turns out!

    @stevewallace -- I refuse to not have a career in comics. MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. Best of luck to ya!

    --- Geoffrey D. Wessel
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I'm a writer. Yes, I want to make comics.

    I've had shortform comics in/upcoming in The Florida Review, Outlaw Territories II, FutureQuake, and Hope: New Orleans (as well as the webcomics "Undersweet" and "The First Noel" and the minicomics/zine "Inconsequential Art").

    Prose/other in Asimov's Science Fiction, The Rambler, Weird Tales, Futurismic, and elsewhere.
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    * MLambros * Comment Time 44 minutes ago (3416.55)
    I have about 3 notebooks full of half written scripts, various notes and ideas. I've just never brought it all together.

    Yeah, that's pretty much where I'm at, too.
    • CommentAuthorSolidSyam
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Been drawing for as long as i can remember. Reading comics for about the same. i've created to flesh out and develop my own little comic universe in the course of my life. Of all my passions it's the one never tiring, constant, and my therapy and escape.
    i've always wanted to make comics more seriously, and recently i'm taking steps to get that underways. See how things go...
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    looking to do something a bit experimental in trying to do things that webcomics can do that print comics can't.
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    I am an aspiring graphic novelist.

    I am also, on the other hand, an aspiring multi-millionaire.

    One would probably think those two concepts are incompatible, but since they both mean exactly fuck-all until I actually accomplish one or the other, it's not the dichotomy one would believe it to be.
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    Definitely in the "trying to make comics" camp. I've gotten one thing published through Andrews McMeel Universal's GoComics imprint (Thunder Road. Go read it, kids!), and I'm cranking on something that I may pitch to them or to someone who's willing to let me spill gallons of blood on the page...

    ... assuming I can find an artist.
    • CommentAuthorTamalon
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I do too.

    The biggest issues i'm having is finding an artist to work with. Ideas are plentiful, refinements not so much yet but i cant seem to bring myself to put so much effort into that when i've got no artist to work with. A creative team is important not just to story telling but to visual inspiration.
    • CommentAuthorFrances
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I'd like to.
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    I am also trudging the comic writer path. In addition to my webcomic Ophelia, that I do all on my lonesome, I have four other projects that I'm working on with various artists. One of which is a mixed media project with a musician friend of mine.

    Basically all I do anymore is work, sleep, and write(or do the art for my webcomic). Sometimes I get to eat. But it keeps me from going crazy. And it's something I'm addicted to. If I can make enough money off of it to cut out the "going to work" portion of my day, I'd be really happy. But even if not, I know I can find an audience for my stuff, and that's as important as anything.
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    If I were a better artist or writer, I would make comics, even if they didn't sell or were even published.