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    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Popular thread.

    I pay close attention to Whitechapel and most of Mr. Ellis' work specifically because I would like to write in comics some day. Not exclusively, of course, I also want to write in pretty much every medium I can, and see if I can break ground in so-called New Media as well.

    Comics in particular interest me because of their flexibility. Text and Illustration go much farther than either alone, but tend to be classified as childish material by professionals--especially college Professors. Talking about comic books in a writing course at a major university is a great way to get yourself docked a half a grade per semester, yet the comic book is one of the most pervasive and consistent sources of serial writing in print today. Despite many critically acclaimed pieces that have managed to garner broad scholastic attention, the entire medium still enjoys little in the way of collegiate attention.

    And the industry does not pay writers well enough for major institutions to consider the medium for degree candidacy.

    I do have a degree in the more generic fiction writing, and I had to fight to get them to give it to me (in 2000) when I focused specifically on genre work at the University of Pittsburgh. (Ever see Wonder Boy? The professor in that story is based on a guy at Pitt). Academia has its head up its collective ass when it concerns popular media.
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    When I'm not making things on- video,

    I make comics..

    That's a collaborative prequel short from a while ago. I've been drawing my own things lately, but I don't have any sequential work online at the moment.

    I'm more of a scripter, but I like to draw.
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    I'm forever working on an idea or two that have been kicking around in my head for a few years, slowly refining each. I've lately started a wiki to get the ideas organized. But basically, I don't plan to ever get them published. The main goal is to refine my writing process (I have always, even writing papers for school, written at an extremely uneven pace) and bring my illustration skills back up to what they were in college (when I was drawing nearly every day for my life drawing, illustration, and design classes).
    • CommentAuthorFred Buer
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I'd love giving writing comics a go as an aside to writing short stories and novels. I wish I could draw worth a damn, but... Meh.

    Thanks for the link.

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    I'm a writer, with one original 88-page script currently with an artist. I've got another original work in progress -- gave the character descriptions to a different artist for his designs, I'm working on the the beats now. I've got a third original script in the beat stage, and I'm working out what my page count is going to be -- can I fit it into a 48 pg graphic novel? 72 pages?

    And I'm forming a "band," called Slightly Obsessed Studio. Website in progress. No website or swanky anything yet, just a business plan and a lot of writing.

    Believe me -- when I get a website and some actual inked pages from my artists, I'll be showing them off here.
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    Hello all.
    Screenwriter hoping to get a comic or twelve under my belt someday.
    Trying to clear rights on a webcomic and have my sister draw it. To dangle toes...
    Alas, her other artistic endeavors prevent her from helping on a full-scale book assault and my pockets are too shallow to fund another artist.
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    Writing comics is my dream job. I'm still waiting to find an artist who shares my vision and who's style I enjoy. While still at university, I came up with a great story about a bisexual female angel and her ghost counterpart. Since then, I have had 2 ideas for comics a month.

    I created an account just to answer this question.
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    Count me in.

    Then put me in the writer category.

    I've got a 30-page anthology an artist friend and I are releasing in the Fall, and each page he finishes is like ten Christmas presents fired from an Awesome Cannon. Double backflips and gunfire.

    We'll be selling it in shops in Chicago for starters. Then all the world shall fall. Oh most assuredly.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Done some writing work for a friend's comic, called Awesomataz. I have some ideas for my own webcomics and an actual book, but I want to be able to actually be able to draw them and that's, needless a say, a slow process to be able to draw something that doesn't suck.
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    I'm currently the illustrator for a web comic that my friend writes.

    Personally, I like the challenge, discipline and the way that it's a crash course in becoming a better artist. A lot of work goes into comic making.

    But I would not choose to make it my full time job. My attention span is too quick to be able to work on a series all the time. A once a week update schedule is all that I can muster for now.
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    I want to make comics. So far the only thing that produced a finished work in a comic/zine sort of format was a DIY Comics and Zining course with Fly at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) in New York City. The work was called Booty Call.

    I also took Andy Schmidt's Breaking into Comics for Writers course at MoCCA while he was working as an assistant editor at Marvel. It was a real blast and I wrote an "interesting" Hulk/Illuminati story that I've never posted online, yet I probably should since I had some of my classmates gasping for air with laughter. I believe Andy still teaches a similar course, though online now if I am not mistaken.

    Now if only I can get a talented artist to draw and color it, post it online and claim parody so Marvel doesn't sue our asses.

    Sadly that was two years ago, just before I went to grad school for Secondary English Education, and then changed to Literature, where I think I became less creative, at least temporarily.

    And I do a few comics/cartoons occasionally on the Armzrace blog and website.

    I'd like to get going and do more work and establish a loyal following, much like our host.

    That's my story,
    Paul (hardtravelinghero)
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    Nono, I prefer working anonymously on a helpdesk with absolutely no creative output in life, spare conversation.

    This panel and pixel thing, though, I shall recommend to more able minded friends.

    • CommentAuthorales kot
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Doing eight scripts. Sort of switching inbetween them, as they need attention. Will be a long time before any of them will be done exactly as I want.

    One is making itself really visible, the post-apocalyptic sort of Kurt Vonnegut meets D. Kelly assasination meets ex-cop with cancer meets earth (and London, specifically) collapsing meets nigtmares about people being gased and the inevitability of death and understanding the oroboros and somehow rotten space programme.

    Have beautiful feelings about it, as it´s progressing almost every day. Soon want to talk with two industry established great artists about doing it, but first I need to have more material in my hands. So far I´ve got overview of the story, a semi-detailed plot synopsis and some script pages. Don´t know how big it´ll get.

    Then doing one submission - short Nightmare on Elm Street story for Avatar Press, 8-12 pages long, should be done in a few days, the story´s on the paper and now needs to be polished and redone and redone till´ it will be just the fine kethamine fueled trip to the nightmarish side of things and back. Maybe he gets back.

    The other six, don´t want to talk about right now.
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    i want to make comics, i havent written anything of matter in the past three months, ive been out and about enjoying life- forcing myself to write burned me out. i have a nice new plan that starts next week (as i enjoy the end of my summer this week).

    i have no illusions of success or "who to pitch to" or anything- i know that i am on the bottom of the pile from here on out until i actually force things to happen for me. i hope that my knowledge of diy publishing with other things (well, i have made a few minicomics that werent very serious, but people liked them. same with my zines and design work.) DOES give me a leg up on the expectations and processesa that self publishing holds-even though i know a new mess will pop up every single day.
    • CommentAuthorjohnplatt
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Me. I spend 98% of my time on non-fiction, but my comics-oriented goals include:

    * Submitting a batch of single-panel cartoons to the New Yorker before year-end.
    * Writing several short story scripts.

    I have one short story coming out in the Grave Tales anthology some time in the future. Hopefully I can get something else in the pipeline before too long.
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    I hit Panel and Pixel most every day, and there is a wealth of information there. My friend and I are prepping our third issue of Warrior27, a comics/prose anthology. Our first issue tanked at Wizard World (b/w, no superheroes, prose, what were we thinking?), but the second issue did very well at the Small Press Expo in 2006 and garnered a nice review at Indy Comic Review, and now after welcoming my newborn last summer, we are heading back to SPX with this latest issue. A mock up of the cover is below:

    W27 08

    the photograph is by Shane Leonard, whom you may not have heard of, but if you look at Joe Hill's author photo credit - it's the same guy.

    I also have a couple of short stories that have been accepted for publication - one for Ronin Illustrated #5 and one for Zebra Mag. So, I am slowly making my way into the fray with hopes of still more to come. We'll see.

    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    i've written and drawn a few things that are still in beta.
    the hellish day job / american economic grinder is doing a good job of making me creatively impotent.
    but to answer the question, i want to make comics, among other things.
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    I wanna(be) writin' comics!

    Currently getting my head around a writing process that works, trying to refrain from over-planning and self-editing without putting a little bit of distance between myself and the pages first. Submitted a script to one of the Millarworld write-offs some time ago, which got some favourable responses, but was overall rather silly.

    Originally it was filmmaking I was into but as a process, it's too goddamn slow for me to be able to enjoy as a possible career, as well as too many variables with what can happen to a script, if you're sticking to that side of things. I like the immediacy of the comic writing process, as well as the lack of limitations in the story you want to tell because there's none of this "budgetry" nonsense... And so much potential for devilment!!

    Plus, I love the damned things...

    I've got a bit of headspace work to go before I would consider myself a writer, but I'm making progress...
    • CommentAuthorjzellis
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Got a 6 issue miniseries currently sitting in an assistant editor's pile at Oni. We'll see where it goes. It could turn into an actual series pretty easily. I'm gonna be pitching it all over, if Oni doesn't want it.

    I've also got a couple of treatments that would be pretty interesting to expand.
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I draw and am working on a comic project with a couple friends. Trying to make more time to work on that exclusively, unfortunately working situation allows me to be rather unstructured with the time i put in, so more often than not i'm getting work done in the middle of the night rather than doing personal stuff or sleeping.