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    • CommentAuthorJodiD
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I've been working at it for a few years, and worked with a few artists but they always seem to bail mid project. I keep working at it though and have scripts, It just seems I'm looking for artists every few months and not getting anything completed.

    Contact me if you're an artist that wants a script to work from. I can afford to self-publish if I ever get a project in the can.
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    Me too.

    Currently scripting and collaborating with artist.
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    Suppose i could, but i'd rather not discuss it in a public forum, until i have a cleaner pitch prepared. Right now, it sounds like a big jumble of references everytime i say it...
    Tell you what, drop me a comment somewhere on my website, and i'll get in touch with you. We'll talk.
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    I'm new to the site, and hoping to get some advice. I have ideas and concepts, however I have problems breaking the story down issue by issue. Which also means I have a shitload of panels that don't flow. Help,Help, and Help. Please?!
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    I want to write comics. I have an outline of the first comic project I would like to do, but I'm finishing up a short story at the moment that has to come first. I have a capable artist that could handle the artwork too, if I can get him off of his lazy stoned ass long enough to do it.
    • CommentAuthordbspin
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I have an idea for a conspiracy satire graphic novel in the vein of the The Illuminatus! Trilogy. A roguish peg legged and dishonourably discharged British army officer smuggling drugs during WW2, crashes into the Puerto Rico Trench, where crushed in his plane he - and a big cat carried in the hold, are kept in a state of constant drowning never dying by microrganisms from an undersea vent,until they're freed by a changes in the gulf stream in the modern era. Our Rip Van Winkle emerges, half mad and now immortal, floating up on the banks of the Hudson Bay. Contemporary society is revealed to our hero's eye as a callow veil over a conspiracy, which has gradually robbed us of our humanity. There's a lost underground steam civilisation, conjoined psychic twins disguised as tom bowler'd business men, and a radical new concept of humanity which just might save us all.

    Just scattered notes for now. Do hope to write it properly one day.
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    "I'm new to the site, and hoping to get some advice. I have ideas and concepts, however I have problems breaking the story down issue by issue. Which also means I have a shitload of panels that don't flow. Help,Help, and Help. Please?!"

    Denny O' Neil wrote a great book on writing comics that you should check out called "The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics":
    • CommentAuthornimblegod
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    God, the number of replies to this question makes me feel a bit hopeless. I've been working on a story that I tentatively call The Golem Empire. Blah blah blah, sci-fi political allegory, blah blah blah. It's style can best be described as Frank Herbert drinking the adrenachrome of Philip K. Dick circa 1974. It started as a novel, but has evolved to become a potential online comic. I've written a fair amount of script for it, but have just started doing some digital paintings to flesh out the look of it. I'd love to find a penciller, letterer, and editor to make this even half-way feasible, but currently it's a 1 man show. Ha, will post again if anything comes of it. Another drop in the bucket.
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    Denny O'Neil also teaches a great version of that book as a class at Rockland Community College from time to time, be you in the Hudson Valley area. Not sure if he's still doing that. But man, what a great experience!
    • CommentAuthordcrampton
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    *raises hand*

    I have a piece of serial fiction that is being turned into a comic book. It's called Steven, and it's currently set to be published through a small, local company called Comics Obscura. However, every time I get near an artist, they seem to explode. Or implode. Or drop off the face of the earth. My current artist, and longtime friend, seems to be made up of the essence of Mercury in retrograde. This is frustrating, as I've been sitting on the project since 2003.

    I have a webcomic that is in its beginning stages, as well. The plan is to publish it weekly, and use it to generate interest in creating a video game in the same universe. A brainstorming character sketch can be found here.

    I'm half-assed looking for a replacement artist for the first project. It doesn't involve money up-front, which is why I can't be choosy. However, if the figure mentioned above (US$35 per page) is near standard, I might be able to. As it stands, the project splits ownership and profits equally amongst all creators.
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    Yeah, yeah.

    Gave a go at 24-Hour Comic Day last year with a friend, which allowed us to both do something we've dreamed about since we were kids. It was fun, a huge learning experience, and it focused us both a bit more.

    Now I'm working with another friend, who has actually been "living the dream" since before I met him, on a new comic that I'll do beyond simple vanity project status. First of many, hopefully, but I'll be happy enough just getting the one out.
    • CommentAuthorpyrophage
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    It looks like there are a copious amount of comics writers hiding out there, but it seems the artists are doing a better job at hiding.
    Of course I'd like to work in the industry, as an editor, for preference. (I'm probably the only person that will say that in Warren's presence.)
    Currently I have my own webcomic Stamp of Adventure that is mainly a bunch of silly jokes that I wish my nephew could still laugh at. I'm mainly doing the web thing to prove to myself that I can do hit those kinds of deadlines with regularity and some measure of quality. That way I can feel comfortable bitching at my artists and writers when they don't. After all, if some slacker can get the job done then a professional shouldn't have any trouble.
    I'm also yet another soul considering Warren's anthology idea, though I'd gear it towards the web for ease of distribution. I'm putting up ads at the local college for artists next week. We'll see how that goes.
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Well... this explains the sudden surge of people showing up and PnP who can't follow one of the two simple rules on the start page. Next time Warren give me a head's up, will ya?

    (212 in this thread... holy fucking yikes)
    • CommentAuthorMitchB
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008 edited
    Working on mini-series pitch to Image at the moment (who isn't..?) and trying to put together some one-shots with my artist girlfriend. To be honest I've been wanting to make comics as long as I can remember but its only in recent months that I've been feeling confident enough in my abilities to attempt pursuing comic and screenwriting in a serious fashion. I've spent so long telling myself that there was no way I could pursue a career as a writer though that now I do find myself wondering if its all a bit late. We shall see.
    • CommentAuthorsingyoular
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I'm an aspiring comic writer, I'm currently writing scripts for Particle 9 Productions which are in various forms of production, so I'm still aspiring, I suppose. But the writing bit is done. I do a webcomic. I don't know how to go further but I'll figure it out, I hope.
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    If you want to write comics, I'd recommend Scott McCloud's "Understanding Comics" and "Making Comics", and suggest you have a look at the film section of any decent bookshop for a basic introduction to montage theory.
    • CommentAuthorRev.Puck
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Me! A friend of mine wanted me to work on a graphic novel with him several years ago but the project never panned out. I can write well enough that it makes people who don't like to, want to. My art has suffered the last 10 years or so, but some polishing wouldn't be terribly hard.
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    Yeah, of course, I'd love to make comics. There's things you can do with comics that you can't even get close to with books. But until I stumble across an artist, I'll just have to remain yet another jabbering writer in the horde.
    • CommentAuthorTenBodyGun
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    I am an aspiring comic creator. I've already self published a book that was distributed by Cold Cut Press, but when they re-ordered I decided I didn't like my work well enough to send them more copies. So I stopped (it was 18 pages with 3 stories: a tribute/rip off of Little Nemo, a breakup story in a la Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead, and a story about this dude losing his mind). I went into selling my paintings in galleries and was in Juxtapoz, but my real love is comics.

    So I'm coming back to her. Hopefully she won't bitchslap me in the dangling hairys. I want to write and draw, but because of my fulltime job I might just write.

    Anyways thanks Warren for that site. It's a huge help!
    • CommentAuthoreffinpoet
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    okay yes. you caught me. i would love to work with an artist and design a futuristic sarcasmo like spider J. or perhaps a new pantheon, as others have done. I've got a script that could probably do as an 8 to 12 limited series about vampires based loosely along the whole Underworld movie thing.

    Yup you caught me.