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    Ok, at the end of an interview (all standard-issue crazy Sim stuff not worth even talking about, and interviewed by someone clearly as bonkers as Sim) Sim makes a comment:

    I’ll be visiting to promote my new title." -- Dave Sim

    Huh. If thats true I have no idea what to think, I am curious at least.

    Note, if someone wants the link to the interview I am sure it can be found via the above, but as the content other then that one bit is just standard bat-shit Sim I am not linking it. (Edit: to be clear, I am trying to avoid any discussion of Sim as a person, because boring as hell at this point, but if he is actually publishing a comic - thats sort of interesting).
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    "How to Procreate Without Wimminfolk" by Dave Sim.
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    Siu Ta, So Far seems to be the title of the work....
    • CommentAuthorsacredchao
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2007
    I've never read any of his stuff, but I've heard there's some controversy. What's he on about, anyway?
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    This will be an odd response, but the best thing you can do I think is google it. Threads on Sim as a person always become black holes for message boards(currently happening in the very thread on Gail Simone's board I pulled the news from, at least until Colleen Doran showed up and proceed to kick ass, she may have fixed things by being that cool).

    I can honestly say Cerebus as a comic is incredibly brilliant for about...maybe....3200 of its 6000 pages. Everyone should read Church and State at least. Pretend Cerebus stops right on issue 158 or so, that Sim died tragically in a car accident on that issue and never finishied his story, because those first 158 issues are worth it on many levels.
    • CommentAuthorMark R
    • CommentTimeDec 22nd 2007
    Cerebus has been a book that's piqued my interest for a while now, but I've never read an issue, nor do I know thing one about Sim. No one I know has read any of it either, so I've never really known if I should bother or not. The above lets me know that while the entire run may not be 100%, a good portion of it is, and that may be enough to get me to pick some up and take a gander, then decide for myself.

    Thanks for the info.

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    I thought all of Cerebus was excellent if you stop taking it as it is and read it as a mirror of Sims life. The anotation for the later books is often times as interesting as the comic.

    Also faggots on the fire here is Tangent
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    Poor rhetorics more likely to come across as a bitter person spewing gall than to actually persuade someone other than the usual suspects?


    100% correct?


    commence nerd rage
    • CommentAuthormbakunin
    • CommentTimeDec 23rd 2007
    I don't know. I still like Dave Sim. Aren't all the great ones totally mad in some way..? (Excepting WE, that is).
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    The first 4 phone book/trades of Cerebus are pretty good. Out of them the first is the weakest of the bunch, but it's not BAD. It's a lot of Conan type stories, but with short, cranky aardvark. After that it gets more into politics and war stuff with humor, a tiny bit of action and some romance thrown in. The political stuff I think really stands out and it's not something I've seen effectively duplicated since. Almost everybody I know that's read the full series says it takes a nosedive from there, with some good parts here and there.

    I've met and chatted a while with Dave Sim. On his blog he'll write his views about stuff, but in person (at a convention at least) he's normal, very courteous and polite (yes, even to women). He won't bring up his gender/religious/political views unless you do so first. The exception being him in front on a panel where he might throw out a zinger comment referring to them to widen everybody eyes and keep them paying attention.
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    The following appears to be Sim's new project. Its not Siu Ta, So Far after all.

    Yeah this.

    I have actually no idea how to parse this, other then that site is a mess. If it was not Dave Sim behind this...

    Yeah. I have no idea.
    • CommentAuthorsacredchao
    • CommentTimeDec 27th 2007
    That is very "WTF?" inspiring. I didn't see Sim's name anywhere though.
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    The the only proof its him is on the photo page, its somewhere in there....
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    More stuffs

    The Beat covering it. So thats more or less confirmation then.

    I think TCJ has it summed up fairly well for now.
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    What. The. Fuck.

    Oh well, anything to keep him busy, I suppose....
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    Apparently Sim is getting an overview of where to go on - and help with - the Internet for publicity(I assume he still hates computers/Internet), from notorious troll and Sim fan boy Talon. As in banned form every comics message board, WEF included, in the 90s Talon for those old folks who remember.

    This is so fucking bizarre.

    I mean comic opera bizarre possibly....
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    I have, out of randomness, decided to explain why I am so interested in this, even if its to watch the wreckage.

    If the time line is screwy here, I blame the nature of the human condition.

    I read my first issue of Cerebus when I was 12 years old (I am 30 now). It was the comic that made me understand that comic books were not super heroes. In addition, Sim's rhetoric on artists rights might have actually impacted me on a number of levles to be honest, considering who I am now. A 12 year old should not care about a bunch of freelance comic artists making a stand for their art, but I did. Cerebus was also a large part of my introduction to the idea of political satire.

    Anyway, its was all a rather incredible discovery for me at the time, and kept me reading comics during a time when I probably would not have otherwise. I own copies of Hepcats, early printings of Taboo, early A Distant Soil and so on. Cerebus lead me to other books. I wandered away from comic readership a bit in college and only really came back strong about the time I discovered the WEF, and I suspect much of my admiration for what Warren had to say then and now was rooted in the fact I was primed to listen to what comic writers had to say about their art.

    Honestly, I own phone books with art in them and a sketch Sim did for me at a con when I was 15-16 or so, all free. The young collector in me tracked down young Cerebus in epic magazine, and deals on early issues. I own comics back to issue 8 and a copy of the counterfeit number 1. Allot of them are signed with my name, at my request, so as to have no value what so ever except for an impressionable teen.

    If you want some quick math here. Cerebus ended in 2003. I started reading it at 12, or about 1989. So I started during Jaka's story. At 15 or 16 or so when I got all that signed was right about issue 158 when Po showed up to play Chess. I recall sketches of those issues on the convention table.

    Cerebus mattered to me. And in a crazy way I probably looked up to Dave Sim for what he was doing and what he had to say.

    And I still consider that first half of Cerebus brilliant. I reread it once in a long while.

    More math, I started to wander entirely away from comics about the time I turned 17-18, that had allot to do with, you know life, but some math will make it clear what was happening in Cerebus at that time too.

    I consider who Dave Sim is now a tragedy. In a different world we would have seen the other Cerebus, what ever existed in his head when he was a lunatic doing drugs on a beach. He would now be showing young artists how to letter like a fucking demon or something.

    And the young reader in me clashes with my adult awareness that Dave Sim now represents nearly eveything in the world I find repugnant. So I can't quite look away....
    • CommentAuthorMr. Pants
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2007
    The Web Design is horrible and very clumsy in a lot of places. Right now, it's very wait and see for me with his book. But Talon is definitely doing his best to sabotage Dave. Check out the YABS boards at Comic Book Resources if you want to see that Trainwreck.

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    I agree with JTraub in the whole fundamental reconciliation of brilliant comic genius vs barking mad chucklehead - I too found value with Sim's work in that comics are not relegated to superhero tales (not that I was blind to the work of comic strip work that touched on such things). I had enough removal of creator from work to make my way to the end of the entire Cerebus series (never read the letter columns), and still found it distressingly flawed. Be that as it may, not unlike D. W. Griffith, one may denounce the creator for being a horribly flawed individual, and the work by relation flawed as a reflection of the creator, but the impact of the artistic achievement of the work is still of value, and I feel that it will be remembered well in a proper context. Unfortunately, Sim still attempts to rely on this arguably historic precedent to reinforce his knuckleheaded views. I suppose, like so much of our own actions, only time will tell....