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    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2008 edited
    As seen on Warren's site.

    A few thoughts:

    Are...the...announcers...talking...that....slowly because their audience consists entirely of head injury victims?

    The intro music is hilarious contrasted with the announcers - like the beginning to a John Woo film that suddenly segues into a political debate.

    Warren does a heroic job of being interesting considering the questions he's asked.

    Did I mention they speak really slowly?
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    The interview was conducted over the phone so they probably wanted to make sure they spoke as clearly as possible...I don't really think the hosts were speaking any slower than the ones on NPR usually do.

    I enjoyed it and this is the only instance of Warren speaking in an interview that I've actually heard. The Crooked Little Vein audiobook excerpt proved how truly strange it is to actually hear someone talk about aliens plaguing Benjamin Franklin's ass.