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      CommentAuthorCorey Waits
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2007 edited
    To go back to the first couple of paragraphs of the opening post:

    I've written a section in my still-being-written Cyberpunk novel (is it still Cyberpunk if it's 20 years too late?) where I try and describe a truly 'new' sort of music that encompasses glitch, prog, jazz, metal, etc, because I agree; science fiction writers tend to be lazy when discussing music in their fictional realms.
    Industrial hasn't been new since, what, the early 80s? The Reggae thing I liked in Neuromancer, but if other people are using it to I would have to assume it's an homage to Gibson, because otherwise it would seem lazy.

    Anyway, all I really did was describe the kind of music I want to hear, or what I think it would sound like if I smushed together a handful of my favourite artists in different genres. So even then it's not really 'futurist' because it's just a (hopefully) logical evolution of where music is at now, but hey, at least I'm trying to envision something a little bit original.

    Hope that made sense. I would post that section of my story to illustrate my point and because I quite like it, but you know, NO FICTION ;)