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    Don't really know if this will be of interest to many, but I thought some might like it.

    An experiment in Tweet-roleplaying. A micro dungeons and dragons campaign, played through twitter, like a play by post campaign, but with a limitation of single tweet for any action. Less rules based and more cinematic. Dming by fiat.

    Details and explanation

    Further explanation in the blogpost and the comments on my friend Chatty's site. For those of you who wish the follow the action just use the twitter search function and the hashtag #trpg1.

    There was a test-run on Thursday, next experiment is scheduled for Monday.

    If people want to actually follow the individual people involved, I can post a list of twitter idents here.
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    That's very cool. I'm going to shamelessly rip this idea off and have a go myself.
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    @Ginja glad to see someone likes the idea, keep me updated on how yours goes if you get one running.
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    TwittRPG rules have been updated and clarified. So if you've already checked the link, it might be worth a second look.
    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2008
    Hey there. I'm actually starting mine up this friday. I borrowed some basic concepts from chatty in terms of scheduling/structure, but I have (IMO) some interesting game-specific crunch.

    Strange Island.

    Also, I'd like to capture any other twitterRPGs going on and make a sort of portal site where people can share ideas. Ginja, if that sounds cool to you, just let me know (assuming it's public) when yours starts up!
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    oh god. Show the internet a gadget and they'll find a way to make fucking elves talk through it.
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    @warrenellis Elves deserve a voice too! *cough*
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2008
    it's natural, considering the elf-talkers have good overlap with the gadget-makers.
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2008
    @warrenellis: Wait about three months, and some 14-year olds with mental illness will be pretending to be the son of Dracula and Neo on it.