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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Looks like Fantagraphics is going to continue their new line of Love and Rockets reprints. This line is the one where the books are shrunk down and sold at a bargain price. The only downside is they're not out NOW!

    Kim Thompson wrote:

    "I did the math and Whoa Nellie/Locas in Love/Dicks and Deedees will be Jaime Locas Book 4, while Ghost of Hoppers/The Education of Hopey Glass (LR Vol. II #11-19)/Maggie la Loca will be Locas Book 5. (Locas Book 6 will eventually collect the first four or five Volume III stories when the time comes.)

    The "Luba trilogy" plus the upcoming Fritz book (from LR Vol. II and one issue of Luba's Comics), which comprises about 700 pages, will hopefully break down well into Palomar (and related) Book 4, 5, and 6.

    So all of Jaime's work from the beginning of LR Vol. I to the end of Vol. II will be available in five "Locas" books (plus his part of the Amor Y Cohetes volume), while all of Beto's Palomar work except the off-format New Tales of Old Palomar will be available in six books: Two Palomar, one Beyond Palomar, and the three Luba books above. Um, except Venus which will be a separate small book, and New Tales of Old Palomar, and the Fritz spinoffs starting with Chance in Hell and continuing with The Troublemakers this coming Spring.

    God knows what we'll do with Beto's non-Palomar work, although my thought is to take FEAR OF COMICS (which is a couple of years away from being sold out) and add all the non-Palomar wild 'n' crazy stuff from LR Vol. II to create a much thicker FEAR OF COMICS in the little format."