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    Just curious if any of the Whitechapelers are heading over to Maschinenfest this year?

    This is gonna be my first year attending and I can't wait.

    Line-up, and other information
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    If I managed to acquire some money (right now I'm totally broke) to buy the tickets (to fly there and to watch the show) I would go. I'm really trying to make it but I probably won't.
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    Well if you manage to make it, and can sneak into my hotel, you can kip on my floor. Will save you having to pay for somewhere to stay.
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2008
    i haven't been since it was last in aachen.
    i did see it was the 10th anniversary and was tempted,
    some good classic bands there.
    i thought i was at the first one, but i guess it was the second.
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    I have a mate called oliver, he's got long blond hair, lives in london, he goes to maschinenfest every year, you may know him.
    If you like extreme music check out, we have an industrial show once a month.