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    I don't know if this qualifies, but it's very neat

    a ridable trilobite

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    Warren Spector's "Steampunk" Disney Game (Possibly called "EpicMickey")

    Link to Article

    For those of you who do not know, Warren Spector is responsible for bringing us the exceptional and conspiracy-laden Deus Ex for PC and PS2.







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    Worlds Largest Scrap Metal Sculpture

    I don't think this has been posted on here yet

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    I rarely write. I can't say I'm a good writer. But here's a short steampunk bit.

    Yes, it's on Myspace.

    Now, I have an extremely talented friend who has artistic ability. He has a series he's drawn of mechanical animals, some of which could be considered "steampunk." the reason I admire his work is that these animals are designed to be functional; not just having random gears bestowed upon these random creatures.

    Yes, his are also on Myspace.

    He has asked if anyone is interested in purchasing his artwork, to email him at his myspace page. Also, he will be making copper plate versions of the animals.
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    this is well worth a watch (the other parts are there also)

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    Steampunk R2D2!
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    Steampunk Magazine Author arrested during G20 protests for tweeting and then police start harassment search and seizure

    SteamPunk Magazine author (and, honestly, the inspiration for SteamPunk Magazine) Professor Calamity is facing two felonies for allegedly running a twitter account. He has been accused of running a twitter feed of police movements during the Pittsburgh G-20 protests, protests for which the police are already being sued.

    To add insult to felony charges, they raided his house in NYC for 16 hours, confiscating everything from hammers to computers to SteamPunk Magazine. Their lawyer has already convinced a judge to put a stop on the police searching of their personal possessions, because the raid is absolutely insane.

    SteamPunk’s Professor Calamity faces multiple felonies for twittering

    And they stood and watched us for hours and hours and hours. 16 hours to be precise, 16 hours of the NYPD and FBI traipsing through our house, confiscating our lives in a fishing expedition related to the G20 protests of September 24th and 25th. The search warrant, when we were finally allowed to read it, mentioned violation of federal rioting laws and was vague enough to allow the entire house to be searched. They kept repeating that we were not arrested, that we were free to go. But being free meant being watched by the FBI, monitored while using the bathroom, not allowed to make phone calls for hours or to observe them ransacking our rooms. Being free meant they took two of us away on bullshit summonses, and even though this was our house, where we lived, if we left, we could not re-enter.

    So it seems that our police have learned a few things from the Iranian Election aftermath
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    Steampunk Cakes on CakeWrecks:
    Including a Steampunk Squidcake
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    Who is Mr. Salad Monday?

    Find out this Tuesday on

    This free online event is all part of's October Steampunk Month

    I so expect some one to take the image above , take the words off and put it up as a tee shirt on some site .Making me sad and pissed , as that would be my luck with having made it.
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    So why don't you make a t-shirt with that image?
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    totaly submit the pic to a site liek threadless
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    Reading a rather steampunk type book called Soulless, by Gail Carriger.

    Pretty good, so far.
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    Teaser trailer for Reign of Death, which I think is more in the dieselpunk vein (sorry!) but looks purty anyway.

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    sorry, pictures are rubbish. went for a sojourn to Oxford today to check out the Steampunk exhibition at the History of Science Museum. It was wee but really quite neat!

    (steam punk camera :D all flickery and stuff)

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    Gizmodo just did an article on a Steampunk House modded from a home built in 1901. It's worth a gander; the photos are nice, and it's pretty nifty overall.
    Timholtz Ideology products are what I've used in my attempt to steampunkify things. I'm rather fond of the stencils, and gears sets.

    Anyhow, just some stuff I've found and thought I'd plunk it up here. Enjoy.
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    I just saw these Steampunk Gelaskins for iPhones/iPods and laptops:

    They look kinda cool!

    Also, a friend of mine makes Steampunk jewellry/hats/accessories - her company is called Veil of Visions.
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    Just spotted this was already linked by sillypunk but I'd add a recommendation.

    The museum itself is worth a visit for its astrolabes and solar system models. But downstairs is a genuine gem. A small exhibit of steampunk models with stuff by Art Donovan, Amanda Scrivener (Professor Maelstromme), Daniel Proulx, James Richardson-Brown and others. And even a couple of Datamancers glorious keyboards.

    It's a thing of wonder and grinnery; if you're near Oxford, check it out!

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    i'm going to become disgustingly old in late january and it has been decided by my partner that we will be spending the following weekend in oxford so i can see this show. I'm actually pretty excited about just visiting the science museum. the steampunk exhibition is merely the icing.
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    Mr Holloway: happy frivolities for that day! The museum is wondrous and I hope you find it to be as good icing as I did. Lord, the webcam: I'm still giggling...

    (As an additional, if you nip down to the Museum of Modern Art behind M&S, everyone was wearing weird gold jump suits today. Got to be worth a lark. !!)