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    The horse reminds me of Roger Dean's cover art for the 1972 progrock album "Charge" by the band Paladin
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2008
    that is one cool horse.
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2008
    I saw something really similar a year or two back in a mall Centre Management reception. It was a seahorse made entirely out of bolts and washers and nuts that had that rimey green decay all over it. Beautiful thing, I wish I'd grabbed a snapshot or two.
    • CommentAuthorMaC
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2008
    So I just flipped through this thread after reading Ghost Boxes and the combination of Warren's Steampunk X-Men and those Star Wars Steampunk variations has turned me on to the concept entirely.
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2008
    Steveburnett, that link just made my freakin' day. In about two seconds I found three cds that I've been trying to find for months. Thanks!
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    you mean its not just the difference engine? theres more to it than that?

    THE DIFFERENCE ENGINE isn't even the major work. Paul di Filippo's STEAMPUNK TRILOGY is probably the central text.
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    A working tractor from 193-something. I really, really wish I'd thought to take notes at the fair where it was on display. I love this machine not because it's designed around an aesthetic but because it's here to work all day and all night if necessary, and it only just happens to look that cool.
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2008 edited
    blankenship and dawes in :the island of ignominy - is a short victorian adventure story about two adventurers, blankenship and dawes, set in the victorian era, published in 'pantechnicon' and available to read for free.

    It occupies the middle ground between pg wodehouse and conan doyle.
    link to story

    edit: this link isnt working. its in pantechnicon anyhoos.

    It made me titter like a schoolchild.

    @warren - I'll look into that.
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2008

    Looks like the same artist as the person responsible for Calgary's mechanical horse, right downtown:

    Horse power
    Originally uploaded by jurek d..

    Mechanical Horse, Calgary
    Originally uploaded by nat.foster1.

    Ride'em Metal Art Piece
    Originally uploaded by Riley B.™.

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    In conjunction with Brandon Cyphered's post... here's a Steampunk Abe Lincoln Costume that I built for a friend of mine to wear at the Dragoncon Convention this year.

    SteamPunk Abe Lincoln costume with steam powered pneumatic pile-drivers
    • CommentAuthorSatyrsong
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2008 edited
    There is a wonderful Steampunk setting to this music video: Hope you enjoy.
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    The 32nd SLSA academic conference is being held this weekend. The Steampunk discussion was this afternoon (pp.33-34 in the 80+page PDF conference program downloadable from that site). I didn't go, but the speakers might be interesting to follow up with.
      CommentAuthorThom B.
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2008
    We're currently working on some slightly more steampunk clothes at Lastwear .

    Here's our new Vest.
    Lastwear Vest
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2009
    an interesting little animation

    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2009
    @LBA _wow_

    Funny thing is I left my music going so my soundtrack to that vid was a remix of NIN's "Survivalism." Swweeeeet!
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2009
    maybe not really steampunkish, but they are goggles

    beer goggles

    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2009
    I'm sure most are aware at this point, but Lip Service has a steampunk style group for Spring '09 called Steam Machine.

    Here's the graphic we did for the Spring '09 catalog/calendar:

    Lip Service Spring 2009 Steam Machine
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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    New steampunk guitar and it looks pretty neat as well with functional bits on it and not just decorations

    Built for the 2008 Jersey City Artists Studio Tour by Mark Dalzell, the Steampunk guitar, Organum Insolitus features a television with Fresnel lens magnifier, onboard phaser, an amplifier and uses clockwork gears, hand hammered brass, cloth wire and wood for its making. The freakin’ guitar can also be attached to an external amp via a standard ¼-inch cable, setting up the beastly guitar as game to steam some endless music.

    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009 edited
    @StudioCreations That is fucking sweet!
    @LBA I totally need a pair of those.

    Couple of photos taken at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL a while back. That place is like a big steampunk playground, if you have an opportunity to check it out, I highly suggest it.