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    I know we have some brilliant web Gods here so may I please pick your collective brains? My band has secured a domain and guess who is going to be administrator? Yep and I know nothing about it. I need some direction and advice on administration. How do I set up the site for mp3 and video and to sell merch? Are there program interfaces which make it all easy for a plug and play kind of fellow? Is that a childish dream? There is so much info out there and I am drowning in it. Please assume I know very little, it is not a theory.
    Thanks in advance for any help you may offer.
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2008
    These days I'd recommend running the whole shebang on WordPress (or a similar platform). You need someone to create the layout for the pages, but updating the actual content will be a lot easier than going elbow-deep into the HTML files. WP has tons of plugins for mp3 (and video, I presume).

    Selling merch is a bit more tricky; the more robust e-commerce solutions tend to be expensive and tricky to run (at least I'd be stressed out beyond belief if I had to keep peoples' credit card data safe), but if you can make do with a simpler system -- say, PayPal donations -- it should be easy enough.
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    Thank you
    • CommentAuthorjarod
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2008 edited
    You might also want to look into something like Ning. I'd also suggest WordPress if you already have some place for a host, but if not, Ning may have some other bits and bobs built in that WP would require you to install. That said...WordPress, WordPress, WordPress. :)

    (Sorry, I'm using Joomla, another content management system, for a job, and it really makes me appreciate the friendliness of ol' WP.)
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    Well, I just started a wordpress blog and am very excited by how easy it is. Almost no learning curve I am happy to report.
    Thanks for your kind help.