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    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2010
    I push bits through wires, and have been doing so for 30 years.

    Them wires have gotten a lot better, let me tell you.
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010
    Cool that this thread is still going. I'm an artistic director of an improv theatre.
    • CommentAuthorarchizero
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2010
    i'm an arts teacher and, rather unluckily, school sysadmin. teaching art to kids is cool, being admin on a computer network for teachers is akin to teaching the blind how to draw.
    • CommentAuthormanglr
    • CommentTimeDec 11th 2010
    I was formerly a market intelligence manager working in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, unemployed/consulting once my last company imploded/divested itself out of existence.

    I aspire to be an Agent of Evil when I grow up.
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    My name is Josh. Information design/visual strategy pays my bills. Various forms of electric and upright bass thunder-making nets me bubblegum money (except during the Spring/Summer wedding season, when my best jazzbo impression occasionally results in lots of free liquor and borderline-consequential money-making).
    • CommentAuthorMono
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2010
    I am an unemployed archaeologist and part-time student seriously contemplating a career change that would take me as far as possible from the academic world. Preferably into becoming a gargoyle sitting on the roof of a tall building.
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2010
    I am a researcher for a government arm's-length body. Not axed. Yet.
    • CommentAuthorPhranky
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2010
    I eat, drink, breathe and shit. That is how I live.
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    Make-up artist and hat maker and all around fun hunter.
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2010
    Project coordinator for Xbox. I aer teh professional nerd.
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    Christ Rothy, they always told me that girls like you didn't exist.
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    Hello, Warren and everyone!

    I'm Juan. Currently, I'm still a videostore clerk. A weird mix betwen Dante and Randall. But, next thursday, december 16th, I'm graduating from the faculty, at last. Getting my arts degree. So, next year, I'll be another unemployed artist... perhaps still a videostore clerk, for a couple months more.

    So. start throwing scripts and proposals, people. :D

    Nah, seriously, I'm starting at last many delayed projects, next year. Yay.
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    I am Joe.
    I am a teacher of primary school students.
    • CommentAuthorDallaz1978
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2010
    40 hours a week financial administration/data-entry,
    15 hours a week freelance graphic designer and artist,
    81 hours a week husband and father,
    32 hours a week (hopefully) asleep.
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    I am a professional Street Artist/Creator/Idiot

    I earn a modest living selling my comics/prints/t-shirts during street and festival performances like this ...

    I used to do this daily through the spring and summer but now I only do about 10 live paintings each year. In the winter I do a little bit of editorial illustration and write a lot of essay's to various Arts Council's begging them for large sums of money ( sort of like welfare for painters) , sometimes it works. I am currently using last years grant awards to produce weird animations. I also sell a lot of original drawings at fine art gallery things like this...

    In the end I have all my time to myself, have never known a job or boss, and can do anything I like as long as it doesn't cost very much.
      CommentAuthorAdam Witt
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2010
    Currently, I work at a used bookstore. I don't like that very much, so I'm moving 900 miles away and stowing away in a friend's attic to finish writing a graphic novel, continue writing a webcomic due to launch this year, and finally start a novel that's been flopping around in my head.

    Starting in Fall '11, I'll be a full-time student, unless something insane happens as a result of my stowing away and writing.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2010
    i write and draw and scheme. more scheming than anything lately. i'm lucky enough to have a husband who can find work no matter what's happening, but after i was laid off from my day job, and accepted a (really shitty, but i was niave) work-for-hire comics gig, i haven't had any kind of luck in the job market.

    so, for cash: bought and renovated (with our own hands) a foreclosed house, because in our area, that is now cheaper to do than living in an apartment. we now rent out the master bedroom. i also babysit a lot, and do whatever odd job is offered me. although, with my luck, most of those end up not happening. most exciting example: a guy wanted to hire me to nanny his son, because the mother is psycho and incapable. but then the mother's brother broke into a drug dealer's house and ended up in the hospital. now the guy and his kid have moved out of state under assumed names.

    for someday cash/profession: comics. i have a few things in the works with actual publishers. so, thank god i have my husband's support. in the meantime, i do a webcomic and a few other things to keep my skills up.

    it gets depressing though.
    • CommentAuthorbadbear
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2010
    I used to be into metal but now I'm into rock


    I used to be a silversmith but now I buy and photograph gemstones. It's not nearly as interesting and/or glamorous as it sounds.
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    This year proved that I fill in application forms and get ignored for money. So in between the forms, I write, occasionally perform copy writing for a couple of designer friends and keep down at heel drunks company in pubs whenever they can't cope with dialing the Samaritans.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2010
    I don't think I've posted anything here. I'm a load supervisor for that logistics company with the big brown trucks. It's rather conducive to a nocturnal life.