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    • CommentAuthordeedub
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    I'm a book editor for a sff imprint in NY. I mostly lurk here while avoiding the large pile of reading on my desk.
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008 edited
    Professional scumfuck hotel front desk/maintenance guy, with a small computer biz on the side (off the tax radar). Others would point out my profession as "vinegar filled douchebag".

    Going to college to write web apps, although I'm discovering I can learn what I want without a college's help. Would like to be one of those tenured research people that learn useless shit (my specialty!) all day and talk about it to the History Channel.
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    @buzzorhowl, I know it would be only a small help, but can I buy from you online? I would love to support your shop.
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008 edited
    I'm a (mostly) working actress in Chicago theatre. I just ended a 3 month tour w/ a children's theatre that ripped this children's theatre off.

    Now I'm working as a receptioninst for a month for an ad studio. I'm auditioning my ass off so I don't have to keep working as a receptionist. I also, sometimes, coach and judge speech team (some call it forensics) for the high school my dad teaches at.
    • CommentAuthorIainCrow
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    I work for a domain registration company in the UK, we do all the Generic and cuntry code TLD's and hosting as well,

    work is a bore
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    @Fauxhammer: I am soooo deeply sorry. (I have to handle mail for my job and I deeply hate it).
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    brittney. went to school for audio production. in nashville.
    which means i work retail.

    i currently work for a fairly up-scale grocery store, manning the bakery counter. may soon become a cake decorator.
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    I'm a Social Marketer at, an instructional video web startup. I'm currently focusing on Content Distribution - basically a kind of blogosphere community outreach.
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      CommentAuthorGreg SBB!
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    Hospital Physicist by day. Occasional (very) arts journalist and budding screenwriter by night.
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    I'm Felicia, but most everyone calls me Fish. You should too.

    I worked at Starbucks until 2 weeks ago, whereupon I realized that I have come to allow my life to be ruled by Fear and that, really, it has destroyed me from the inside. What disgusts me is my complicity over the last three years - I allowed it to happen and I hope someday I can forgive myself.

    I got a double major in philosophy and religious studies from a great little radical liberal arts college, and you're thinking, yeah, no shit she was working at Starbucks, but it's my passion and I don't care if you hate me for putting myself in horrifying debt to enrich my mind. I'll cut you.

    My biggest challenge, moving forward, is what the hell to do with myself. I find nearly everything interesting, and philosophy gives you the tools to master pretty much anything you set your mind to and I have no criteria of choice. If this were a myth, we would call this the "period of wandering" or some shit, and really, that's cool. I kind of wish I could fast forward, but anything worth doing is worth working at and I'll figure it out.

    I'm in Portland with my little sister, having what I told people was a "quarter-life crisis." It's turning out to be much more relaxed than I had anticipated. Which I guess is a good thing? It makes me paranoid. When I get back to Minneapolis, I do have a few things lined up to fill the time while I'm looking for a big girl job. I freelance for the local commie rag on occasion and a friend I met through the coffee shop (as much as it sucks monkey balls, you do meet all kinds of people) has her own stained-glass business that she just needs an extra hand with a couple days a week.

    Also, a former co-worker may be starting her own coffee shop? Which could be actually good, and not corporate and soul-sucking. And she knows that until I know if it was the lattes themselves or the environment that drove me mad, I won't commit to anything more than imparting my hard-earned espresso mastery upon her fresh-faced larval baristas. So that could be lovely. The short term frenzy of making things come together on a budget is something I'm not only good at, but something at which I have training.

    If you read this far, I salute you.
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    I'm Rob. I'm a film and video colourist. I'm in the trade that gives CSI that funny blue look, zombie movies that brown look, and making everything else look like Lock Stock and Two Fuckin' Barrels.

    I pine for Metrocolor.
    • CommentAuthorDonburiBoy
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    My name is James.

    I have two retail jobs in Vancouver, Canada. I work in a used bookstore and a comic book store. They are both pretty awesome.
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    I'm Willow. My last name is Brugh but as I have consistantly had blue hair for a number of years and "Brugh" (pronounced "brew") sounds so close, I just go by bl00 most of the time.

    I work in a law office on week days. I fill the rest of my time studying law, running a Transhumanist discussion group, transcribing, practicing Parkour, theorizing about technology law, reading comic books, learning ASL, co-running events (art and musical), and can even pick out a simple tune on a Ukulele. I'll have to drop something as I've gotten it into my head that I should know Java. I do not have TV, though I indulge in a bubble bath and an episode of Venture Brothers on really rough days.
    • CommentAuthorsamishah
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    Sami Shah here. I spent the last 3 years as a journalist/news producer in Pakistan. 2007 broke me. I waded through more dead bodies and came home with someone else's blood on my clothes more than anyone should. Oh, and I am a Stand-Up Comic. The first one in Pakistan with three solo hour-long shows under my belt.

    Three months ago I decided to combine my passions and started writing a little Comedy News feature for a print magazine called NEWS WEAK. I then started performing in on Second Life (essentially reading it out to an audience of Furrys, Nekos and Bipedal Penii). Last week my office okayed my proposal to turn it into a television show, letting me transfer from News to Features. Now, NEWS WEAKLY (titled tweaked to avoid lawsuit from Newsweek stiffs), will begin airing with me Producing, Directing, Scripting & Hosting it. So I finally, after years and years of trying to figure out how, am now going to get paid for comedy.

    2008 may be a bad year for Pakistan so far, but it's been alright for me.
      CommentAuthorPeter Kelly
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008 edited
    I'm Peter, and I'm a video/television editor.
    I'm into month 5 of my first ever permanent job (was freelance since I graduated 7 years ago)

    Loving my current job, as I edit several different shows, not just one.
    though the best gig I ever had was last year when I did a 10 part doc series on comic books.

    Looks like my current gig may lead to me producing a comic show early next thing are very good and looking up.
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    I'm Brit, and I do a lot of things. I like to say I'm a writer, but I don't make enough of an income off of that to really count it as a profession yet. Otherwise, I work in a small bookstore with a few other wonderful people, and I also work at a Wal-Mart that isn't full of joy and wonderful people. In fact, it's pretty goddamn awful. I'm a student, too, at the local university, and my eventual goal is to be a professor of english.
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    Well, as this is page four or five of this thread, I doubt this will be more than skimmed over, heh heh. I introduced myself on the Introductions thread and mentioned that I manage in a small bookstore.

    I love my job, I love all my colleagues. And, other than one individual, everyone at my bookstore has been working there for over a year. We get along extremely well and enjoy our chosen work. I've never worked in a better environment and have given up higher paying opportunities to do what I do, where I do it. You have to do what you love and love what you do or you're just wasting your limited time in life.

    Other things I do, but am not paid for... yet... Various forms of art, mostly hand drawn 2-dimensional work, since I was slow in getting into digital art. Currently I'm being ridiculously geeky and constructing a werewolf costume for halloween. (not a "fursuit" and certainly more detailed than a pair of faux-fur pants with a tail. We'll see if I have time to construct the animatronic tail or not.) Like most everyone else on here, I dabble in writing. I loved doing tech work behind the scenes in live theatre and may eventually do it again. And, one of these days, I will get back to Storytelling various Role Playing games.

    • CommentAuthortitivil
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2008
    My name is Brent. I am a "paralegal" (i.e., a non-lawyer with lawyerly tasks) at a boutique entertainment law firm. Mostly the film business -- the indie film business -- with a little TV and now "webisodes", whatever they are.
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    I'm Shane, I run a video game studio and live on a little island in eastern Canada. Life is good.