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    • CommentAuthorNevin
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007 edited

    So lately - while I try to avoid writing and the guilt of not writing - I've been burning out my brain with Call of Duty 4.

    I like shooters. They are the insta-high of games. You run around on tiny little maps for a few minutes shooting dozens of virtual people who are shooting at you. It's pure positive feedback-loop once you get good at it. Very much a high.

    By the way, I'm all PC gaming, so the whole consoles-are-fun-too thing eludes me.

    I've been dreaming like I'm in the game. I've been dreaming about planting claymores and tossing grenades and never, ever being able to get my bullets to go where I'm aiming. Not nightmares, but just horribly awkward dreams of failure.

    Anyone else have the same sort of experience? The whole, your brain is stuck in a virtual world at night, like it's fucking sure as hell you really, really need to reprocess the eight hours of gaming you just put in? Cause, you know, if it wasn't important enough to dream about why did you bother in the first place?

    My brain doesn't seem to realize I need to reprocess the weak character arcs of my latest shebang.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    I once had a dream that was in the style of a Lucasarts point-and-click adventure game. That was really weird.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    I too have been down the Call of Duty 4 hole for a couple weeks now. It is my morning stimulant. Well, there is coffee too. The 40 minutes of balls out violence is the perfect thing to get the adrenaline flowing and psych me up for a day of work. If you can start your day by getting 7 consecutive kills and calling in a helicopter strike on your enemies, the frustrations of the commute are that much easier to take.

    Alas, my nights are rarely intruded upon by gaming dreams anymore- mostly just the vague sense that the baby is crying- waking up to silence, and repeating 2 or 3 more times. I wish I could game enough consecutive hours to bludgeon my subconscious mind into gaming mode.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    I spent about a month of my sleep life living in DOOM back in 94 or thereabouts but I was doing a lot of psychedelics back then. More often these days I'll have the structure and flaws of a game's interface pop into completely normal dreams. It can be very frustrating when you mind is trying to micromanage assets in a completely unstructured dream environment. I had Battlefield2 dreams a couple of times when i first bought the game.

    And COD4 is fantastic. I just this week upgraded my vid card to a GeForce8600GTS from a 7300 and it is a whole new world. That game, playable and entertaining before, is now like teleporting into a real place. When I have the time I plan to see how this new setup runs Gears of War and Crysis.
    • CommentAuthortulpa
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    Last time I did LSD, I thought I was in the Grim Fandango afterlife. That was a lot of fun.

    Otherwise, I rarely have gaming dreams. It happens more with PC RPGs. Lately I've been having Star Wars dreams of revealing how fucking evil the Jedi are, because I've been playing Lego Star Wars 2 and Knights of the Old Republic.
      CommentAuthorMike Black
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    I play too much Battlefield 2142. (The Dali of the Battlefield series...) So I will often hear someone yelling "Supply Drop In Your Area" in Russian in the back of my head.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    All I know is, I have a 360 sitting in the garage just a-waiting for Christmas morn.

    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    I've heard a lot of good things about Call of Duty, and managed to not know it was out for PC and not just the 360. Looks like I should look into playing that because Steam will not take my money when I try to buy HL2:Ep2 or portal which I hear is short but good.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    For a while I dreamed in terms of Snood, then later Puzzle Quest. Only puzzle games seem to make it into my subconscious. It makes for some interesting nights.
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    <em>Call of Duty 4</em> is one of the best feats of story-telling in gaming to happen since <em>Half-Life 2</em>. It also has a few interesting issues relating to how we handle war media, especially the image of modern warfare, brought up as well alongside its political stance, and is all the more successful in these regards for not bashing your head over with them, focusing on the entertainment and involvement it rewards you with. I suppose what I'm saying is: If you're hesitant about this one because it seems like a Clancy-esque, "our boys" kind of game, I can assure you it isn't. It's a blockbuster with a point, and Infinity Ward got all the lessons from Valve right. It's good to see people in the industry who know what they're doing and are being genuinely progressive and smart with their material in the main light.

    It's a far sight better than <em>Halo 3</em>, in any case. I don't think Bungie have ever topped <a href="">the <em>Marathon</em> trilogy</a>.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    whenever they release a new Onimusha game, I dream of sucking out souls.
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    I'm so bad at computer games that I've just stopped playing them completely. It's really quite sad. I'll still get a 360 though, once I've picked up enough pennies off of the street.

    I wish life was a Lucasarts' point-and-click game.
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    >use computer with the internets
    You write a post about how your friend told you that he always has that dream about running through a house full of zombies; always ascending higher and higher until he reaches the roof where he is totally surrounded by zombies; and that is always where he's out of ammunition and finally awakes, soaked in sweat, fearing to fall asleep again. Like a computer game he simply can not win. You also mention that you thaught that this was awesome, but still are quite happy that it was him who got the dreams, and you that plays the games

    Yeah. Life should definitly be an adventure. I'd love the "save, try, reload" feature :)
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007 edited
    Oh god. I've had zombie dreams at least three times in the past few years. That shit is awful. One time I actually woke up screaming. Scared the shit out of my then-girlfriend. Usually spend half the morning still feeling terrified and hopeless.
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    I used to have DOOM-fueled nightmares, back when I played it for hours on end. DOOM mixed with the "Alien" movies, to be precise; along with the creeping dread of being perpetually low on ammo and overrun and outnumbered on all sides by something eons old and practically invulnerable. Something about inevitability.
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Portal really jumpstarted my juices. TF2 is good for a laugh. WoW is just game rule systems analysis at this point.
    • CommentAuthorSolario
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    I find that if I don't meditate 10 minutes a day (which I haven't done for quite some times now) I often dream about the games I've been playing in some bizare amalgamation with everything else I do.

    After Bioshock I constantly dreamt of being stuck in a Post-Bad Ending world. It was pretty embarassing. And for some reason I'm never the hero. I always end up being cannon fodder or just not being able to do it properly. I'm afraid of what that says about me.
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    Almost every dream I remember involves zombies - either kicking ass Bruce Campbell style, or being helpless and surrounded by an infinite horde. Although there was one non-zombie dream where I could quicksave my life. That was a good one.
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    I once dreamed the soloution to a puzzle i was stuck in with a Discworld Pc game.
    And at the moment in playing so much MASS EFFECT on the 360 that ive started dreaming about it.
    • CommentAuthorBenny
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Man, what I wouldn't give to have dreams about video games instead of just dreams about me falling to my death... Which could be video game related, I guess...

    The closest "gaming that's affecting my reality" experience I've ever had was this one time that I had to keep reminding myself that I'm not in GTA III, I can't drive erratically... while I was driving.