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    Rootfireember received hers today:

    Who else has gotten theirs in the mail?
    • CommentAuthorjayverni
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2008
    Got mine today as well. Although I lent my camera to my brother. Was shocked at how small the box seemed, but blown away when I opened it. Putting the laptop and various other gadgets in it right now! Love it. Very happy with the purchase.
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2008
    Just got mine, I'll post a pic this week.
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2008
    Eagerly bailing from work soon, about an hour and a half until I find out if I has new home for camera+misc gear.
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2008
    get home from a horrid day and it's here! along with a few goodies i thought i'd missed out on:

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    @jchavez Lovely photo. You caught its color a lot better than I did.
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    Diggin' the pockets. Thanks for the photos, Roo.
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    So nice for them to throw in some temporary tats. Thanks for posting the photo!
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    Putting the laptop and various other gadgets in it right now! Love it. Very happy with the purchase.

    Since I don't have mine, how big is your laptop? (curious if mine will fit)
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    My 15 1/4 or whatever inch laptop fits in it fine, as does my slightly oversized sketchbook of about the same size. iN FACT... it can fit both at the same time. I have not tried shoving BOTH laptops and the sketchbook in it, however.
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    Aaaah! You wankers! It has to fly all the way to Japan for me.

    Fly little bag! Fly like the wind!
    • CommentAuthorpi8you
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2008
    Pockets! DS row and PSP row, I'm imagining...
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    Widescreen laptop, yes? Cause if you say yes, I so have a new school bag to use on my lighter days. :)
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    @Spiraltwist - Yep. So it might work for your laptop, too.
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2008
    @spiraltwist and @rootfireember: np and thanks!

    like a few of you i find myself packing it right now and i have NO classes of any sort! man, feels like the night before the first day of school and i'm all excited! dorks us? hell yes!!
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    @Rootfireember - Thanks!

    @jchavez - I am proud of my dork and/or geek heritage. ;)
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    What did I miss? Where do I get my hands on one of these?
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    You missed this.
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2008
    *cries* I don't have any money! Soon I'll have money though...soon.
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    got mine today and yes, thanks for the tats. i like it better than i thought i would.