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    • CommentAuthorThe Brad
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2008
    I'm waiting for the Bond/Spy movie where the guy does some drugs/performance enhancers to stay awake/alert/sharp. Bond was always popping a benny or two in the books, added to his 80 cigarettes and two bottles of Whiskey a day.

    I remember, In Thunderball I think it was, Bond had just eaten a whole bird of some kind, drank half a bottle of wine, a glass of whiskey, some cigarettes and two cups of coffee before he got in his Bently to drive to the casino at 12:00pm to go gamble and drink some more.

    I love Ian Fleming.
    • CommentAuthorhereebee
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2008
    Bond should not smoke in the new film because of the UK smoking ban. So while he is working he is breaking the law if he lights up! Bet they did not think of that!
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    Bond breaks the law every day.

    I'm trying to remember if he ever ate food on-camera before Casino Royale. Rarely, if ever. You see, James Bond may get shot, but he won't chew his food on-camera. It's undignified.

    Steak, though, that's okay. Gnaw, gnaw, mumble, snort, recover from a long day's poker.
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    Can't say that I like or dislike the song. Won't know for sure till I see the movie.

    Which I will be seeing early at a private screening with my husband, because he just finished up working on the video game for the movie.

    Oh yes. I squeeeeeeeeee'd a lot when he told me we'd be going.