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    Last Friday we talked about Life (and Youth) Extension at Remedy Teas, which is a fabulous Science-themed tea place in Seattle that I've become enamored with.

    Minutes are here.
    Audio 1
    Audio 2

    General Ideas we covered:
    Issues of individual life extension versus available to all, who would chose it and why
    We will have the tech, but we’ll also need the mental ability to handle it
    Difference between avoiding death and questing for life
    Issues of natural selection, having children (timing, serial monogamy, reasoning, etc)
    Longer lives through biological improvements, mechanical integration, overlap, etc
    Sustainability: Nature, population density, mortality rates, closed systems
    Cryonics, and social implications as well as mental; knowledge being temporally dependant
    Life extension versus Youth Extension (mental and physical abilities)
    Dedication of time, how having more time might (or might not) affect that
    Perception of time and relationships is pulling away from a linear model

    Next meeting will be over the Singularity as it keeps coming up (ha! ha ha ha). It will be at Cafe Allegro's (their website hurts, unlike Remedy's) upstairs room at 7p on October the 3rd. I will not be in attendance (LSATs the next morning in Portland) so I'm looking at offers for leadership for this one. I'm at if you're interested.
    FaceBook invite is here.

    As always, the website is here (cleaned up for awhile now), mailing list is here.

    Thanks for listening!
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    Audio is now up over here, as the audios 1, 2, and 3 for Singularity, obviously.
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    ...I think there's something wrong with the audio. There's a brief clip of sound at the beginning of 2 and 3, otherwise, nothing...
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    Thank you. Will remedy on lunch.
      CommentAuthorWillow Bl00
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2008 edited
    Ok, I've tried several different routes and programs for converting the file to make it uploadable. At this point I'm giving up, I don't have any more hours to spend on it. A DJ friend of mine is coming to spin in Seattle, so I might ask for his input on the matter, but he won't have his equipment with him - wouldn't hold out hope for it working.

    I can, however, burn copies, and if you desire one I will send it to you. E-mail is