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    I tried to start a thread about cities that throw an awesome New Year's, but it immediately devolved into people talking about how they were going to stay home and get drunk. So let's try again.

    Where are the awesome places to go on New Year's, and what makes them so awesome?

    (PLEASE don't tell me about your New Year's plans, unless they're specifically related to that question, i.e. they're totally awesome. If you do, I may be forced to mock you for not reading the subject heading or the start of the thread. This is the thread to talk about your New Year's plans.)
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    Honolulu is the best place for New Year's I've been to so far. The people there really put their back into it -- in the working class neighborhoods families are setting off hundreds of dollars worth of firecrackers. You're swerving your car to avoid geysers of green flame and strings of fire crackers in the road, there's explosions all around you, and on December 30th the air is already getting hazy and sulfurous from it all -- despite the trade winds that blow away air pollution in a hurry.