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    i know this is slightly out of place on here, since the majority of us dont seem to be bag-n-board-n-hoard type nerds, but im looking for an ACCURATE site that has nationwide back issue trends, which books are hot etc. im broke, and trying to figure out what stuff i can flip for new comic money.

    and i ve tried ebay, but either im not trying to decode it hard enough, or its just not manageable for what im trying to find out.
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    That certainly would be an interesting resource. Don't think anything like that exists though, and most price guides are often inaccurate when it comes to what one can actually hope to get for their comics, especially in the case of recently published pamphlets.

    Unfortunately, ebay probably is your best source for such information. Log in and view the completed items to see what a particular item is selling for.

    Craigslist might be a good place to unload a bunch of comics, especially if you have runs, and are willing to take 25-33% of cover.

    If the goal is to flip the pamphlets for new comic money, local retailers sometimes will offer trade value which may exceed the low ebay prices, assuming they actually have a "back issue" business and it isn't shrinking.

    Other than that, if money's a concern, here's a few other alternatives:

    1. Shift over to tradewaiting. In many cases one can save around 20-30% by just waiting for the paperback. Over multiple series it really adds up.

    2. Buy comics from Amazon and/or online comics retailers like westfield or dcbs. Amazon is usually good for 25-35% off cover, and the online comics retailers often offer 50% deals.

    3. Wait long enough and buy paperbacks and/or runs of pamphlets on ebay for way below cover. Often you will be buying from people who are willing to let go of comics cheaply or retailers looking to free up some capital and decrease their inventory position on slow movers. Buying multiple items from the same shipper can reduce shipping costs.

    Good luck!
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    I think your best source for that is Wizard. That was pretty much the job description when I was at price guide. Of course, the reliability of that info may be dependent on the 30 retailers they managed to get on the phone that month, but that's what they do.
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    i gave up on wizard months ago, but thanks.
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    joe -- is pretty close to what you're asking for. It's a subscription site, but I think there's a free trial period that might be good enough for your purpose. It seems to have a pretty good rep among people who are looking for that sort of information.

    More casually, there are sites/forums you could read through for awhile and find out what you're looking for too, notably here.
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    thanks! that board is actually pretty helpful