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    Big bit of news at Basically, despite negotiations with the Big Four, they've got fucked by the RIAA. I'm a little concerned by the level of autonomy the RIAA seems to have from the actual labels they're supposed to represent. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, I dunno. Anyway, have a read.

    I am very interested in the launch of Muxtape for unsigned artists. Anything like that is good news, and Muxtape I think has a great format for new bands and artists.

    Still, I do miss just hitting random Muxtapes and discovering new and old music I'd never heard before - music I would subsequently go out and buy, so it can't have been doing too badly for earning the lables a few quid here and there.

    Blah. Why can't we just have nice things?
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2008
    Favtape (which started as a Muxtape clone, but has expanded a titch) will last a bit longer as it pulls off the Seeqpod playlist. Of course, Seeqpod has already been served by the RIAA, and when they fall, they'll take Favtape with them -- but it should take them a little while longer to untangle the liability.

    Muxtape taking on MySpace is interesting, and I'll be watching to see how it plays out -- but I'm not terribly optimistic. Like Napster (and handing out mixtapes in high school, or running a pirate radio station) I think Muxtape was cool while it didn't have directions, but now it's heading to public access territory -- it's going to shed audience (already has with the downtime) and have a hell of a time winning people and revenue away from MySonyEMISpace.