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    • CommentAuthorelricj
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2008
    ohGr - Devils In My Details
    Hum - Puppets/Aphids
    Red Sparowes - Aphorisms
    Cult of the 13th Hour - Wickedness
    Transitional - Nothing Real, Nothing Absent
    Mono - Under The Pipal Tree
    Afghan Whigs - Congregation
    Napalm Death - Enemy of the Music Business
    Painkiller - Guts of a Virgin/Buried Secrets/Marianne
    Scorn - Whistle For It 10", Governor EP
    Sneaker Pimps - Demos for LP4 & LP5
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2008
    @thewaltonsare - I thought I was the only one who'd heard the YOAV album! That thing is catchy as hell, I have no idea why it's not HUGE.
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    realized I can walk into the room and where-ever a track is playing sounds like an intro to something.

    And that neatly sums up my problem with Tv On The Radio in the past -- they've never made a record that sounds like it's properly gotten started or finished.
      CommentAuthorScott B
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2008
    Been going back through the collection this week and trying to give some neglected records more attention.

    Boris/Sunn0))) - Her lips were wet with Venom
    Deerhoof - Friend Oppertunity
    Melt Banana - Cell Scape
    Detektivbryan - Wermland

    5 listens and I still can't articulate why I like Detektivbryan so much. They make me smile instantly. I don't smile often, so I now have happymusicsmilefaceache.

    Oh well prepare the linament, here comes listen number 6.
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2008
    favorite l.a.-based hip hop continues: blue & exile: Below The Heavens, People Under The Stairs: Fun DMC...
    • CommentTimeOct 4th 2008

    although not a totally acurate representation... (work and travel aren't taken into account, neither is the fact i forgot about last fm for 3 years...) but it'll tell you what i was just listening to
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    Jon Hassell - Dream Theory in Malaya
    • CommentAuthorStimpy
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2008
    been having fun listening to the first few King Crimson albums: In the court of the Crimson king (an observation by King Crimson, Lizards, and Islands. seriously good music.
    In addition, been listening to some Elis, Emilie Autumn and Gamma Ray, cause I cant go a day without. that or something nice and long, Change of season by Dreamtheater would go down really nicely now.
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2008
    Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains!
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    Mogwai - The Hawk Is Howling

    Very cool...