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    Julian Barratt as the Doctor sounds a bit ace, and perhaps more likely than my own secret fantasy of having Bill Bailey in the TARDIS.

    I mostly enjoyed series 3 of The Mighty Boosh, anyway. The weakest episodes were the first and last (excluding the mad Eels song, which was ace), and everything inbetween was a joy. The crackfox, Vince's immune system, all the crimping, Naboo's cookery spot and the return of Saboo and Tony Harrison; all of these things made me happy. Sammy The Crab was utter shite, though.

    I do agree that it has become a bit like the Noel Fielding Show, which is a shame, as I've always felt it's Barratt's music that propels The Mighty Boosh into the extraordinary. Ah well.
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    Can we blame the NME?
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    Yes, yes we can blame the NME...and Noel Fielding.
    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2008
    You can always blame the NME.