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    A bit of help, since there are so many artists and this thread is still active.

    I'm the girl with the hex tattoos on my back. I'd like them to be wings indicating progression towards Singularity through geometric design.

    I am not artistically inclined, but I do believe in rewarding people for their work (ie, if I use your design I will credit and/or pay you). Please feel free to point friends/business partners this way!
    I'm so excited!
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    I have the arabic word for "Today" on my foot. The very talented tattoo artist warned me that the top of the foot was up there with the spine for pain. Wasn't that bad actually. It needs pretty much yearly touch up though, as it fades pretty quick.

    I haven't heard any real complaints about spine, but I have heard from multiple artists and tattooed folks that ribs are the worse. As far as my experiences cover, this is true, though feet aren't far off (don't know how long yours took, but two solid hours on your foot is a lot to bear, not to mention the week's worth of swelling).
    My feet are about 9 months old, and whilst they didn't heal perfectly, there hasn't been any fading at all since the initial healing.

    Anyway, my tattoos that I have photos of in my photobucket account, in chronological order:


    Part of Shelley Jackson's skin project. Left wrist.


    It's a twelve in Roman Numerals, tattooed to look as though it was painted on. Left inner, upper arm.
    There was more meaning to it at the time, but when you've had a tattoo for a few years the 'meaning' tends to not really matter so much. It's not like the tattoo is going anywhere.

    Hunter S Tattson

    Ralph Steadman's caricature of Hunter S Thompson taken from Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Got it done soon after HSTs death. He's one of my hero's and it's just such a great fucking drawing. On my side/ribs on the right hand side.

    An Invisibles & Seven Soldiers Sleeve. Art originally by Chris Weston, Phil Jiminez, JH Williams III and others. The first photo is the only one I have of the inner arm, though it's all coloured now. Not great photos, but the only ones I have in my photobucket at the moment. Right arm.


    A lot of this fell out. Not looking forward to the touch up 'cause it fucking hurt. Might try and do it, or get it done, by hand 'cause that's apparently better for hand and feet. Right pinky toe.


    The WASTE and EMPIRE logos from Casanova. EMPIRE is fresh, which is why it looks so swollen, WASTE was about a month old at the time.

    And that's me, up 'til now. I've taken a break for a little while, mainly so I can give blood as I've never been technically able since I turned 18.
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    (gah, the image won't load up)

    been wanting to get Sandman (Dream) done on my upper arm for a while now. would've probably already gotten it if it weren't for my folks. After they nearly tossed me out of the house for getting my tongue pierced, I've learned not to risk their wrath when it came to body modification until I could afford my own place. Oh well, at least it will give me time to really think it over.
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    One of three currently, small picture because people have an odd habit of photographing me from the front and I had to crop.

    Also, a crudely put together plan for my next installment, this March 14, money permitting. Because dammit, I like multilingual rebuses.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    As I don't know anyone who got their ink done in my home town, I'm finding it hard to get recomendations for a good place to go get my first one. Is there some kind of reliable, peer review website for tattoo parlours?
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    Got my first tattoo (in two sessions) done last year. Very very happy with it and looking forward to getting another one, which I think I have picked out but am still looking to see if anything else catches my fancy first. As for what I have, well it's from my favorite comic series of all time:


This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.