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    • CommentAuthorQXZ
    • CommentTimeOct 17th 2008
    People of Whitechapel, friends of Satan:

    My extreme metal band, Flaming Tusk, has just released our four-song debut EP entitled "Abigail". The title track is about poor little Abigail Taylor, the six-year-old girl whose intestines were sucked out by a pool drain.


    All four tracks can be downloaded or streamed for free, in a fairly exhaustive variety of digital formats, by either visiting and clicking the Music link or by going directly to our bandcamp page found here.

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    the recording is kinda flat, but this is pretty decent. im probably gonna sound like more of a snob than i am, but i wouldnt really lump this in with extreme metal. personally thats a good thing: real "extreme metal" gets extremely boring to me- you guys are mixing it up more in the vein of combining, say, CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE style stuff with metal influences, which is pretty badass. where are you guys from?
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    circle takes the square reference ftw
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2008
    quite Torche/High On Fire like, i'd agree with joe not a fan of the recording but i do like the music itself.
    • CommentAuthorQXZ
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2008
    @joe.distort Thanks for the comments! We're from New York City... we practice at my place in Astoria, Queens.

    If you're interested in the recording process (which we did in our basement for free), you can read the blog post on the subject from our lead guitarist / engineer:
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    which we did in our basement for free

    which completely justifies the recording to me. diy is a learning process, and will (hopefully) only lead to you being able to get better sounds out of yourselves.
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2008
    Is that one guy playing call and response on there or two of you? Whichever, you've got some nice styles in there. Reminds me of Johnny Morrow, god rest him, and (a slightly less unhinged version of) Paul Catten taking their one stab together in Murder One. Mix feels a little heavy to the left.

    And I would agree with joe - this ep at least I wouldn't call extreme. It's more relaxed than that. I think I like 26 Legions most on this EP - but that could be because I'm listening to Isis, Pelican, Jesu, Grey machine etc at the moment, so this is more in my current headspace. Bears up well to repeated listening though. Good stuff.

    Incidentally, I couldn't get the download working. Had to stream it.
    • CommentAuthorQXZ
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2008
    @hmoblus Huh, I'll see what's going on with bandcamp... you're the first person to alert me (or us) to a tech issue.

    The vocals are all entirely Stolas Trephinator... he is multitalented with his screams and deathgrowls.

    In re the descriptor "extreme", my use of that is mostly as a broad genre label and not so much a comment on the specific music. For example, I'd say that black metal, thrash, doom, and death metal (among others) all fall into the larger category of "extreme metal" as distinguished from merely "heavy metal".

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    i guess that would work as a general descriptor. i would say with most of the folks on here who like brutal music, when we hear the term metal, its not like we think of metallica and disturbed. we are a bunch of nerds in general, which totally applies to music.
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2008
    @QXZ : Props to Stolas then.

    re: genres, thing is that these days everything is pretty much cross-genre anyway. Heavy, black, grind, hardcore, retro, post-rock blah blah. I like the idea that everything should just be rated by how brutal it is. Hmm I sense another discussion thread.
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    brutality? acheived.
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    No, no. Extreme not brutal. Let's get our adjectives straight.
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2008
    I'm just saying--if you're going to be METAL, be the BLACKEST, most BRUTAL, most MEANINGLESS METAL

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    i didnt list any metal. just brutal powerviolence.
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    I was just listening to Cannibal Corpse's Wretched Spawn and Slayer's War Ensemble and trying to make mental note of the production values, i.e. guitar mids, drums, vocals, etc. I'm extremely impressed by both recordings as any song with extremely distorted guitar is hard as hell to balance, it seems.

    I'm a self-taught, learned by ear guitarist. I understand what makes a pleasant sound, but recording is a whole new ball of wax. I have fairly good recording equipment, but it doesn't make up for the lack of experience in setting up a room or placing microphones.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2008

    I think my two favorite guitar tones (hard rock/metal speaking) are the sound Rammstein get on Reise, Reise and Tool's sound on Lateralus. The Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier just has that sound, y'know?

    I'm also partial to Johnny Greenwood's Telecaster on OK Computer and Angus Young's SG on AC/DC's Ballbreaker.

    As far as the mic placement thing, use a Shure SM57 or some other dynamic mic, about an inch away from the grille, right in the center of the speaker. That should USUALLY get you a good place to start. Mic placement is all about trial and error, even in rooms you've used before, with mics you've used before, on gear you've used before.

    Oh, and I hate Slayer's guitar tone. Too much mid.

    */thread hijack off*
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    Actually have a SM57 Beta and a Mesa DC-10. Rooms make a big difference and I can get a good sound by working with it, but the amp's EQ settings for recording are far different than live playing and wind up a little flatter, with quite a bit more midrange. I love the tone on ...And Justice for All, but really want to hear the bass and also want to diversify from that sound. The Marshall tone will always be magical to some and now the Mesa tone is there too, easily heard on many a song, but both are now so 'Been there, done that I want to get away from them. The gain knob rarely sees anything past 6-1/2...

    I'm not super-fond of Slayer's guitar tone either, but it's far easier to record it and sound distinctive. They've never played with a lot of gain(relatively speaking) and I really like how it allows the intensity of the player to come through.
    • CommentTimeOct 23rd 2008

    Get yourself an ADA MP-1 preamp. James and Kirk both used it on Justice. Sounds EXACTLY like the album with the gain maxed on the "clean tube" channel. I love my MP-1. I'm waiting for a real power amp one day... Probably a Mesa 2:90...

    I understand what you mean about the Slayer tone. Most of it comes from being REALLY FUCKING LOUD. One could almost say... BRUTAL.
    • CommentAuthorQXZ
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2008
    Venerable metal blog Chronicles of Chaos has reviewed the Abigail EP.