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    Wow this Chuck Norris video has topped the Japanese Yakuza video where the yakuza look like a bad photoshoped Wolfwood....

    I'm sorry but voting for someone based on celebrity endorsement is the dumbest shit ever. I'll never get that, I guess it makes a statement on what useless sheep most American's are...
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    You say comedy is dead? I have this shovel here...

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    Let's not lose our heads. George Bush Sr was a lying, cowardly shitbag prone to bouts of pronounced verbal incoherence and who famously puked on a prime minister and passed out at a diplomatic dinner.

    ...And let's not forget the knee-slapping antics of how George Senior has tried for years and years to impress upon America that the Bush family are the new Kennedys.

    The problem with Bush Senior vs Junior is that Senior was funny, he was the Wimp President in his short longs whereas Junior merely opens his mouth and he'll kill an audience so thoroughly with his random staggerings the only thing audible will be mike hiss and the chirrup of crickets.


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    As far as Poppy Bush goes, remember that he was the WWII vet who, while addressing a group of veterans on September 7, 1988, identified that date as the anniversary for Pearl Harbor. He was making the point that he would never forget the lessons of that momentous date.

    I like Huckabee. Unless McCain comes alive, Huckabee will get my support. Has the creationist charge actually been documented? I thought after the debate where he identified himself as not believing in evolution he qualified his answer.

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