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    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2007
    Here's the list of what shipped today. (I tried to quote it here but got an error message saying the post was too long)

    I picked up: My Inner Bimbo #3, Pax Romana #1, Ultimate Spider-Man #117, Dan Dare #2, Marvel Zombies 2 #3, Proof #3, Thor #5, Amazing Spider-Man #545, The Comics Journal #287, Geek Monthly January 2008.

    I was happily surprised to see issue 3 of My Inner Bimbo so quickly follow the second, considering there was about a year between the first two issues. That book is odd; I actually dreamed about it a week or two ago. Also looking forward to the Jeffrey Brown interview in TCJ.

    What are you folks picking up?
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    How was the second issue of Dan Dare? (my comics are in the mail, so not here till next week)
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    Oh thanks for that...i need to get out and get Dan Dare 2.
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2007
    (I tried to quote it here but got an error message saying the post was too long)

    Uh oh. Whitechapel might have gone and grown itself a sense of humor...
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2007
    I haven't stopped in today as I work at my comic shop tomorrow...

    But stuff I should be picked up:
    DAREDEVIL #103

    Wow there isn't a whole lot of stuff I would even want to just read in the store. Well I have a ton of manga to catch up on so, I'll be reading that.
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    The Marvel forum in will become hell for the next month, due to Amazing Spider-Man 545. I don't read Spider-Man, but from what I heard, in 545 they erase a good portion of the last 20 years of Spidey's life, especially Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane.

    I will be eating popcorn and enjoying fanboy outrage for the next month.
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    REPO #5



    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2007
    Slow week.

    DOMINION TP 4TH ED <-- finally! (this was originally scheduled for January 2007)
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    pax romana #1, hands down the best thing of the week. maybe the month!
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2007
    Seconding Pax Romana, it was fantastic. Best thing ever.
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2007 edited
    How was the second issue of Dan Dare? (my comics are in the mail, so not here till next week)

    Not bad. The one action sequence was really awkward-looking, but the writing is passable and I'm enjoying finding out about this world, having never really even heard of the character before this book. I'm finding it entertaining enough that I'll be picking up the third issue, but I'm not going to be singing its praises to the heavens or recommending it to everyone or anything.

    Pax Romana #1, on the other hand... Yeah. Wow. Maybe I'm just a sucker for a good time-travel story, but I was completely blown away. I'm tempted to pick up a second copy so I'll have one for myself and one to pass around to all of my friends. Who is this Jonathan Hickman fellow? Anybody read anything else of his?
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    Ditto all of the above on Pax - although I thought the text tripped over the occasional info-dump a little, the story really had me hooked and the graphics are amazing. I was a massive fan of Mr Hickman's 'Nightly News' and if this is anywhere near as good, it'll be a 'corker'!
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    ha, i was considering having a "loaner" of it around too...nerds...
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    A friend of mine picked up my comics this week, since I'm out of town. My seller was sold out of Pax Romana #1 (BOO!), but I also picked up:

    Blue Beetle #22
    Shrugged #7
    Green Lantern Sinestro Corps. Secret Files #1

    Haven't read any as yet.
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    you missed regular green lantern. good shit is afoot in this book!
    • CommentAuthorarcanealso
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2007
    the shop i work in, we all follow countdown. this week's #18 finally found ray palmer!!! it's been so long that the book became about the challengers <em>not</em> finding ray palmer. i wonder what the book will be about now. the crossovers took over everything else including that storyline.
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    judging from how things went when they found ray, there's still a lot to be told there. countdown has been exponentially better the past 6 weeks.
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    @ joe.distort - Yeah, I know, but I'm currently unemployed going on 6 months, so I've had to cut back after the Sinestro Corps. War. I'll probably be picking up the regular series in trade from here out. My friend owes me some money, so that's why I'm able to get a few books a week.
    • CommentAuthorLyons
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2007
    Pax Romana #1: yeah, that's the shit. Amazing read. Hickman is one smart cat.

    Dan Dare #2: fun. It won't change my life, but I always dig seeing Ennis tell a straight adventure/war story.

    Berlin #14: Lutes is such an amazing talent, but this will read so much better in trade, I think.

    Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #4: I feel like this is still working off of concepts from Morrison, which is fine by me. I was worried when it was announced that Acuna wouldn't be drawing this second series, but the new penciler and inkers--whose names escape me--are capturing a great mood.

    Action Comics #860: is it me or has Geoff Johns gotten to be a decent writer since 52? Maybe working with the other three on that series--especially the brilliant Grant Morrison--helped Johns develop as a writer. I mean, it's still continuity porn, but it's much continuity porn now, although he still finds ways to inject cringe-worthy dialogue and "very special" moments into most issues.

    Green Lantern #26: this book is such a guilty pleasure.

    Captain America #33: between this book, Daredevil, Criminal, and Iron Fost (with Fraction), Ed Brubaker is hands-down one of my three favorite "mainstream" comic book writers right now (Ennis and Morrison being the other two). Epting continues to impress me on this.

    Daredevil #103: not as good as his Captain America, but still a solid, moody, noirish superhero story. I love Lark's work, too.

    Batman #672: not crazy about the new penciler, and I took the last two months off for the "resurrection" story. I wish Morrison hadn't had to participate in that. I feel like we've lost some momentum since the great three-issue "Club of Heroes" storyline.

    Brave and Bold #9: another guilty pleasure, but man that George Perez can draw. And it's so evident that Waid is having fun writing this title.

    Legion of Super-Heroes #37: come on, one of the two best writer of this series (Paul Levitz is the other) returns to one of my favorite series from when I was a kd. I had to check this out. I'l be picking up the next issue.
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    Got my box of comics (ice cold from the UPS truck!) finally. Some random comments,

    Pax Romana #1: As a study in humanities need to define and control itself in terms of organizations and belief crossed with the impact of technology - this is speculative fiction at its most pure. As a comic: holy shit - wow.

    Green Lantern #26: When I was eight years old I had a Green Lantern shirt. As an adult, I pledged not to read the books because they had come - in the late 1990s - to symbolize the crazy part of being a comic book geek. I wanted no crazy by association. I was drawn back in anyway, and have been enjoying the hell out of them. Nostalgia is indeed a drug, but at least a fun one. The above can also be said to a degree for X-Men 205.

    Captain America #33: I won't even call this a guilty pleasure. Its simply as good as a super hero book gets. What Lyons said about Burbaker can't be said enough.

    Crime Bible #3: I am a big fan of Rucka. Gotham Central was great. Queen and Country is and will be again one of the best things on the market. Looking forward to Stumptown. Checkmate is my other favorite super hero book alongside Captain America (I may be spy fiction biased). This series has been ok but very forgettable...Rucka's blog indicates frustration lately and I think it shows.