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    What're you listening to?

    New week's releases are up at - just choose a genre from left and click "magic mix" to stream excerpts from the new releases.

    Ariana usually swings by Largehearted Boy's Try it before you buy it posts on Tuesday mornings, too.

    Commence playlist speakage.
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    The instrumental tracks off Marylin Manson's latest "EatMe/Drinkme". It's quite interesting and very good work music for some unholy reason. Stripped of Manson's voice they work better.

    Brian Eno/David Byrne's latest is also getting a spin. Sounds a bit like post-modern choir music.
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    This is what it was...

    Smoke & Mirrors
    KEUL - 88.9 Girdwood, AK
    KABN- FM 89.7 Kasilof, AK
    Sundays, 7-10pm

    Oct 26, 2008

    Bill Laswell - Simulacra
    Ian Boddy - Foundry
    Marcus Reuter/Robert Rich - Reminder

    Trance Mission - No They There
    Jon Hassell - Courage
    Adrian Sherwood - Strange Turn
    Secret Archives of The Vatican - Gulshan I Raz
    Ali Slimani - S'Habi
    Pickadelic - Burn Mamacita

    Natasha Atlas - El Nowm
    The Danubians - Mirror Talk
    17 Pygmies - Celestina 1
    Dhrone - Nottamun Town
    Hedningarna - Kaivonkansi
    Conventum - Commerce Nostalgique
    Kate Bush - Pi

    Bobby Previte & Bump - Put Away Your Crayons
    Will Bernard - Blister
    Isotope - Golden Section
    Zony Mash - Stompin' At The Cranium
    Medeski Martin & Wood - Professor Nohair
    Microscopic Septet - Lies
    Gary Windo - Carmus

    This Heat - Pool
    Mogwai - Danphe & The Brain
    Phillip Glass - Spaceship
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2008
    I'm quite enjoying The Casbah podcast, which is a radio show on a Saturday night (Podcast goes up one to two days after the show), which to quote the blurb "The best in surf, garage, blues, soul and more since 1997. The program airs live every Saturday night on KSYM 90.1 (San Antonio, Texas)."

    I've also been playing with the genius in iTunes, and it's on a serious glam kick, so Venus in Furs, Lou Reed, T-rex have all been getting heavy rotation.
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    Mixing old and new:

    All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot
    No More Heroes - The Stranglers
    Led Zeppelin II
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2008
    Burial - Ghost Hardware EP

    Zebulon Pike - Intranscience

    Chris Clark - Body Riddle

    Onra - Chinoiseries
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2008
    My tastes appear to be evolving and devolving at the same time. The other night I started listening to My Chemical Romance, and right after that I listened to Pixies "Surfer Rosa" album.
    Other than that, in the car it's always some Nine Inch Nails album or another. I'm still in the stone age of coolsville. no iPod or whatever, just switching cd's at red lights.
    • CommentAuthorelricj
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2008
    some reason I missed (not really, just sorta didn't get it at the time) the Gutter Twins - Saturnalia and hence I also missed Adorata. These are both extremely good and I feel dumber for not having listened to them at the time.
      CommentAuthorYann Krehl
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2008
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - the songs available on their myspace page

    Opeth - Deliverance

    Scar Symetry - Pitch Black Progress

    Dmitri Shostakovich - Symphony No. 11 in G minor The Year 1905
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2008
    Hell on the Nine Mile just another random band im enjoying that a friend sent me, also the Creepshow, an Firewater.
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    I'm still in the stone age of coolsville. no iPod or whatever, just switching cd's at red lights

    you arent alone.

    ASSHOLE PARADE-studentghettoviolence (crucial discography of gainesville violence)
    THE OATH-various stuff
    DRESDEN DOLLS-no virginia
    MASSHYSTERII-tvivel 7"
    GENGHIS TRON-board up the house
    SHARK ATTACK-blood in the water 7"
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    I've been listening to "L.E.S. Artiste" by Santogold on repeat. It the kind of female-vocalist rock that is popular on the altstations, I guess? I've been hearing in on Saint Paul's 89.3 The Current. Sort of a cross, musically, between Tegan and Sara on the one hand, and, hmm, the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, maybe, on the other?
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    Joe, you can fit a turntable on your dashboard? Is it hand-cranked?
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    i meant i only have live bands play in my back seat, with no amplification or electronic instruments. just drums and trumpets.

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    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2008
    have been enjoying the fruits of searching 'dubstep' at Postbocks. Damn, these fools are better than me!

    Enjoying: Mr Hyde, OG, Mary Anne Hobbs' Generation Bass, and Kode 9 & Wiley sessions.
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2008
    I'm just hitting a major black metal phase - stuff i had forgotten I'd got.

    I'll list some of the names but quite honestly, I wouldnt have recognised most of them a couple of hours ago...

    Arkona (frightening), Asuru, Dawn of relic (I'm liking them a lot), Forest stream i like, oooh Thronar (hilarious), Fleurety (unusual, good unusual) augury and also Uskumug, which is just plain weird. Archandrja I just dont like.
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    After Warren’s blog post about the Nina Hagen/Apocalyptica video I’ve become obsessed with Apocalyptica. Unfortunately the local shop only had one album in stock…damned small businesses.
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    Danielle Dax - The Living And The Stillborn
    Deep Purple - Fireball
    Siouxsie And The Banshees - Night Shift
    Rolling Stones - Happy
    Danielle Dax - Daisy
    Siouxsie And The Banshees - Arabian Knights
    Rolling Stones - Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2008
    Popol Vuh - Heart of Glass

    DJ Krush - Jaku

    Grails - Burning Off Impurities