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    I have a bit of a hard time reading some of the text here. I just need to know if I have set my browser up sideways or something...
    With the white background, the main comments and headers are red or black and the purple is great. But, there is quiet a bit of information that is in grey on my end and I find it very hard to read without highlighting it. Don't get me wrong, I love the Vanilla format! I just was wondering if there is a way to tweak it so these eyes can function with more ease.

    An example: the "Avatar" logo is very light but, I can see it. The text after the "poster's" name ("1 day ago" is after warrenellis on the post above me today) is barley legible. Again, I am not complaining, just need to know if I can change something here to help myself, well other than new glasses.

    That said...
    Thank you for this site Mr. Ellis, it is a joy and incredibly "fresh" in a world where comic books seem to be stuck in fear doing anything new other than becoming more and more fast and violent. You are the best I have ever read and I have been reading comics for almost 40 years. I am friends with many of the characters you have penned. Never stop building them like you do. I love how a day can take months in your books.

    I do have some of the Lee/Kirby stuff I bought as a child (right off the rack for a quarter or less) but, I am not a collector, I don't believe they are meant to be locked away wrapped in plastic, to me they are represent the key to my imagination, and I still day day dream in Kirby, hence I have become TPB fan. I just still have a little boy in me that loves to escape to the world being saved by the good guys. In a world of confusion, the imagination can keep you sane.
    Thanks for what you do.
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    I think it's supposed to be subtle. It's all non-essential meta-information, so it's not pushed out with the same visual force as the content or the links. (Try highlighting it if you really can't read it.)
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    @David Matthew

    Thanks guy.
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    Is it alright to post a job posting in the artists thread or as it's own thread? My company is looking for a production artist on a Big Two related project and I figured it might be a good place to find a talented someone.
    • CommentTimeJul 11th 2010
    We generally try to avoid the employment posts as their own threads because, like craigslist, for every one that's valid, there's gonna be twelve that are "looking for someone to give me lots of stuff for free and also sexxing and actually could you pay ME for the privilege of doing my work?" But if you see some people in the artist thread you think would be a good fit for a paying gig, and you wanna drop them a comment/link and leave it to them to reply, I don't see any harm in that -- just keep the business talk offline and don't clutter the thread, ta.
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010
    There was an widget for whitechapel that's gone missing since I had to scrap Firefox and reinstall it. Where would I find it? Thanks.
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    On that note, any thoughts on a possible, future app for Android and/or iPhone?

    [Dreams and dalliances I know but, hey, a man can dram can't he? Especially as I now spend most of my internet life on a 3 inch screen and not a proper comp.]
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    Pardon. Me again. I'd previously posted about some personal find-ability concern?

    Well, if perhaps I could ask if just one post might be minimally altered? I really have been careful these past few years, and I'd successfully avoided using my real full name here to avoid searchability - but there's one post not made by me that includes my full name (in title and content) and links to my account profile (regardless if I change the profile name), from which every post here is searchable.

    While I am eternally grateful for the sentiment and generosity (though really embarrassing), the "Laptop Fund" thread title and intial post would be the trail of breadcrumbs connecting my outside online self to here. Maybe I could ask for just the removal of my middle and last name in that one post?

    I apologise.
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    No time today, so have hidden entire thread from public view for now
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    No rush.

    My thanks.
    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2010
    There's a dirty great chunk of viagra spam on notice 0012. Or is that just me?
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    Hey Warren,

    Not sure if you're aboot today but I need to ask: would it be alright to post something in London Zoo or Warren's Pub Table titled 'Zola Jesus ticket to Wednesday's gig in London in exchange for a pint'?

    You see, my friend's just bailed on me and I know that all my other friends are either out of town, skint or simply haven't heard of the Zola. I'd rather give it to, and therefore meet up with, a Whitechappeler than try and flog it to a random or a tout.

    Would that be too much, squire? Understood if so.

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    No problem.
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    Posted a thread today entitled "design your Apocalypse" and now I do not see it anywhere. Wondering if this is a technical difficulty or a rules violation.
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    * Don't Post Your Fiction Here.

    It makes the place a legal minefield. I don't have a problem with fan art, but fan fiction creates difficulties for me and any other pro writer visiting. This is not up for discussion. I refer you to Arse Eels above, yes?
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    Thank you sir. Not how I had it laid out in my mind, so I was not aware of my violation. Sorry for my lack of understanding. I just knew I was not going to do anything like a re-post until I was certain it was my screw up.

    In all honesty, I do not think there is anyway to get that one away from a fan fiction feel on that one. On to the next design task.
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2010
    Dumb Question: I understand the prefixes [Sticky] and [Closed] but what is [Sink]? Going to be closed soon, maybe?
    • CommentAuthorG. Foyle
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2010
    Not that anyone actually reads it, of course, but what happened to the Whitechapel link on Warren's Blog?
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    SINK means the thread stays open but it doesn't bump up the page when posted to. I want to get a good look at the place this weekend, so I'm sinking a few threads to get them out of the way for a few days.

    I needed the real estate on the static part of my blog for something else. From next week, there'll be more regular Whitechapel-focussed entries in the blog itself.
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2010
    Thanks for answering - hope the cobweb clearing helps clear the blues out of your head - if not there's always my favorite solution, a 1/2 pint of Balvinie, and a night in the shed with a cigar box guitar. Altho I just finished a bottle of cask strength Balvinie I bought a couple of years ago for around $150 US, went to get a new one and the price was up to $750 - soooo got a limited run of a Compass Box scotch whiskey instead, we'll see how it works.