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    • CommentAuthorKinesys
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    I've always had an interest in weapons mostly archaic weapons, but i can groove on guns as well.

    I've got a sword cane or two, but what i would really like is a weapon that is a combination weapon but that is essentially non lethal. A pair of taser prongs in the butt of the cane that retract when not in use, and a head that is a pepper spray sprayer. Say a dragon's head.

    Could this be built and if so how expensive would it be? I'm not sure i could pay for it in real life, but i am certainly academically interested.
    • CommentAuthortulpa
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2007
    I know that I can build a retractable taser for about 20 bucks. Making it pretty and stylish would be another thing, though. Then again, I'm not a weaponsmith, just an electronics hobbyist.
    • CommentAuthorKinesys
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Hmm. Good to know.
    • CommentAuthormunin218
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    My hubby is a blacksmith by hobby and can forge knives and the like, but i'm not so sure about anything else.... I'll have to ask.
    • CommentAuthorcragum
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2007
    yes. we can build it. we have the technology!
    but it'll cost you.
    going by tulpa's estimate of 20 bucks for a retractable taser, and a quick google for an appropriate type of cane at about 35 bucks(cheapest i could find: ) as an added bonus, apparently you can buy inserts in various styles.
    now the tricky bits. you want a pepper spray container that can fit either on top of or in the tube of the tube cane. given i have none of these products, i have to make a couple guesses. the closest i could find that would probably work is here: at about 40 bucks, and then 8 bucks for each replacement spray.
    at this point my google skills failed me, as i couldn't find a single appropriately shaped dragon head.

    but it seems you could have one made for around $100 or so USD. i'm not sure how much fiddling around afterwards would be nessisary however, so to be safe i'm gonna say $140 + the cost of the dragon head.
    • CommentAuthorKinesys
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2007
    Cool. I have a character in a game who wants one of these made for him, and i was wondering how expensive. Also idly wondering how much i'd have to pay if I wanted one.