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    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2008 edited

    Halloween is for kids tonight - We get the rest of the year.

    I guess I'll save this for next year and think of something appropriate for wife and daughter.
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    @Spiral -- It's probably a good thing you stayed in for the night... you likely would have gotten arrested in that costume.
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    I dressed as a Dandy.
    dandy.1 dandy.2
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    Happy Halloween!!!
    Super Elvis and i from the pub.
    Going to a Huge party tomorrow, more pictures will follow.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    we dressed as ghosts , white sheets over the head, everyone thought we were the KKK and threatened us and shouted abuse before one guy thought it was intelligent to pull off my girlfriends sheet and grabbed her hair whilst calling her a 'Fucking Racist' halloween has been ruined for me. will post pics of the costumes
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    @Alastair Suck. does make me curious about what you were looking like tho...

    Halloween was good. To drunk and exhausted to go into detail now. Will try to flesh this out later. But I did it. I did it solo and I did it in a whole new city. a city that is making me love it more every day I step out into it. fuck yeah.

    Drunk on New York in Halloween. Indeed.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    @razangel imagine 4 people of various sizes holding signs saying BOO! with sheets over their heads and eyeholes cut out.... really no hoods points or burning crosses
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    I *WAS* going to a party themed for Shakespeare/Day Of The Dead. Had my ruff and sombrero all worked out...


    Thanks to Kinkos being an immensely huge, useless bunch of flaming cunts I've been sat here for the last five hours trying to get 48 pages printed out for APE, tomorrow. I thought they sucked wet farts out of dead pigeons before FedEx bought them. Now they're fucking useless' corpse.

    Also, big shout out to San Francisco in general not having any decent copy shops. Period.

    "Hey everyone, stay at home and print out your shitty holiday snaps and stick them into scrap-books, don't go out and produce arty-type stuff whenever you get an urge to indulge... stay at home and use the internet, the internet is your friend, buy cheetos on the internet and eat them at home... get your porn on the internet... "

    Actually, fuck San Francisco for not having hardly anything decent open past sun-down. Big fucking ghost-town.

    Know what? I'm sober. Cold, hard fucking sober. And I'm all out of Jameson's. And the printer is not responding...

    Plus side, I have two parties tomorrow. The Death Aquatic. Or something. I just have to figger out how to turn my stuffed squid into a killing machine.

    Fucking Kinko's. Hope they get ghosts haunting their worthless arseholes.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008

    Papa Legba wishes you a terrible, horrible, no-good very bad Halloween.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    Have little concrete memories of the event attended last night and seemingly no one turned the camera on me - woo hoo btw.

    Here are my friends Mike and Heather looking pretty fly as a Unicorn and The Hitcher from The Mighty Boosh. I'm sure they won't mind me sharing their prettiness with the chapel.

    Unicorn and Hitcher

    Incidentally I made a Babel-fish

    Babel Fish
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008

    This is my costume. It took more than a couple hours to be fit for outside viewing. Only people that had met me before knew I was a girl.

    more photos on my flickr
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    Great costumes, everyone! It's been a long time since I dressed up proper, buuut...

    This is my favorite image of me from the evening...

    Comments: Make-up on the face is perfectly comfortable until you have to itch your nose, then all bets are off. Green hairspray coloring stuff + really long hair FUCKS YOU UP. It's still not completely out, and I spent an hour pulling out hair that it killed and rinsing and shampooing and...yeah.

    WAY FUN though.

    And here's a familiar face...

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    @Alastair: Jeez dude, you alright though? This is the reason I hate people. Most of them are bastards.

    It doesn't help I work at a cinema. People inherently flock there and expect you to worship them.

    Halloween night was spent working a 4.30-3.00 shift. No costuming for me :(

    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    Last night, I did a haunted house.

    On my way home (10:00-ish) there were still quite a few trick or treaters out. Mostly middle school aged. Walking down the main street of town, I saw a trio of kids. One of the kids I have no idea what he was wearing, I didn't really pay attention to him. The other two were wearing KKK outfits. There was no mistaking them for ghosts. They had the crosses on their chests and were carrying a confederate flag. I was pretty disgusted.
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    The other two were wearing KKK outfits. There was no mistaking them for ghosts. They had the crosses on their chests and were carrying a confederate flag. I was pretty disgusted.
    Well, Halloween is when all the monsters come out, so it does make some sense.
    In a sad and twisted way.
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    Excellent job; I'm glad you had the balls to do the costume right! :D
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    @Spiraltwist ... "Whoa. Daaaaamn. Whoa." In English that means nice costume.
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    Alan In The Front Room
    This years costume: '80's Alan Moore!

    Most Metatextual Moment of the Night.
    Father & Son
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    holy shit, that Two-Face is hardcore! Excellent jawb!!!111
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008 edited
    Two face and the Joker

    Me and my buddy that did my make up (He's the Nurse Joker)

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.