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    i handed out free comics to kids at home. i wore a surgical mask...not very exciting this year, but i was tired. kids were super excited to get free comics though!

    although even the shiny covers on xnation 2099 and armageddon 2099 couldnt entice them into picking those, hahah
      CommentAuthorBexx B.S.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    going to the big super awesome party tonight. So I'll post pix from that tomorrow.. as I have created a fucking AWESOME costume for the husband.. ;)
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    @ Spiraltwist-oh my god spiral's web! beautiful,alluring,deadly! any trick would be a treat! great outfit!
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    DIY Heath Ledger Joker-in-nurse's-outfit:


    Got more than a fair few "Wow that's the creepiest thing I've ever seen" Comments at the club and happily tagged (but failed to get shots of) political posters with appropriate lipstick.

    Close up, post prosthetics
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    @houseofmystery yeah we're fine just more reasons why going out on the town is becoming less and less of an option for us
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    We just ended up drinking and playing RockBand with some friends, but we couldn't help but dress the part.
    lala and bob

    The friends we spent the evening with weren't expecting us to be in costume and were gloriously surprised.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    @keighter That was awesome! I saw about 283469732697435 Jokers last night and was wish for just one Two-face. thanks!
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    I have to throw these in here. My buddies put together some GREAT Watchmen costumes... Apologies for the shoddy picture quality.


    The Comedian
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    wow keighter, thats awesome.

    This is what happened to me last night:

    its contaigous

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    Outfit from last night:

    And recovery this morning:

    Glad to survive another one. Best wishes everybody.
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    The Watchmen costumes are great, but the Comedian is particularly nicely done.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    Got some phone cam shots of my face painting from the masquerade wedding:

    Me and the boy:

    He looked like Al Swarrigan from Deadwood...

    And what my face paint was based on:

    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    @keighter Love the Two Face, and kudos to your friend for doing the proper "Nurse and all" costume.

    @St. Bernard Awesome stuff.

    As for me: Engineer-ing it up

    Great second level too - for those who didn't get the TF2 ref, it was still a great Bob the Builder.
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    Ceilrux0050" alt="A makeshift Plague Doctor" />
    • CommentAuthormattw
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2008
    i want your slimer shirt atomicsloth!
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2008
    @miketymczyszyn very nice chest piece!

    I love all the costumes!!

    @glukkake that is fantastic great job!

    @St.Bernard I will agree those are swanky watchmen costumes!

    also everyone else I love it! I keep refreshing this thread hoping for more amazing!
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    I only have one photo of what I looked like tonight, and my friend seems to have photoshopped it a bit before posting it, have to wait till tomorrow for other people to email me pictures. Anyway, here is what I looked like doing my best Robert Downey Jr impression.Me

    The chest piece I made from scratch and it's really glowing.
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2008
    @keighter I love it so much. Well done!

    I was a Harajuku girl.


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    Really loving the costumes you put together guys, this has been one really awesome Halloween (apart from some, bad luck Alastair, dude! and the fact I near crippled myself at work :\ ). Congrats :D
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    Sincerely awesome costumes everyone.

    The only halloween event I was at was a BDSM show at a club here in town. I was camera-less, though I'm sure I was photographed about a million times by ponces with fucking strobes thanks to being near mostly naked people. I wore a suit and this mask from "Masks by Jen". When in doubt, go Cthulhu.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.