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    I found myself unexpectedly touched by the strawberry scene. My wife was asking me what was wrong, heh.

    Nothing dear, just squirting a tear over a webcomic...
    • CommentAuthormith
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008
    Speaking of "Britishisms", am i the only one that reads them pronouncing it "strawbries"? Perhaps I've got my dialects confused.
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    Wow. Beautiful moments this week. I think this might rival the scene with Arkady and the fish for my favorite scene in the comic so far.

    Of course, the events here in the USA were pretty beautiful this week, too.
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008
    NO FAIR. Last week I was on the phone to my mom in Southern California, asking her to send some of my things for putting up with cold weather, the likes of which I've only visited but never lived with before. Part of that conversation revolved around serious problem I see with "having seasons." Namely, seasonal fruits and vegetables come at a premium when out of season, are terribly difficult to find, and often require sorting through quite a bit of icky specimens before finding something edible.

    Two days ago I got my clothes as well as box of persimmons, avocados and a mango. Fresh, ripe, beautiful. Made me sniffle just a little.

    Today I'm freaked out. I need some very good luck. If the universe doesn't line up for me exactly right today I'm in huge trouble and fresh fruit will be a very low priority. The economic news is horrible and the job market is worse. In times like these who needs a cataclysm to remember what sucks and what is delicious?
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008
    "Except..." WHAT?

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    Nicely structured this week; I've found my reader's-rhythm with this drip-feed of six pages per Friday but it took awhile (31 weeks or so. Anyone else here a bit slow in this regard?) and sometimes I'd find details had slipped from my recall. So this bookending approach cutting between the watchtower and the meet up is clever.

    I've got a real apprehension about what happens next.
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    Another beautiful episode, and a good reason to get up this morning. Thank you Warren & Paul (and, of course, Ariana).

    It's my first day off since Tuesday, and without FA I may not have gotten up 'til well past noon. I spent election day doing physical labor to distract myself from worry, not that it helped much. After staying up to watch the politics, I've been exausted, but unable to sleep well. I'm happy with some of the things I thought were vital, but my father summed up the CA elections pretty well when he said, "Californians do love to spend money, but they can't just leave each other alone to be happy." I'm trying to drag myself out of the morass of frustration and disappointment... no weddings any time soon on this end. Makes me almost envy the FreakAngels the simplicity of their new lifestyles, I bet no one would care there.

    So, at least I have a reason to get up this morning, reading FA and then calling around to see if I can find a hardcopy of the first part. My special order of it has yet to come in and I'm impatient.
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    am i the only one that reads them pronouncing it "strawbries"?

    Everybody knows that Brits saw “straaaawburries”. Or at least they do in TV commercials that try to convince Americans that European fruit juice is some sort of luxury.
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008 edited
    @chad_sketch the strawberry scene made me well up as well.
    More wonderous stuff from Warren and Paul, do we have to wait until next Friday? I want more!

    All this I've got something in my eye stuff is making me think of work.
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008
    everyone's on about the strawbrries (I am from the Midwest. I drop the 'e'. Don't have a fucking clue why.) and here I am all giggled about 'Because of all the sex, Karl.' snerk. It's not like he's not more worked up about it than anyone else anyway. at least, that's how it seems to me.

    today i am irritable. spent a day and a half in bed with post-moving ick, the half day in between being achy and ful-on ill was spent in company and joy and crying about the new POTUS (this is my new favorite obnoxious acronym). discovered that i dig writing in the laundry room. almost sad that i don't have more laundry cause it was good for my focus. wondering how creepy it would be to be the laundromat writer-lady. might have to think about honing that into a proper image.

    did not quit my job. yet. have jury duty monday. suspect i am far too much the liberal/thinker type for our local courts. still bummed that we didn't split our votes. okay, i'm actually really pissed off about it, but it has no proper outlet as yet.

    tonight i will dine on appetizers and wine given out by art galleries and book stores as it is first friday here in lincoln, and that means we all go out and get cultchah'd.

    Thanks Warren, Paul and Ariana. This was a good mood re-setter for work2.
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008
    @ mith

    It is "strorbrees", yes
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    "stwawbiddibies" the son of a friend from Missouri used to call them. V. touching scene - something iconic about strawberries; things can't be *that* fucked up if they can still be grown and enjoyed. Love the bells too.

    My day was spent trying to get my head round the 'units of selection' debate in biology and wondering whether a structuralist ontology would help. Be nice if did since I''m giving a talk on it in 2 weeks. Birthday tomorrow, to be celebrated with Bond and curry (from Aagrah's down by the BBC building)
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    gah! I think you actually made me tear up at a comic, you filthy bastard! a great ep, to be sure. oh, and I got this new president you guys should totally check out...
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    The further this goes along, the more I dislike the Freakangels, and I can't help thinking that shortly somethings, if only a few, will come up Millhouse.
    • CommentAuthormith
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008

    The "because of all the sex, Karl." definitely gave me a chuckle.


    Yes, Exactly. Thank you. As in, "Fooksake, strorbrees!"
    • CommentAuthordopamine
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008
    i wrote a huge post and accidentaly deleted it

    this was a typical "nothing is really happening" episode. i kind of dislike it, but i'm really looking forward to the next one. i must admit the strawberry moment was very, very nice.

    we're having a comic book festival next weekend and there are lot of things to do before it. we had a press conference yesterday. right now i'm trying to find some kind of big screen for matt hollingsworth's lecture on digital coloring. can't wait to hear it.

    here's a link to our website: (not finished yet)
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    I understand the need for the dramatic build up that this one provided, but it goes ill with my restless mood. Too much talking. Touching tears (fresh, off the vine strawberries are divine). But the snow has me cooped up in the house and I want explosions or something. So another week must be dragged until the nest set.

    • CommentAuthorpsycmoe
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008
    Oooooo... I haven't been able to purchase one!


    There will be more?
    • CommentAuthorKitaC
    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008
    I have little to add except:

    • CommentTimeNov 7th 2008
    Hey, I think I mentioned all the sex, too ;)