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    Zuda Vote1

    Here's the deal... free comics. Your here, so I'm guessing that a decent amount of you like comic books, and damn near everything just seems a bit nicer when it's free. Writer Justin Jordan and I have a comic in competition this month at ZUDA named RUMORS OF WAR, if so inclined I humbly ask that you take a look. If you like it, give us a vote, and the ZUDA folks might just pay us to make more for you to check out later.

    I'm not allowed to show fully finished pages here, but I was always one of those people that liked seeing a bit of the prep work behind a comic, so i offer some of that instead:





    So remember
    1)check it out
    2)if you like it vote
    3)if you feel so inclined, leave a comment

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    John, you already know what I think: FUCKING AMAZING. If the legions of Hell were giant monsters, and the legions of Heaven were also giant monsters. Good shit.

    I hope it's cool to post an image from your early teasers. I stuck it on my website when I plugged you guys too.

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    Brandon Cyphered - No prob with the image, and I'm glad you like the comic. Also, thanks for the plug, I'll take all the help getting into that Number 1 spot at the end of the month that I can snag.
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    Ok... I just thought, if your nice enough to look at this thread, let me give you more things to check out. Here's 3 episodes of a comic I started doing as a 15-20 minute warm up before I get into work for the day:




    these will go on for as long as I feel like, since I designed the whole idea behind it to give me endless opportunities.

    Thanks again... and vote!!!
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    Number 5: 004
    Number 5 episode 004

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    Number5: Episode 5
    ep 5

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    These confirm pretty all my feelings about fucking clowns.