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    If you are involved in making any kind of comic that is sold or can be ordered from a comics shop, please please tell us who you are here, provide a link to your web presence, and if possible run an image or two from your comic. (No more than that, please, or else threads have trouble with loading and navigation. One or two images will do the trick anyway.)

    Why? Xmas is coming. I want people to give you their money. That's a good thing, right?


    -- W
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    To plug myself yet again:

    Witch Doctor: First Incision. A 16-page "demo" introducing a new horror/medical drama that grafts the sickest things in real-life biology and medicine to the best-known monsters of the horror genre. Available for free on our website, with the print edition mailorderable through Seppuku Comics.

    It's a sick world. Literally -- the universe is an organism, and the creatures of myth and folklore are invading parasites, preying on the native species and disrupting the ordered systems of the world.

    It's a sick world, and Dr. Vincent Morrow's here to treat it. Headhunted into an exciting new career in the black arts after his excommunication from the medical community, Morrow serves the world with both hands -- one in magic, one in medicine -- as earth's protector. Earth's Witch Doctor.

    Meet our vampires:

    New Witch Doctor stories will be available before the end of the year. Also, Lukas Ketner, the artist on Witch Doctor, illustrated a story in this month's MySpace Dark Horse Presents.
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    Jane Quiet CoverI'm the writer of Jane Quiet, a comic about a paranormal investigator drawn by the fabulous Elena "Goth Scouts" Steier. Steve Bissette says, "While most of their readers will think of John Constantine, Buffy, and their immediate contemporaries, K.A. Laity and Elena Steier are actually digging deeper and tapping more venerable genre veins. Algernon Blackwood and Dennis Wheatley, make room: Kate and Elena are here, and their heroine Jane Quiet is taking no prisoners in the occult wars."

    Our first issue is a silent comic which, believe me, is about the most difficult kind to write. All Elena asked for was a kick-ass monster -- and did she ever deliver! We're supposed to be getting in Previews soon, but in the mean time you can order from our website.

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    Hi, Adam Gallardo here. I have two creator-owned works that would make lovely Christmas gifts. Gear School from Dark Horse Comics and 100 Girls out from Simon and Schuster. Here are the covers to these two fine works.

    Gear School

    100 Girls

    Finally, I can be found on the web at my blog, 100 Industries.

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    preview 1

    My name's Eric Peterson. My compadre's name is Ethan Nicolle. We make a comic called "JESUS CHRIST: IN THE NAME OF THE GUN." The first issue is premiering in January's PREVIEWS (meaning it's on store shelves in March). It's a monthly title. Hell has a very special place in mind for me and Ethan, I think. So I'm hoping we at least sell a bunch of copies to make up for that.

    For now, check out the exploits online at

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    Hi, Glenn Hauman here, vp/production for ComicMix, colorist for Jon Sable Freelance, and assistant editor for the Harvey-Award nominated EZ Street from Robert Tinnell and Mark Wheatley.

    We have a finite number of EZ Street limited edition we did for this year's Baltimore Comic-Con (we already sold out of Sable and GrimJack, but you can still read them on ComicMix for free) and they're going quick. We only printed 100, and when they're gone, they're gone.

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    I'm the writer for Elemental Fources. Here's a blurb: The year is 2012. Humanity is rapidly heading towards cataclysmic predictions of the Apocalypse. Destruction, despair, and greed ravage the world. Beyond the devastating wars fought between nations, a secret war brews for all of humanity… flanked by Good and Evil.

    Sounds like today, huh?

    The series' creator, Eric Mullarky, has done a great job creating this world, and I'm really glad he let me in his sandbox to play with his toys. The series (we're currently up to issue #3) has featured some great artists including: John Becaro, Ernest Jocson, and JC Grande (who will be having a series coming out for Shadowline/Image soon).

    issue #1
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    Mike LaRiccia and I are selling the first issue of a black-and-white miniseries called SATORI (you can buy it through the link). He's the artist, I'm the writer. It's about a samurai searching for his sister, who's stolen a sword that can cut through time, at an Arizona swap meet. Mike is also selling two graphic novels, BLACK MANE and THE DEATH OF BLACK MANE, part 1.

    We don't immediately have plans to get this into comic stores, so if it thereby doesn't make the cut, I apologize -- mod me down.

    -- Matt

    SATORI, page 1
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    I'm the artist (penciler/inker) for "The Elite" a story scripted by Christine Boylan, which appears in Boom Studios' Chtulhu Tales 8, on sale this wednesday. The first six pages can be seen here:

    I have a second story coming in issue 9 too, it seems...

    I have several projects at Zenescope: The trade of "The Piper", a four issue miniseries which I pencilled, from a script by Mike Kalvoda, is available now, as well as The Herbert West Chronicles, where I get full pencilling chores from issue 2 on. I'm finishing pencils on a Giant Size Grimm Fairy Tales special issue, which should be available in a month or two (I hope), and I did a short story for the Grimm Fairy Tales' annual, available soon. And a few concept designs and cover art for the upcoming Stingers series. Full info in

    And in January 2009, the short story called "The other Butterfly Effect", with full art by yours truly, and script by my pal R.G. Llarena, will appear in Heavy Metal magazine, the march issue. This is our third story published there.

    Thanks, and please check my website of mostly sick concepts at
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    Hello! Greg Carter here, writer, creator, and Executive Producer of the online graphic novel Abandon: First Vampire. Artist and Director is Elliot Dombo. You can read it online plus Issue #1 is in print and rolling out now.

    Abandon: First Vampire Issue one cover

    It's available HERE and you can order it at comic shops with this nifty coupon, whose idea I stole blatently ripped off from Doktor Sleepless.
    Abandon: First Vampire Issue #1 coupon.
    (I hope you're not pissed off, Warren, kind sir.)

    From issue #2.
    Abandon: First Vampire issue #1, page 1
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    My graphic novel ROSWELL, TEXAS (written by L. Neil Smith and Rex May, with colors by Jen Zach) can still be found in a few stores and otherwise can be ordered via Diamond or Baker & Taylor (ISBN 978-0-9743814-5-9). Published by Big Head Press. At 272 pages for $12.95, it's a pretty dang good deal too there, podnuh.

    R,T cover

    I am also the editor/letter for La Muse, the brand-new, Alan Moore-endorsed, full-color graphic novel written by Adi Tantimedh and drawn by Hugo Petrus. It should be available in comics shops November 26. If you can't find it, you can also order it via Diamond. Also a good deal at 224 full-color pages for $19.95.

    La Muse Cover

    Thanks, Warren!
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    Cages Preview

    "Disturbing..." -Ben Templesmith

    The name's Xander Bennett. I wrote a post-apocalyptic original graphic novel called CAGES (sorry Dave Mckean, we didn't know about your Cages at the time!). The art is by Melanie Cook. The book is about robots, monsters and sibling rivalry in a world gone mad. We've been getting some good reviews, and people have told us the book is great for young adult readers too.

    It's out in December from the fine folks at Insomnia Publications. It's got a nice wraparound cover by Jonathan Hickman, and a foreword by Ben Templesmith.

    You can read the first chapter right now on Myebook.

    If you're in the UK, you can ask your local store to order CAGES using this code: NOV085310

    Or you can buy CAGES from

    More info is available at the official site:


    Xander Bennett
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    Hi I'm Jason Thibault, co-owner and publisher for Optimum Wound Comics. Back in the spring we released Danijel Zezelj's Rex. It's a short and mean little little tale. We're still sitting on a lot of copies and would loooove to sell some more books.
    You can read the entire online graphic novella for free or order it from your local comic store using order code number MAR08 3903 as Diamond just placed a decent sized re-order. It's also carried on Amazon and over at Heavy Ink.
    Rex graphic novella
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    My comics publications of late have been... few and far between, but I had something in print this year, in Negative Burn #20... I did the cover (well, they used a pre-existing piece of mine) and an interior 6 page story.
    Negative Burn 20 cover

    I'll have more work in an anthology sometime next year...

    I hope to have a series out sometime next year (2 issues drawn, much more written), either that or skip the series singles and go straight to graphic novel (with oddly regular 22 page "chapters...:) ), but that's for next year's thread...

    EDITED: (because I've seen others putting in background info)
    I've had three stories in Heavy Metal (as a writer/artist), a short-lived (real short - - one issue, though more was drawn --in a short-lived b&w line of books) comic from Image, a one shot "Legends of Camelot" issue from Caliber (interior pencils and inks), and various small stuff (short anthology stuff, pin-ups, etc.).

    Here's my web presence info:
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    Hey, this is Gavin Hignight. Illustrator Jettila Lewis and myself have the graphic novel Motor City out now. It is available now at, and our site. It will be in the Diamond Previews December catalog, hitting comic book stores in February. Here's a blurb, Motor City, 1958. A shadowy place plagued by demons, ghouls, and other creatures of the supernatural. The police and its Rector-division are stretched thin, so human gangs like the 133rd do their best to protect their neighborhoods from the forces of evil—gangs rule the streets and blood thirsty fiends roam the night! Hotrods, Greasers, Ghouls and Gals! official site

    First chapter free online preview

    cover of volume one
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    Greetings, I'm Mike Hankins. I make a webcomic called "Dorm Dorks." Here's some sample strips:

    Definition of Indie

    Job Interview

    The first book collection of Dorm Dorks can be purchased here, and you can read the strip, updated 3 times a week, at


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    Ah, right on, Warren. Thank you.

    My name is Eric Trautmann; I wrote the six-issue comic book tie-in to PERFECT DARK ZERO a couple years ago. More recently, I co-wrote Checkmate for half a year with Greg Rucka, which led to last week's Final Crisis tie-in (also co-written with Rucka), FINAL CRISIS: RESIST, with art by Ryan Sook and Marco Rudy. Next year, Brandon Jerwa and I have an OGN coming out from DC/Vertigo, but I don't believe I'm cleared to release details yet.

    Here are some unlettered pages from Resist, in stores now.

    Page 1,

    Pages 2-3,

    I have no website, yet (alas), but I'm active on LiveJournal and Facebook, and a bunch of other social network sites that I'm too lazy to list here.

    Thanks again, Warren!
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    I am as the post name suggests, and i have a book out with DIY author Jim Munroe...

    Therefore Repent! a post rapture grafic novel. The perfect post Bush gift. :)

    You can read a 60 page preview here on comicspace, watch a trailer here on youtube. There are Reviews here & Links and info about where to buy it here. The poster is part of a flickr set.

    poster for Therefore Repent!
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    Hi, my name is Josh Aitken, and I am lettering a few projects.

    Phantom Issue 1
    Be sure to check out Moonstone's reboot of the Phantom. You can read about it all here.

    "In February of 1936, Lee Falk’s The Phantom debuted in a daily newspaper strip and has remained in publication in some form or another ever since. In the Jungles of Bangalla, Africa, the purple-clad crime fighter is known as The Ghost Who Walks. Believed by the locals to be immortal, The Phantom is in fact the latest in a long line of crime fighters who assume the mantle of the Ghost Who Walks."

    Lions Tigers and Bears
    I am also gearing up for the release of Lions, Tigers and Bears Volume 3 from Image. If you've never read this series, your missing out on a great all ages story. You can read the first 8 pages from issue 1 of the first series here.

    "A child’s instinctual need for the comfort of a stuffed animal is rooted in a reality long forgotten by the adult world. The hidden truth is that these companions have been defending children since the dawn of time. Follow young Joey on the adventure of a lifetime as he travels through the Stuffed Animal Kingdom, a journey that puts the fate of all the world’s children in his hands and brings him face to face with his destiny."

    timothy and the transgalactic towel
    Finally, from the new Silverline Imprint, Timothy and the Transgalactic Towel.

    "Do you daydream? Do you imagine yourself flying starships, fighting dragons, saving the world from giant robot invasions?

    Meet Timothy James, a perfectly normal six-year-old. Like most boys his age, Timothy spends the majority of his free time pretending to be a member of Dash Lightrider’s Zoom Patrol or imagining he’s traveled back in time to join Skilrath the Celt on an adventure in the Valley of Doom."

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    My name is Dennis Culver and I have a comic coming out in January from Oni Press called TRUE TALES OF ROLLER DERBY. It's a fictional work based on actual derby girls here in Portland, OR.

    Written by: Lisa Titan and Nader Absood
    Illustrated by: Dennis Culver
    Colors by: Pamela Rambo
    32 pages, standard, full color interiors

    Goodie Two-Skates is missing! And who are these new skaters–the freakishly perfect freshies that have suddenly shown up? The Wheels of Justice have to find Goodie and get to the bottom of this mystery before Nationals, or the Icy Blonde will succeed in corrupting the team forever!

    Here's the cover art: