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    by Benjamin Ong Pang Kean

    Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen several high profile players entering the comic book publishing business such as Valiant Comics, Malibu Comics, Dreamwave Productions, Crossgen, Speakeasy Comics and others.

    While some banked on top guns in the industry and others relied on properties that appealed to the masses rather than just the superhero community at large, from licensed franchises to cross-genre stories that wander into science fiction, mystery, romance, horror and fantasy territories, not one of those publishing companies are in the business today due to management takeovers and bankruptcy.

    Yet, the current comics landscape is fast a-changing, with new ventures in the areas of web and print comics (and not forgetting manga) entering the playing field daily.

    One such player is Jeffrey Kaufman’s Big City Comics, which debuted its first wave of titles recently, including the relaunch of controversial and former Arcana and Image Comics series Ant by equally controversial creator Mario Gully.

    We spoke with Kaufman and Gully about doing comics in today’s crowded marketplace, got ourselves acquainted with some of the new launches and then gazed into the crystal ball for a peek at Big City’s planned crossover for next summer which will involve the talent of a fan favorite artist.