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    Bits. I said bits. I know there are a bunch of novelists circulating around here. Time for a roll call on Whitechapel. Show yourselves, tell me what you do, provide links to work and information and purchasing where possible. Say hello.

    DO NOT just post huge chunks of your fiction, as many offenders (usually people who were not actually being paid to write books) did last time. Those will be edited out and your accounts here will be disabled.


    -- W
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    Thank you, sir.

    The cover for EYES LIKE STARS is in and Beatrice Shakespeare Smith looks like an eerie combination of Zo and Veen... *pleased*


    Available for wish list (but not yet preorder) here. (It is mistakenly listed under ages 9-12, but it's for teens and up.)
    • CommentAuthorMarna
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    Thank you for opening this up.

    Strip came out in late July. It features exotic dancers, college co-eds, necromancy, stalkers and an undead lesbian three-way that had one reviewer refer to it as "a very hentai Nancy Drew." It is available for purchase as an ebook from New Concepts Publishing.

    Strip book cover
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    Oooh... Huzzah for whorebaggery self-shilling pluggity opportunities. Chiz boss.

    Lisa -- that's a stunning cover. My own On-The-Shelves-Now offering:

    Contract - Si Spurrier

    The blurbage looks a lot like this:

    "A tour de force" - The Times

    Life becomes complicated when the dead won't stay dead, in this stunning debut by Simon Spurrier.

    Michael Point doesn't seem anything special. He dresses conservatively, is thoughtful, methodical and well spoken. He also happens to kill people for a living. It's not about psychosis, getting back at the world, or criminal sentimentality; for Michael it's much simpler than that: It's All About The Money.
    But things are starting to get strange: his hits are coming back to life and trying to kill him. Is he losing his mind? Or could it be that the things he sees aren't delusions at all, but hints of a divine conflict: a heavenly war, sucking him in...?

    It's published by Hodder Headline, reeks of pure undiluted sweaty backstreet crime Weirdness, and - because I'm a helpful sort of soul - is available to YOU right NOW right HERE (or HERE if you're in the UK). And if that looks a bit like desperation, it's absolutely not. Now spit into my mouth om nom nom I'M SO THIRSTY.
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    I write books about werewolves, psychic mages, demon-worshipping serial killers, evil faeries and steampunk, not necessarily in that order.

    Amazon page here.

    Web site/blog here.

    This is the cover for my upcoming novel Street Magic, which releases June 2009:

    street magic
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    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    For your Young Adult consideration.

    My novel BEIGE.

    Now that she’s exiled from Canada to sunny Los Angeles, Katy figures she’ll bury her nose in a book and ignore the fact that she’s spending two weeks with her father — punk name: the Rat — a recovered addict and drummer for the famously infamous band Suck. Even though Katy doesn’t want to be there, even though she feels abandoned by her mom, even though the Rat’s place is a mess and he’s not like anything she’d call a father, Katy won’t make a fuss. After all, she is a nice girl, a girl who is quiet and polite, a girl who smiles, a girl who is, well, beige. Or is she? From the author of BOY PROOF and THE QUEEN OF COOL comes an edgy new L.A. novel full of humor, heart, and music.

    For the angsty teen in you or the one in your life. Get it here. Or if you are indie minded. Or in the UK.

    Your gal,

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    Thanks for this idea. Very cool. I'm Seth Harwood. My book JACK WAKES UP came out last spring from Breakneck Books. It'll be re-released this May from Three Rivers Press, a part of Random House.
    But you don't have to wait for that. You can get a free PDF of my book here and I've put up three complete novels in the JACK PALMS CRIME series on my site ( and iTunes as *free* audio podcasts!! That's basically an audiobook in installments. Books are complete. Listen on your computer, in your car, on your ipod... whatever!
    Old Cover of JACK WAKES UP
    What does a movie-star one-hit-wonder and ex-drug-addict do when he's cleaned up, down on his luck, and running out of money?
    In the three years since Jack Palms went clean no drugs, no drinking, no life? He's added fourteen pounds of muscle, read 83 books, and played it as straight as anyone can ask him. Now, when an old friend from L.A. calls, he hits the streets of San Francisco to help a group of Czech drug buyers make one big score, a single drug deal that he hopes will set him up for life.

    But when people start turning up dead, and an old nemesis on the police force calls, Jack finds himself with just 24 hours to track down San Francisco's biggest drug supplier or face charges that will put him behind bars.

    Only an Oscar-caliber performance will get him through this alive.
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    This is my second book of photography.

    Limited to 150 copies.

    All Medium Format. All Pretty People. All with stories. All yours.

    There are even photo spreads of Katie West and Zoetica Ebb, both very popular around these parts.

    All for only $100.

    Which gets you the book, an original Polaroid, a story handwritten into the book, a 7x7 print and, last but not least, a laser-engraved Polaroid as a receipt.

    Because I know a guy with a laser. I'm like a Bond villain.

    All orders go through me. All books will ship in time for Christmas.

    Book One was fresh. This one? Goddamn gorgeous.

    You can see a whole ton of my photos HERE.


    Thank you, Warren.
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    Brave Men Run - A Novel of the Sovereign Era by Matthew Wayne SelznickThis is wonderfully generous; thanks for the opportunity!

    My first book, "Brave Men Run -- A Novel of the Sovereign Era" is an eighties-retro super-powered coming of age story. Folks have described it as "The Breakfast Club" meets "X-Men." That works... although there are no long-underwear types.

    "Brave Men Run" is the story of Nate Charters, a sophomore in high school in 1985. Born different, he's stronger than most kids, with faster reflexes and better senses. His physical appearance is just different enough to cause double-takes. All of this could make him something special, but his under-developed self-esteem just makes him wish he was like everyone else.

    Then, Dr. William Donner, a man with remarkable reality-bending powers makes himself known and reveals that there are others like him... and he insists the governments of the world treat these metahumans as Sovereign unto themselves. Donner demonstrates that he has the power to enforce this.

    This news pushes the Cold War world that much closer to the point of no return and drives our hero Nate to wonder -- is he part of this new, powerful minority or just a misfit among misfits? "Brave Men Run" follows Nate on his journey of self-discovery. Along the way he experiences his first love, learns the truth about his origins and does his teen-aged best to deal with the shadowy forces coming closer all the time...

    Published in print by Swarm Press, "Brave Men Run" was the first novel with an initial simultaneous release in print, DRM-free e-book formats, and free podcast editions. It's also available for the Amazon Kindle and iPhone and iPod Touch. It was a 2006 Parsec Award nominee, was BoingBoing'ed twice and enjoys a five star rating at Here's what folks in the new media world have said about it:

    "Matthew Wayne Selznick spins a superhero story that transcends predictable 'grim-n-gritty' and 'rock-'em-sock-em' conventions, capturing a realism and emotion rarely seen in the genre." -- J.C. Hutchins, author of the 7th Son podcast novel trilogy

    "Selznick has effortlessly spun a strong nostalgia for the '80s with a fascinating alternate history... If Peter Parker had been one of the characters in 'The Breakfast Club,' you would have 'Brave Men Run.' -- Mur Lafferty, author of "Playing for Keeps," host of I Should Be Writing, Suicide Girls blogger

    "Amazingly good -- Matthew's prose is clean and true." -- Jesse Willis,

    I tend to agree with everything those folks say, naturally.

    I want gazillions of folks to buy "Brave Men Run -- A Novel of the Sovereign Era" in whatever format best suits their reading. More important, though, is that as many folks as possible experience my work and spread the word... so listen to the podcast version for free, and then buy the book!

    Many thanks,

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    How about if it WILL be out early next year, but is not currently? And dammit, I don't have the cover yet.

    Around February, Ravenous Romance ( will be publishing a short-story of mine that leads into a novel they'll be releasing the next week. The title is "Two Men and a Lady" and, quite obviously, it's an erotic romance. Jason and Eve have been a couple for years, but one night they bring home a man who will change their lives. The novel explores how they develop a relationship with him despite the social and emotional challenges. It will be first available in eBook and downloadable audiobook formats, and it is possible the print rights may go out somewhere if it sells well.

    (I have hopes. After all, everyone on the internet loves porn.)
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    My upcoming novel Fathom is the December selection for the Barnes & Noble Paranormal Book Club. (You can find an official announcement on the subject here, if you’re willing to do a little scrolling.)

    Fathom is a ghosts and sea gods and pirates novel, with murders and mayhem, and a girl who’s turned to stone by a monster who’s forced to save the world because he hates it too much to let it die … and oh yeah, it’s also the book that earned a big, fat, shiny starred review from Publishers Weekly. Which you can read here.

    Order Fathom at
    Order Fathom at Barnes & Noble
    Order Fathom direct from the publisher

    I’m led to understand that the book is even prettier when you get to hold it in your hot little hands* — all matte and smooth, and classic looking in a way that makes it all the lovelier as oh, say, a Christmas present.

    * I won’t have my author’s copies for a little while yet so I’m forced to take Liz at her word; but I trust her, and she has great taste.

    (Edited, on account of having been mocked by Ariana :) )

    Southern gothic ghost stories with monsters, Civil War spooks, and zombies aflame.

    (And thanks, Warren, for giving us a place to pimp.)
    • CommentAuthorocvictor
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    Poetry, not fiction, but I've received the approval of our Internet Messiah before posting, so that's all right.

    My first poetry collection, "City of Insomnia," came out a few months ago from Write Bloody Publishing:

    City of Insomnia

    The publisher's marketing copy says:

    City of Insomnia, by poet and journalist Victor D. Infante, is a book about being lost, and what you find when you're lost. Infante transforms city streets, love, America's fractured politics, his father's death and even the language itself into labyrinths, unearthing questions about love and loss for which there are no good answers, but near endless emotional terrain to explore.

    Which I suppose sums it up.
    • CommentAuthorGunn
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    My book, Stable Strategies and Others is a short story collection, not a novel, but maybe we could think of it as a bunch of novels for people with short attention spans.

    Warren was kind enough to blurb it and weird enough as well. This is what he said: "Reading this book is like getting to wear the eyeballs of a madwoman in your own sockets for a day."

    It's also available in Japanese. Free stories (in English) are online at

    Stable Strategies and Others by Eileen Gunn Stable Strategies and Others by Eileen Gunn

    Thanks for this, Warren!
    • CommentAuthortimpratt
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    Thanks for the chance! Longtime reader, first-time commenter, and all that.

    I've got a series of novels from Bantam Spectra about a sorcerer named Marla Mason, described by one reviewer as "the world's bitchiest superheroine." The novels involve killer frogs, pornomancers, Aztec gods, dueling incarnations of death, liches, cannibal witches into extreme body modification, nightmare kings, and urban planning, among other things. The site for the series is, and the third volume, Dead Reign (best characterized as "Marla vs. Death" or possibly "Marla Invades the Underworld") just came out a couple of weeks ago. Publishers Weekly said "Pratt's writing is wildly imaginative, with roller-coaster pacing and startling twists galore." Which was nice of them.

    Oh, and Marla twitters.

    Dead Reign cover
    • CommentAuthorCoppervale
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008 edited
    I've been on a book tour for the third book in The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica, and drawing the fourth while writing the fifth.

    It's possible to buy the first three books, HERE, THERE BE DRAGONS, THE SEARCH FOR THE RED DRAGON, and THE INDIGO KING at a discount from one of the online vendors - but short of going to a signing, it's much harder to buy one (or all three) signed, and even harder to get one with an original dragon drawing under the signature!

    Any orders placed through Crossroads Books can have books personalized, and ALL of the books will be signed with a sketch. (Green Dragon in Book One; Red Dragon in Book Two; and Indigo Dragon in Book Three.) All orders will ship before December 10, so they'll arrive in time for Christmas. Just click on the book covers below to go to the website's order page. Audiobooks, paperbacks, and combined hardcover deals are also available.

    Here, There Be Dragons

    The Search For The Red Dragon

    The Indigo King

    Thanks, Warren.

    Incidentally, Crossroads Books sold several copies of CROOKED LITTLE VEIN on my rec. And personally, everyone at the Studio here was knocked out in reading it.

    • CommentAuthorChadbourn
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008 edited
    Thanks for the opportunity, Warren.

    I'm Mark Chadbourn and I currently divide my time between novels and screenwriting for the BBC. Used to be a journalist for my sins. My Age of Misrule sequence has been out here in the UK for a while, working its way through various printings from my last publisher Victor Gollancz (I've just moved to Transworld). Anyway, here's the SF Site Review - I'm the "anti-Tolkien" apparently.

    You can buy it in the UK here.

    But I'm most excited by its appearance in the US for the first time, from Pyr, in May 2009. Here's the cover of the first volume:

    World's End cover

    I love that artwork! It's by John Picacio, who's won a whole load of awards. His site has some great stuff. (Dammit - I keep trying to get the thumbnail to come up, but it's posting full size - if that's too big, just delete. I don't want to look like a crass twat.)

    From Pyr's blurb: "A dragon firebombs a freeway. Shapeshifters stalk the commercial district. The deadly Wild Hunt wreaks havoc on the highway.
    The Age of Misrule has dawned.
    Gods and monsters from the depths of mythology are returning to our time – savage, bloody, magical, mysterious, and totally alien. A pedal-to-the-floor, hi-octane fantasy thriller that pitches magic and wonder into a pop culture mash-up of the modern world. Described as “One part Lord of the Rings, one part Illuminatus!, one part Arthurian romance, one part Harry Potter – 100 % original!”

    You can pre-order it here.

    And here's my blog, edited in because I'm crap at promotion.

    Thanks again!
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    This is exactly what I needed to get back into writing my first.
    • CommentAuthorSESchend
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    Thanks very much for doing this, Warren. Like a few others, long-time lurker and fan, first time poster.

    I've been writing work-for-hire material for TSR and Wizards of the Coast for 18 years, and I've branched out to novels and short stories the last few years. My apologies for a lack of readied images for the links.

    The two novels are fantasies set in the FORGOTTEN REALMS setting, available through most major online outlets (links below to Amazon).
    Blackstaff Link

    Blackstaff Tower Link

    I've had a number of short stories in DAW anthologies, all of which I own and are set in my current work--a contemporary fantasy that posits the pulps of yesteryear provide a truer version of history than our history books and newspapers. The first three stories in this universe are available here:

    Fellowship Fantastic "Concerning a Gambit of Fraternity"
    This one came out January 2008 and is effectively my "two mages walk into a bar" story.

    The Dimension Next Door "Unreadable"
    Released in July 2008, this story concerns two old book dealers, cursed books, and how one French sorcerer hid from the Terror.

    Gamer Fantastic "Being Played"
    This one's due out in July 2009, and it's an aging pulp writer faced with demons from his own writings and his own past at a gaming convention.

    For anyone who's interested in the short stories or any of my writing, I'm also developing and constantly updating a blog/site with more fiction and random bits of world building over here. My site's all about delving into the books (or comics or magazines) read by fictional characters in my stories, stacking one meta-fiction atop another.

    Thanks again, and thanks again for your own work.

    Steven Schend
    • CommentAuthorsnurri
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    Superpowers is out in the UK and the US; it's about five ordinary college kids in Madison, Wisconsin who drink up a batch of home-brewed beer and wake up with superpowers. (Did I already say that part?) But when the expected villain fails to show up, they find out that power doesn't really make life any easier. A tale of beer and spandex, with punchlines and gut punches both.



    Kelly Link sez: "David J. Schwartz has written a first novel with superpowers, smarts, and heart to spare." Karen Joy Fowler calls it: "A thoughtful and convincing blend of magic and realism."

    Thanks for the platform, Warren!!
    • CommentAuthorDDBarant
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    Hey, Warren—thanks, much appreciated. I was going to jump in last time, but the huge onslaught of unpublished work that showed up put me off.

    So, I write under a variety of pseudonyms. My newest book is a paranormal mystery called DYING BITES, about an FBI serial-killer profiler who gets yanked into a parallel world where humans comprise less than one percent of the population. On the surface, it’s very similar to our world—people drive cars, shop in malls, watch TV—except that everyone is either a vampire, werewolf or golem. It’s the first book in a series called THE BLOODHOUND FILES, and it’s due out in July 2009.
    It features a werewolf NFL, vampire yakuza, garlic-infused methamphetamine, Lovecraftian Ubermonsters, spook hemovores, forensic animists and a golem with a Raymond Chandler fetish. It brings the funny. Oh, and the heroine is the only one in the world with a firearm, due to the psychological effects of a global spell. The second book, DEATH BLOWS, will probably be out in January 2010, and features the heroine, Jace Valchek, trying to catch a serial-killer in the same world who models his crimes after comic books. A cranky comics personality named Warren is mentioned--but then, so is a vampire named Neil who favors leather jackets, sunglasses and oneiromancy.

    DD Barant