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    For those of you who haven't seen already, I was just sent to this site by a fellow NIN fan, and ye gods, it's one of the best things a band has ever done with their music!
    • CommentAuthortmofee
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    With Trent out of the big record label's hands, I'm incredibly interested to see where goes next. Having all his music available to mess up and do as whatever the fan wants is just step one for him....
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Oh, good, it's up. I was hoping the lawyers weren't going to kibosh the whole thing.
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    I'd love to have the spare time to bugger around with all those samples @@
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Think I might have to set aside some time for this.
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    I've thoroughly enjoyed the new remixes. It's a shame the cross-genre work he was exploring in 2001 never saw the light of day.

    <a href="">- Z </a>
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    I'm still bummed Tapeworm never came completely into being, although I did see APC perform that one song live so I'm relatively happy with that 4 minutes of pleasure.
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007 edited
    If he ever puts Downward Spiral era multitracks up, the ninternet is going to shit itself.
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Tapeworm would have been amazing. I have an mp3 of one of the songs they did live. 'tis a shame though...
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    I don't know, I tend to think the reason it never saw release was that it really wasn't all that amazing.
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    Tapeworm was amazing in theory, some of the remixnin is amazing for real.

    I think my remix of Only might have made it on there ... I will have to check.
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    What is/was tapeworm?
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    Tapeworm was a long rumored project that would have had Trent collaborating with Maynard Keenan, Phil Anselmo, the guy from Helmet, and a few others I can't think of. It was a legal clusterfuck for many years before Trent considered the matter dropped.
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2007
    the guy from Helmet

    Just guessing, but Page Hamilton?

    Sounds like it was him trying to do his own version of Pigface (who actually had a song called "Tapeworm" as it happens)
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    now he doesnt even need to pay talentless hacks to remix his shit anymore! TALENTLESS INTERNET FAGGOTS WILL DO IT FOR FREE!

    and that's the way it goes
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2007
    It's worth noting the 'split' between Reznor and Atkins over Pigface was exceedingly acrimonious / played up - for years after Pigface performed 'Suck' with the lyrics changed to "A million Trent Reznors sucking at me, suck, suck, suck; how does it feel? suck, suck, suck".
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    Wow, Tapeworm sounds like it could have been awesome, but then musical collaborations like that often turn out disappointing anyway.
    Well, this particular talentless internet faggot is going to really enjoy remixing In This Twilight for a million Trent Reznors sucking at me :D
    One day the internet will be free of cynicism... then the world will implode.
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    The wikipedia page for Tapeworm is actually a pretty good source of information about its inception, disintegration, and the players involved.

    Honestly, as cool as it could have been, I'm glad Trent's focus shifted to NIN.
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    Ah, cool! Yeah, a definite shame it never came about! But you're right, I'm guessing things wouldn't have developed the same way if Tapeworm had gone ahead. And with so many strong musical personalities colliding, who knows what would have happened. However, I did find out about Pucifer from that article, who are new to me :D I'm definitely going to check their album out.
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    V is for Vagina is good fun. It's not groundbreaking art by any means, but it's a side of Maynard's musical inclinations that aren't represented in Tool.