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    • CommentAuthoryerathrall
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2008
    The just finished Audio Odditions #III : "The IAMINDUST Chronicles" 2 CD compilation is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD at the following web address:

    Featuring new tracks from EACH of the 20 artists that performed at the 1st International Ambient/Industrial experimental music festival I hosted at ORBIS NEX in Oakland, CA. last October 3rd-5th
    Many of the bands appearing on this Kompilation are regularly heard on KPFA Berkeley 94.1' FMs "NO OTHER RADIO Network" occasionally hosted by Dok SLeepless ITself.
    Artists include:
    ...and MANY MORE

    BUT Please note!
    You must use a BITTORRENT Client to DOWNLOAD this folder! TRY IT! It's EASY!
    My thanks to al the artists for the GREAT TRACKS. I did a touch of mastering on most everyone's track. Tell me if it sounds ok to you all!

    Next its on to pressing off the long overdue TROUM / ASIANOVA / Voice of Eye release! The TRACKS ARE FINALLY READY TO GO!

    In udder snooze: Paris Hilton is now ALSO digging INDUSTRIAL music thanks to her fun little role in that wacky new cyber rock OPERA(-tion) called "REPO the Genetic Opera" acting alongside JOHNNY MOSELEY NIVEK OHGR of Skinny Puppy. Hmmm, MIGHT there just be some hope for her yet....? NAAAAH!

    Looking for a little FEEDBACK on how this Kompilation sounds if anyone can spare a critique or 2.
    So untill time speeds up so fast it STOPS altogether,
    Ure Thrall

    Best, Ure
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    Fuck. I cannot for the life of me get BT to work on this computer. Ah, well.

    THANK YOU, though.

    -- W
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2008
    It would help if someone was seeding this.

    Also, Ellis, there are other torrent programs out there. Try utorrent; it's pretty small and works well for me.
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    I mean torrenting in general. Something in here is stopping it working, no matter what program I use. No time to figure it out.
    • CommentAuthoryerathrall
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2008
    Sitting here at 12:30 AM at the KPFA studios rocking the Crawling CHAOS having a great time until
    whoa! I'm so very sad to see this news!
    My sincere apologies Warren and Tekende, I've got the torrent up but for some reason it is not seeding properly!
    I love bittorrent and I thought I knew how to post one (though it HAS been awhile) NONETHELESS I will remedy this bitch-uation ASAP and you'll see a post here when I'm SURE It's working. And as far as UTORRENT is concerned, you are right its a good program with low CPUsage but I tried it with this to torrent still to no avail.

    Methinks I will try and find a more reliable way of distributing this because this is just "TOO" Easy.
    So Til soon,
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    Sounds like your ISP is a penis-faced traffic-throttler. Try You pay a small price for their services, and then you send them torrent files, they download them FOR YOU on their servers, and you can then grab the finished files via direct http download (of very fast speeds) whenever you want. If you're potentially a voracious torrenter, it's the best idea ever, especially if you're after that rare torrent with 1 or 2 seeds that you can't be bothered to keep your computer on for weeks to get :D