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    I know some of you are comic writers....I am as well. I was thinking maybe we could talk a bit about the process you use and maybe offer pointers to people new to the craft. Things such as, do you outline the entire story before starting? How do you write you panel breakdowns? Do you use a specific type of computer program? Where do you draw inspiration from? Etc....
    I have been writing comics for a few years now, but I don't personally know anyone else who does. Just thought it would be cool to have a thread devoted to it.
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    One, I use Final Draft (which is used for screenplays). It's not perfect but it's better than everything else. Don't have to retype characters' names all the time, it's really a godsend as how dense my scripts can get.

    Depending on how large the story is gonna be, I usually have notebooks dedicated to each story. And everyday I'll start filling stuff out little by little; character names, baddies, story plots, and as cheesy as it may sound -- cool lines of dialog.

    My scripts to my artists are pretty heavy, not on Instruction, but on Suggestions. My word is never the final word. If they see a better way of going about some panel or some page -- I let them, unless it interferes with the sequential storytelling.

    Some artists don't listen at all. But to be fair, a lot of writers expect them to draw a bunch of crap in one panel.

    I've find it's easier to kind of let go of detail. Because realistically the artist won't be able to get EVERYTHING so it's better not to set yourself up for heartbreak.

    I don't plot much. I just don't. The Coen Brothers once said, "If the writers don't know where their movie is going, the audience couldn't possibly know either."

    But it's good idea to know where you want to go -- you need anchors. Usually each story arc will revolve around a certain theme, and I'll take it from there, building up to the end, just like a television series.

    -- Chris M. Ferguson
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    Good advice, man! I have final draft but never thought about using it for my comics for some reason. Strange now that I think about it. As far as artists go, I have always had a rough time dealing with them. I respect their opinions, but the artist's I've dealt with seem to want to leave their 'mark' on it at the expense of the story. Anyway, good stuff man, glad to hear from a fellow brother in arms.
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    Take this to, which is much better suited for the purpose.

    (Or, frankly, use google.)