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    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2008 edited
    Hey Whitechapel!


    My band ÄLYMYSTÖ just put up our new web site and since we're already operating on a Creative Commons license we put up quite a bit of free music as well. Our first album Atomgrad is now a free download (direct & torrent) and copying is highly encouraged, as are comments.

    We've got elements of ambient, noise, industrial, triphop and god knows what in the mix. (If any of you can come up with a suitable genre description, feel free to let us know. We're stumped.) The record has an ass-backwards structure, so if the first songs are maybe a bit harsh, there's smoother seas up ahead.

    Direct Download HERE.
    Torrent HERE.

    (We've got some store links on the web site, too, in case you want to give us your money, but the free music and feedback is the main thing here. Thanks!)

    Oh right, we also released our first music video -- for an old, old song -- to go along with the new site:
    Älymystö - Kilpisjärven talvi


    UPDATE: A gig on the 26th in Tampere. We'll hook up a webcast. Details at the end of the thread.

    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2008
    I have downloaded and shall listen during my daily activities.

    Thank you for the gift.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2008
    Something to listen to on the trek to work. Thank you :)
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2008
    Fantastic. I'm going to attack the torrent now - thank you!
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    I fucking love Älymystö. Thank you.
    • CommentAuthorButoh
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2008
    Your band is pretty good. Don't forget your whitechapel buddies when the 2nd album comes out, k?
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2008
    @ All: The pleasure is all ours. We eat love. NOM NOM NOM go our mouths.

    @ Butoh:

    Well, at the moment we're all pretty much hardcore pro-CC people so I see no reason this distribution philosophy would change any time soon. More stuff coming early next year, I'd imagine; I've just been listening to the early mixes tonight and they're pretty nifty!
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2008
    Well this is pretty awesome of you. Downloading through the torrent to save you bandwidth, and will seed throughout the night.
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2008
    Ditto on the seeding. Thanks for this.
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2008
    (Just a quick necrothread for some kudos and an update.)

    We seem to have gotten about 120 downloads over the week, which I think is pretty good. Thank you for downloading, and extra karma points for seeders! <3 <3 <3

    Like I mentioned above, comments are more than welcome, especially as we're planning a shift in our direction after the upcoming split vinyl. (Despite the vinyl thing, we're shooting for digital downloads as well.)

    So. Thanks!
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    Utterly forgot to blog this. Have fixed.

    A mere 120 downloads? Jesus.
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    Hmm. The zip file wouldn´t open for me.
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    I had no problems with the zip file.

    Thank you for the music. And I am awake now. Awesome.
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2008
    @ warrenellis: Much obliged! (120 is mere? Could be the scene has taught us to be overly cautious...)

    @ undulatingungulate: Any error messages? What's your operating system? (I'd suggest retrying as a first remedy, but if that doesn't help, we'll try and debug.)
    • CommentAuthorEv
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2008
    Thank you, this seems right up my alley :) Nice website too!
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    Incredibly cool.
    Thanks for the tunes!!!
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    this is the kind of thing I always imagined was going on behind the scenes at my orthadontist's office...
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2008 edited
    @ warrenellis: Well now. The blog post seems to have spawned 250 downloads in TWO DAYS. We love the hordes of Internet Jesus. <3

    @ Ev: Glad you like it!

    (I have to have a bit of a nerd-out here: The website was designed by a friend who went and built the whole thing up from scratch. Apparently going through the documentation for the loop Wordpress uses to cough up the pages was not entirely trivial.)

    @ Matt_r: I've spent about 7 years of my life with various bits of metal stuck to my teeth, so maybe it's subliminal at this point.

    Sidenote: The mixes for the split are possibly (we hope) just about done. Droney postrock dirges and punky surf industrial? I swear we're not trying to be obnoxiously tricky.
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    @taphead please say you'll be posting the remixes too. I very much enjoyed Atomgrad.
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2008
    @ scarecrow: Unless the folks releasing the split expressly forbid it for some reason, we will. Not remixes either, all new material. About time, too.