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    Today's been...

    Dozer - Beyond Colossal
    Marnie Stern - This Is It, and I Am It...
    Intronaut - Prehistoricisms
    Toxic Holocaust - An Overdose Of Death...
    Kayo Dot - Blue Lambency Downward
    That's it from the 4 hours of Mudhoney from earlier
    • CommentAuthorabkosher
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008
    Yeah, I'm with you guys on the Dead Science (who I worked with prior to this new album and who Warrren posted about last year) and Marnie Stern who I am utterly enamored with. Such an amazing record and I very much enjoyed her show.

    Also digging:
    Now, Now Every Children - Cars (sweet, sweet propulsive pop from Minneapolis)
    Don Cavali - Cryland (a Frenchman doing New Orleans style funk)
    Nisennenmondai - Neji/Tori (3 Japanese women doing amazing instrumental mathrock-type music with incredible energy. These are apparently older records. Check YouTube for videos of more current material live. Soooo good.)
    Crystal Stilts - Alight The Night (old school pop)
    Keak Da Sneak - Deified (hyphy hip hop, great vocal delivery and excellent production on the standout tracks)
    The Raincoats - 1st album

    conflict of interest:
    Little Teeth - Child Bearing Man
    Azeda Booth - In Flesh Tones
    Pidgeon - Might As Well Go Eat Worms
    Low Lows - Shining Violence
    +/- - Xs on Your Eyes

    This is my first post in ages. I am now divorced and feeling better. If anyone has $100k lying around and wants to support independent music, I'd feel even better.
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    Revolution Void-- all three albums, at
    Alexisonfire-- Crisis
    Brad Sucks-- I Don't Know What I'm doing (liar!)
    Alan Moore + Tim Perkins-- Snakes and Ladders
    and a 1976 split by Jan Steele and John Cage-- Voices and Instruments
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2008 edited
    In Re: Amenra

    If you dig Amenra you should check out my friends Battlefields. They just recently got off a European tour with Amenra and are in that slow, doomy vein of metal.
    • CommentAuthordot_xom
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2008

    The Jesse James score is just bloody brilliant. I loved it the moment I heard it during the film, then got my hands on the actual album and was left astounded. One of my favourite scores.
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    Agreed. The score Cave and Aussie Ellis did for Cave's "The Proposition" was also brilliant.
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    ... Welcome to Completely Fucking Awesome Town.
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2008
    it's your fault for bringing up FUCKED UP every week for a month on here. SYMPATHETIC MAGICKS ABOUND>

    i've been trying to figure out the new Kings Of Leon album.
    at it's best: a southern rock band wearing NYC art school indie clothes.
    at it's worst: a hillbilly phil collins (re: PHILBILLY) fronting the world's most underwhelming U2 cover band.
    it sucks, but i find it compelling....

    otherwise, Shudder To Think. /thread
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    hahahahahahahahaha, see my most recent post on THIS weeks thread.....