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    There was, way back in the mists of... 2007... a recurrent meme among several comics art blogs. Reclaiming characters from their owners, I guess it could be broadly described as... people were reimagining abused characters (chiefly Supergirl) as artistic call-and-response various places, chiefly LiveJournal. In the aftermath of that, I did a similar thing on old messageboard The Engine, called REMAKE/REMODEL. They were embraced as technical exercises, bits of fun, ways to get the brain moving. I think most people's favourite was the dear late Mike Wieringo's wondrous retro-aristo Buck Rogers...

    I thought it might be an interesting thing to bring back here. So, once a week, I'll call a character, and you art types here can post images of your reinterpretation of that character. Photography and digital art is also fine, before anyone asks.

    The point is REinterpretation: remake/remodel.


    IRMA VEP was, of course, the title of a semi-recent Maggie Cheung film. But she was originally the most striking protagonist of LES VAMPIRES, a 10-part movie serial about a team of burglars. She was "their most enigmatic member by far... a woman as ruthless and deadly as she is beautiful." She both avoided and exacerbated the internecine strife between the members of the group, making alliances, staying in the background, and basically running everything. She let the "Grand Vampire" think the gang was his. But she was the boss.

    Irma Vep is broadly considered to be cinema's first femme fatale. She's a moral vacuum, she seduces people to her will in order to control her environment and she steals shit while wearing a black catsuit.

    All Olivier Assayas did was stick Maggie Cheung in a latex catsuit. And, you know, no-one's blaming him for that. But Irma Vep was an iconic figure.

    Who wants to make a burglar queen for the 21C?


    I look forward to seeing what you come up with, but bear in mind this is an ART thread, and pen-portraits and other texts will be deleted. (And if you don't know what a pen-portrait is, go back to your school and insist that they provide you with a proper education.)

    -- W
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    damn you, can't resist
    • CommentAuthorButoh
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2008
    since no text is allowed on this one, why not do a separate thread for texts only? It would also be a fun exercise.
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    Because there are Only Five Rules, you idiot. And don't even think about telling me you didn't read them when you came in.
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    Agh! Need you remind me of the Arse Eels?
    • CommentAuthorButoh
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    Sorry, Warren, didn't remember.
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    Funny, I knew neither the original Irma Vep nor the Maggie Cheung remake. When I saw this topic I immediately thought of the Charles Ludlam play, which is great, zany fun should anyone get the chance to see it.

    I look forward to seeing what people come up with.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2008
    Oooooh. This looks fun. I've never heard of this or the character but after some research I'll definitely give it a shot.
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    Oh yes, it has returned.

    Sharpening pencil now, sir.
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    To Warren:

    I am no artist, but thank you kindly for bringing this back. I will now suck from the teat of Whitechapel to get my fix.

    It's good to be home.

    To all of you artist-folk getting your groove on:

    I sincerely thank you for the works which we are about to receive. Entrails or tea leaves, it's never easy to suss out what'll come of these. And I love that.
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    I always read these threads first on The Engine.; this is going to rule.
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    Irma Vep is new to me also, she sounds sexy though.

    This sounds like a great thread. Thankx for giving my insomina a purpose.

    Be seeing y'all soon with something juicey I hope?
    • CommentAuthorBarrie
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    Damn you, it's not like I don't have other work to do, but now this is stuck in my head. Sigh. I'll get right to work on it, you bastard. i should know better than to even read these things.
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    Image Hosted by
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    Heh. Thanks for being first artist in and breaking the ice...
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    Thank you for giving me something to do besides laundry....
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    1) Never do with a hood what you can do with styling gel.

    2) Kind of a Girl Hitler thing going on with the lipstick.

    3) I'm not actually sure this new Irma's a woman. There could be all kinds of secrets under that zipper.
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    she so needed a better head piece...

    and ha ha @ Josh...too funny.
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    I've missed these things. Here's my go at it.

    (click through for larger size)
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    To blu,
    Very, very, cool! Reminds me of the Hugo Steiner-Prag illustrations to Gustav Meyrink's 'Der Golem'.
    And so very quick too, I've only started sketching ideas.